“I will die for you but you need to be brave when I am gone” (Swasan The story) episode 1


“I will die for you but you need to be brave when I am gone” (Swasan The story)
Hey guys Nusz is back aha with another three – four shots of Swasan (I am from Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so I wanted to give a try out for any of this couple because I was bored has hell. Anyways I don’t like Swasan at all but I had a story in my mind that would match them and I know many people like them so I chose them. My favorites are Ragsan and Raglak aha. It will be based on a true love story. Let me know if you enjoyed this three shot of Swasan. I will write start writing the story below xx.

Anyways keep smiling / shining like always xx.

~Nusz/ নুসরাত xx


A voice says something to everyone in the background while the Temple.

“Mumbai is city where love blossoms, but did you know a story about a dancer and a business man? No you haven’t heard it right? They loved each other so much that this world was so cruel to break them apart? What was their sin? That they loved each other? What’s wrong with loving someone? Why couldn’t this world understand the meaning of true love? Why did you break the stronger relationship? Now I want to show you how their story started… Would you like to hear a story about a guy name Sanskar Maneshwari and Swara Bose? Of course you will because they changed the world with the love Swasan… Yes their name was Swasan”








Mumbai city

A guy was running near his big Mansion and then his brother joins him and both talk about stuff. The first guy is Sanskar Maneshwari while the other one is his brother Laksh Maneshwari.

Laksh: What up Bhai?

Sanskar: Laksh, when did you start waking up at 7am in the morning?

Laksh: You broke my sleep yesterday

Sanskar: Is it because of Ragini?

Laksh: No Ofc no

Sanskar: You sure about that Laksh?

Laksh: Bhai I don’t like girls randomly and you know that

Sanskar: You flirt with girls and I know that

Laksh: Stop making fun of me

Sanskar: I wasn’t and I only tell the truth Laksh

Laksh: Okay stop making fun of me Bhai

Sanskar: You’re the one who came here first and what do you want?

Laksh: I want a new car

Sanskar: You have to earn it yourself this time

Laksh: Um why?

Sanskar: Because your dad said

Laksh: You know dad doesn’t understand my problem in anything.

Sanskar: Okay Laksh I need to go for work

Laksh: You go clubbing with me

Sanskar: I don’t go to clubs and you know that

Laksh: But can I come with you for this business meeting and it’s out of town right?

Sanskar: Yes it’s out of town but I will be out for two days you come with me next time

Laksh: You say that every time Bhai

Sanskar: I promise next time

Laksh: Oh you found a girlfriend already Bhai?

Sanskar: When did I say I have a girlfriend?

Laksh: Oh do you don’t believe in love??

Sanskar stands there and smiles with his arms hold.

Sanskar: Love is strength of life… But it’s not a game where you use a girl and then throw them away Laksh… You know something I want to meet a girl who is the totally opposite of me. I don’t care what type of person she is. All I want to have is her love and happiness near me.

Laksh stands there in shock

Sanskar: What the hell happened to you? Why are you standing there like that?

Laksh: I have never heard you talk like that ever? Have you been researching how to get a girl?

Sanskar hits Laksh

Laksh: ouch Bhai

Sanskar: You’re an idiot

Laksh: Bhai likes to cheat with girls

Sanskar: LAKSH

Laksh starts running and Sanskar chases him.

They both reach inside the Mansion and Sanskar stops chasing Laksh after seeing DP.

DP: Sanskar what are you doing?

Sanskar: Sorry Bade Papa I was actually telling Laksh

DP: It’s alright but are you about to leave?

Sanskar: Yes I am leaving like right now

DP: Why so early, stay here for a bit

Sanskar: No Bade Papa I need to meet a friend on the way he is also coming for this business meeting

DP: Alright Sanskar if you say so

Laksh: And I am off

DP: Where are you going?

Laksh: To go swimming with beautiful girls

DP: How immature are you?

Sanskar starts laughing and DP was about to hit Laksh

Laksh: I am not immature because I’ve grown up anyways bye Bhai

Sanskar: Bye Laksh see you in two days

DP: Okay Sanskar the car is waiting for you outside did you have breakfast already?

Sanskar: Yes Bade Papa I have to get ready and leave

DP: Okay when you reach there give me a car

Sanskar: Alright


*Back at the temple where the lady is telling a story to people*

“You see how Sanskar thought love was like? Isn’t it different when you fall in love? But when he meets that girl he will love will it change his love for anyone because she’s a dancer at a night club? We will have to wait and see what happens next?”


