will she ever let me live in peace?? shot 1

Hello everyone..
Are its me…nacheez…bhul toh nhi gaye naa…chalo koi na bhul bhi gaye to koi gal nhi…dubara yaad aa jaungi…

so finally after 1 year m back with an ff…

hope u guys like it.:-)  

A girl is seen at the airport..
Finally i reached..My country My India..!!
Chal beta twinkle jaldi se ghar dhundh le…Kal se office  bhi toh jana hai…Yahoo first day at one of the India’s best business man’s office
Saying this the girl called someone…
Hello Mr.Sen Sanchi here..

Mr Sen:- O hi Twinkle..Reached Mumbai..?
S:-Ya just 10 mins before my flight landed.Mr.Sen actually i have to join office tomorrow..So i need to go to the house about which u were talking ..So can we meet today..
Sen:- Twinkle  i m extremely sorry..I m not in Mumbai..I came to Delhi yesterday..
S:- Don’t be sorry..We can do one thing u tell me their address i will go there myself..U must have told them about me to then isn’t it..
Sen:- ya this can be done..And haan they know about u..So i can talk to them and if u like that house..Then u can stay there…
S:- cool.msg me their address..
Sen:- ya sure..Bye.

And  they hang  up the call.
After few.minutes..
Twinkle’s phone buzzed with a msg.
She reads it..K.S.Mansion ,Thane. Mr. S ’s phone no. :- ( owner of the house) 2255678907.
After reading the msg she sent a thank you msg to Mr Sen..
Before going directly to the house I should call him…otherwise he will think jaan na pechaan aa gaya mehman..and she giggled at her newly created joke.
and after few seconds she called on the no.
But no one answered..she called again but again the same thing happened..she called again for 3-5 times but no one responded…

Now she got angry phone uthana nhi hota hai toh phone rakhte kyu hai..she murmured
So now the only option left is to go directly to their house..
So she called a cab and told the driver about the address.
After 40 mins the cab stopped..
Dr:- Mam we r at ur address.
T:- Finally..

She came out of the car..And stretched herself..
She paid the cab driver and took her luggage and started walking towards door.
The security guard standing at the gate asked her a few questions and then accompanied her till the main door to check whether twinkle was saying truth.
She rang the doorbell..
A lady of 60- 65 years opened the door.
Y:- Hello auntie..m Twinkle .Mr Sen must have told about me..
L:- o haan Mr Sen told that a girl is looking for a PG.
T:- haan it’s me.

L :- u can go Manohar, I know her .the lady asked the guard..
The guard nodded and went away.
Lady asked Twinkle to come inside..
Twinkle entered inside.
L:- Robin ,Kim ye madam Ka Saman andar le aao

Listening to this two young men came and brought her luggage inside.
Lady :- pls have a seat.pointing towards the sofa..
T:- Thank you..She said and sat..
L:- Ur name?
T:- Twinkle Taneja.

L:- Mine is Usha Sarna
T:-Nice name
U:- smiling .. Btw Mr.Sen told me that u live in florida So achanak India..
T:- yes auntie..vo actually  I wanted to work in India and so I applied in a firm and luckily I got selected..but the only problem was that that I didn’t had any accommodation…When I told this to dad..through one of his friends,i got Mr Sen ‘s number.He told me about this house . I was ready to meet u but today when I called him,he was in Delhi ,so I thought to come here alone..I even called Mr S 4-5 times but he didn’t pick up so with no other option left,I had to come here without informing..sorry for that.
U:- no need to say sorry.. its good that u came here. Actually Mr.S doesn’t pick calls when he is at office.
T- oh..btw aunty if u don’t mind may I ask u something..
U:- ya sure..
T- why did u need a PG.

U:- I get bored living alone here..Actually being a workaholic  kunj never takes an off.
So no one is at home ..and along with this he has appointed servants so that I don’t work..and whenever I ask him to get married he changes the topic..so I have nothing to do other than waiting for Kunj .And since I don’t like parties and shopping , I don’t have friends..
So full day either I watch TV or scold Robin and Kim.
Then one day while reading newspaper I got an idea of keeping a PG.I told my idea to Kunj but he didn’t approve..But my emotional blackmailing worked and he agreed ..
And I called Mr Sen and told him that I want a PG for my house .And two days back he called me to inform about u ..so i told him that I will decide after meeting u..

T:- So kya decide kiya?
U:- mmm Yes..
T- yay thank u thank u thank u so much twinkle said happily..and hugged usha and kisses her on her cheeks
Oh sorry sorry whenever I get excited I loose control on myself.
U:- Koi baat nhi..u r soo cute she said pulling her cheeks..
T- thank u..auntie one more question..

K:- pucho.
S:- ur husband?
U:- he was in army..when kunj was 10 years old..he was killed by enemies..(her eyes were filled with tears)
T:- I m sorry.she said while wiping her tears.
U:- don’t feel sorry..I m proud of my husband.
T:- auntie ab aap dekhna aapki zindagi kitni amazing ho jaati hai..now u won’t get bored.
U:- smiling..lagta toh hai.
Accha twinkle u sit here ..I m going to call Mr Sen to tell him that I have decided that u will stay here with us.
T:- ok boss!! She gave her a salute.
U:- Badmash

While Usha was on call with Mr.Sen.Twinkle  was admiring the hall.
Suddenly the door bell rang.
U:-Twinkle dekho toh kaun aaya hai
S:- ok aunty.
Saying this Twinkle got up and opened the door.
A handsome man of 25-26 was standing at the door wearing an Italian Suit.
T:- who r u? Twinkle asked the person..
P:- excuse me who r u..

T:- I guess India mein sawal k badle sawal pucha jata hai.she said sarcastically.
Anyways I m Twinkle Taneja.Usha aunty  has decided that I will live here as a PG. Now u answer ..Who r u.?
P:- The person whom u addressed as Usha Aunty is my mom..
S:- as soon as she heard this..she got shocked..
R u Kunj..she asked..
P:- yes m Kunj.owner of this house..and son of Usha aunty.
S:- oh sorry sorry..I didnt knew who u r..hope u won’t mind and throw me out of here.
K:-i hate sorry..anyways where is mom..
S:- andar hai
After that he went inside

Twinkle  mimicked him”I hate sorry” Khadoos kahinka.
Saying this even she went inside.
She saw him sitting on sofa drinking water.she went near him and said..
T:- do u have phone..
K:- haan hai..he said showing his red iphone 7+
T:- ooohoo iphone..Ek free advice doon?
K:- kya??
T:- phone utha k phek do

K:- excuse me.
T:- haan throw it..jab phone uthana hi nhi rehta hai toh kyu rkhna..vo kahawat nhi suni..na rahega baans na bajegi bansuri..phone hi nhi rhega toh phone uthana hi nhi padega..and agar phone nhi hoga toh nobody will get angry when u won’t pick up the phone.
Before he could reply..Usha  came.

To be continued..

Phew..I know kaafi long hai..
But I couldn’t stop myself

Hope u guys liked it..

Don’t forget to comment
Lots of love !!!!


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