Hi friends i’m pari. May be some of you had read the intro. It was my first episode. And I had decided that the girl will be Ragini but I’m confused with the male lead who will suit her. So guys i gave it to you. You will choose the male lead.

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Here is the first part
Ragini was sitting in the bed. She was crying . She didn’t understand what mistake she did because of which god had given her this punishment. Her husband didn’t want to talk with her. She always loves him more than her life. She remembers something

Ragini was taking medical coaching in one of the institution. There her husband was also takes engineering coaching. Her dream was to become a Dr. And till then she was thinking that these love are only occurs in films,serials . and coincidentally she met him. at first both were enemies then due one of their common friend both became friend. Then best friend but in these when she started loving him she didn’t know. But suddenly someone calls her. So comes out of her imagination. She turns and find her sister – in – law was calling her.

Khushi – Ragini what are you doing here.

Ragini – no di nothing just thinking..

Khushi – but bhai was also not here you will get bored . let’s go for shopping. You will see this town also.

Ragini – di if he will also present here what is the difference in that. This silence will also stayed if he also present here. But why you are going?

Khushi- Actually Riya (khushi ‘ s 5 years daughter)wants some teddy and dress let’s go na your jiju was in office.

Ragini – no di i’m not coming you both go I’ll stay here.

Khushi- Ragini i know you from last 7 years from that day when you and bhai became friends. I know you will cry more if you stay here. You know na now bhai will not understand anything. Why you are punishing yourself. And I’m not asking you I’m telling you.

Just then Riya comes there.

Riya – mam let’s go na I’ll show you all my favourite places. We will enjoy by eating golgappa, ice cream and more. Please mami let’s go.

Ragini – okay baba I’ll come. Till now if your mami says no to you. You go and get ready .

Riya- okay mami. Mama i’m going to get ready. You come quickly.

Khushi – okay.
And Riya left.

Khushi – Ragini get ready I’ll come to call you. And then she also left.

After they left Ragini again became alone. She saw a photo frame near her bed. She picks it up it was of her husband’s photo. She hold it and cried. But suddenly she thought to call him but she was not sure that if he’ll pick her call or not. After many times finally she called him. She was nervous what will happened. But to her surprise he answered her call.

Husband – what happened?Why you called me.

Ragini -Actually I want to ask you that where are you now?If you are in office.

Husband – that’s none of your business and i don’t think I have to give you explanation. I don’t need your concern soery those fake concern.

Ragini – please we can talk. You know me right. Why will I do anything which hurts you . and more ever in which situation our marriage happened you know. At least we can talk in friendly way. We are friends also.

Husband – really you think me as a friend seriously what a joke Ragini. If you think I’m your friend then why you did that before seven years ago. Then I loved her and she also loves me. But suddenly from where you came and and destroy my life,my dreams,my love everything Ragini . and he cuts the call.
Ragini – why god what i did with anyone. The person whom i always loved he don’t want to talk to me. Ragini why you are alive. It will be good if you will do suicide.

Khushi – Ragini what you are talking about. Are you mad? I always thought you are a fighter but may be im thinking wrong. Ragini that girl always wants that you will do such things which will profitable to her. And bhai don’t know anything. We’ll tell him truth. Now let’s go.

Ragini – yesdi i’m so stupid it’s okay he hates me na . I’ll make his hatrateness to love. Let’s go

And both left.

Precap – Ragini meets someone which will surprise her and some more flashback about Ragini.

Friends I’ll wait for your comments. If you don’t like this then you can tell me frankly. I’ll not continue it. And plz coment guys after that only I’ll think about the pair.

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    I really loved the plot & definitely like it whether it’s raglak / ragsan.

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