Hi friends i’m pari. May be some of you know me I’m the writer of some swalak ff. And recently I’m continuing with one of my swalak ff. So friends it’s my intro if you will like it then I’ll continue it otherwise not.

A girl of 23 years old. She was a very fun loving, very helping in nature always concern for others. She has a happy family with her father and mother. It’s her story. Now I’ll write the present time and about the story I’ll give in flash back. Now she was a married girl. She loves her husband more than her life.

Present time

It was seen a very beautiful house. It was decorated with flowers it seems that any function was just got over in last some days. In a room two girls were talking.

Girl – di i just don’t know how to show him the reality.

Another girl- bhabi you love him right then how can you say like this. The truth was known to us only. How will bhai know about it.

Girl – di you know what always I loved him. But that day when I know he loves that another girl i went very far away from him . But I never forget him di . when we got married i thought may be he realised love for me but after whatever i saw. .

Another girl- I know that both were hugging but you have to keep courage. Now you have to fight. When you wait for last 7
years then..

Girl – no di I love him in these years but di our marriage had happened just before three days and yesterday night he told me that he love that girl di. How can he i’m always tried for his happiness di. I left him in the hope that he’ll stay with her happily. But di destiny played with us and he has to marry me.

Another girl – I’m always with you wait your jiju was calling me I’ll just be back. And she left.

Girl – god please help me. Now what will i do. My husband he was loving an another girl then she remembers something

Fb starts
Girl was waiting for her husband. And finally he came whom she loves. Always she was waiting for him. Finally that day was come . She didn’t understand what to talk although both were friends but now what will she talk to him. Oh god actually she was not believing that she got married to her love.

Husband – I know we both were friends. But I never loved you. I married you in which situation you know. I don’t know what will be the future of this relation . I’m going you take rest. And he left.

It happened in just few minutes but it broke all the dreams of that girl. She was dreaming a very beautiful life with her love. Both were friends at their coaching time first both became friends . That girl didnt know when she falls in love with him.But only some words break all her dreams. IF SHE WILL EVER GET HER LOVE OR SHE WILL LOSE HIM .

Friends i’m confused with the pair so guys it will up to you whom you choose. Friends it was my intro. About the pair till now i didn’t decide. You can suggest. And I want to tell you that it was a love story of a girl,her struggle,her dreams. And if you all like it then plz give coment. If you all like then I’ll start it from 10th July. Till then take care and bye.

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  1. Sonya

    hey dear
    could you choose ragini as the girl
    about guy
    whoever u want to pair with her
    i really liked the into
    so after reading i think ragini will suit for this role
    otherwise its upon u
    hope ull continue soon
    take care

  2. yaar any new character plz , some different may be samrat and diya

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