At a night club

A girl comes out wearing short red dress and everyone welcomes her. She had beautiful long hair and she smiled in front everyone. Her name was Swara a girl who loved to dance but had no choice too. Swara is about to dance on the song Ek Do Teen.

Guys: Swara! Swara! Swara! Swara! ho ho ho…..

Swara: Namaskaar

Guys: namaskaar

Swara: kahiye kya sunenge aap

Guys: Arey pehle yeh kahiye, kaha thee aap

Swara: Mai, mai kar rahee thee kisee kaa intejaar

Guys: Kaun hai who

Swara: Woh jisse karti hu pyaar, hai….

Guys: Oh!!!!!

Swara: Aur jisse karatee hu minnate baar baar

Guys: kaise

Swara: aise…

Then the lights go on and Swara starts dancing and all the guys cheer for her!!!

Tune plays

Swara: Ding dong ding, ding dong ding dong ding dong Ding dong dong, ding dong

Swara starts spinning around and starts dancing faster.

Swara: Ek do tin chaar panch che saath aath nau Dus gyaaraah baaraah tera

Background girls: Ek do tin chaar panch che saath aath nau Dus gyaaraah baaraah tera

Swara starts dancing and spinning around faster.

Swara: Tera karu Tera karu din gin ginake intejaar Aaja piya aaye bahaar

Swara takes a flower and throws it and then catches and smiles cutely.

Swara: “Tera karu Tera karu din gin ginake intejaar Aaja piya aaye bahaar

Tune plays

The guys start throwing flowers on Swara and she gets happy and gives them kissy faces.

Swara: “Chaudah ko tera sandesha aaya Chaudah ko tera sandesha aaya Pandraah ko aaunga yeh kehlaaya Chaudah ko aaya naa pandraah ko too Tadpake mujhako tune kya paaya Sohaal ko bhee Sohaal ko bhee sohaal kiye the shingaar Aaja piya aayee bahaar”

Swara then jumps up and down and changes into a short green dress.

Swara: Tera karu Din gin ginake intejaar Aaja piya aaye bahaar Tera karu Din gin ginake intejaar Aaja piya aaye bahaar

Background girls: Ek do tin chaar panch che saath aath nau Dus gyaaraah baaraah tera

Tune plays

Swara then comes out wearing pink tights and blue t-shirt and starts jumping and the guys play drums for her.

Swara: Satraah ko samajhee sang tut gaya Atharaah ko dil tut gaya Ro ro gujaara maine saara unnis Bis ko dil ke tukade huye bis Phir bhee nahee Phir bhee nahee dil se gaya tera pyaar Aaja piya aayee bahaar

Swara starts dancing and she spins around faster.

Swara: Tera karu din gin ginake intejaar Aaja piya aaye bahaar

Background girls: Ek do tin chaar panch che saath aath nau Dus gyaaraah baaraah tera

Tune plays

Swara then wears a pink skirt and a pink crop top and starts dancing. The background girls wear the same but the green color.

Swara: Ikkis bitee bais gayee, teiss gujaree chaubis gayee Pacchis chhabis ne maara mujhe, biraha ke chakkee me mai pis gayee Din bas, din bas mahine ke hai aur chaar, aaja piya aaye bahaar.

Swara then starts playing a guitar and dances even faster.

Swara: Tera karu din gin ginake intejaar Aaja piya aaye bahaar

Background girls: Ek do tin chaar panch che saath aath nau Dus gyaaraah baaraah tera

Swara then changes into a black dress and start dancing of her final performance. Swara while dancing this time becomes a bit a sad because of remembering her past but then smiles after.

Swara: Din bane hafte hafte mahine, mahine ban gaye saal Aake jara too dekh toh le, kya huwa hai mera haal Divaanee dar dar me phiratee hu, naa jeeti hu naa me maratee hu Tanhaayee kee raate sehatee hu Aaja aaja aaja aaja aaja, aaja ke din ginatee rahatee hu

Swara then falls on the ground and then jumps up and says.

Swara: Ek do tin chaar panch che saath aath nau Dus gyaaraah baaraah tera

Background girls: Ek do tin chaar panch che saath aath nau Dus gyaaraah baaraah tera

Swara starts playing her guitar while dancing and spinning.

Swara: Tera karu din gin ginake intejaar Aaja piya aaye bahaar

The guys throw flowers and money on her while she dances and smiles happily.

Swara: Tera karu din gin ginake intejaar Aaja piya aaye bahaar

Background girls: Ek do tin chaar panch che saath aath nau Dus gyaaraah baaraah tera, Ek do tin chaar panch che saath aath nau Dus gyaaraah baaraah tera

Swara then dances away happily and smiles at the same time.


*Near the Temple again*

A voice starts speaking again…

“Wow have you seen her? She danced with happiness in her but you know she isn’t actually happy? Swara Bose is her name right? Indeed it is right? But what’s her sin? Do you think she believes in love? Have you seen or heard anything from her about love? No right? But you know something? Sanskar believes in love and thinks that any girl that would be prefect if she is the total opposite of him? What about Swara do you think she will believe in him?”

The lady carries a Diya and blows and holds her hands in front of god.

“Now I want to show how the total opposite it is and I want to show you how they will meet and fall in love? Are you ready listen to this story tonight? Of course you guys are ready? I will tell you the story of a couple named Swasan which equals Swara and Sanskar. Let’s get started…”

The woman smiles and prays to god while telling the story…


*On the road in Sanskar’s car*

Sanskar is driving his car when he suddenly gets a phone call from his friend Ravi. He takes the call and puts it on speaker while driving.

Sanskar: Ravi why are you calling all of a sudden?

Ravi: Where the hell are you?

Sanskar: Sorry I am on my way don’t worry

Ravi: Dude the meeting starts in two hours

Sanskar: I know I am coming

Ravi: Where are you?

Sanskar: About to catch the road where there are barely any cars in that area.

Ravi: Are you coming to Pune or what?

Sanskar: I will be there ASAP

Ravi: Okay I will call you back in an hour

Sanskar: Okay thanks for informing me

Sanskar hangs up the phone and starts driver faster again.


*At night club*

Swara is in her changing room and wears jeans a crop top and gets ready to leave.

Swara: God I am short on money today, I need to borrow money from them

Swara then quickly checks her purse in case there might be some money left.

Swara: God I have danced so well today so I should get the right amount of money today, after all I am Swara Bose

Swara then quickly puts her flats on her foot and grabs her purse and enters the boss’s room.

Swara: May I come in?

Shakti: Yes you can come in Swara?

Swara: Okay Shakti I need some money

Shakti then turns around and sees Swara stepping her feet and chewing gum at the same time.

Shakti: You know something Swara

Swara: What is it?

Shakti: You preformed so well today

Swara: Thanks now can I have my money

Shakti: What money?

Swara: Look Shakti I have been working and dancing so well nowadays I need to be paid higher than before

Shakti: What do you think I am?

Swara: An idiot who has no brain what’s so ever

Shakti: Just because you dance here for everyone doesn’t mean you have the right to talk to me like this

Swara: Listen Shakti without me you can’t get what you want

Shakti: Ofc I can

Swara: Really all the dancer here is better than me? If I leave then what will you do?

Shakti: Don’t try to change the topic Swara

Swara: I am not changing anything, now please give me the money or I will leave the place

Shakti: If you spend time with me then I will

Swara: I am not your toy

Shakti: Oh now you’re messing with me

Swara: Screw it I don’t want your money

Swara leaves from there and Shakti gets angry.

Shakti: Why doesn’t Swara ever try to spend time with me? I will get her in any condition whatever it takes me.

Swara leaves his office and thinks of an idea.

Swara: Wah Swara what an idea? I hope this works out

Swara smiles after the plan she thought of.


*Almost near the club where Swara dances*

Sanskar: God I think I took the longer way to Pune and it almost 8pm

Sanskar’s car then goes slower

Sanskar: What the hell happened to my car?

Sanskar then stops the car and goes out and sees his car tire flattened.

Sanskar: Thank god I had another tire with me; I will get this punctured and then leave from here.

Sanskar then sees the club.

Sanskar: What kind of place did I come too? A club oh god reminds me of Laksh partying with girls.

All of a sudden Sanskar gets a phone call

Sanskar: Hello

Ravi: Where on earth are you?

Sanskar: Well you see something happened to my tire

Ravi: Oh great Sanskar the meeting is already canceled because you weren’t there

Sanskar: Actually I called Bade Papa to cancel it because I knew

Ravi: Knew what?

Sanskar: I was going to get late

Ravi: Okay tell me where you are?

Sanskar: Wait one second

*In the night club*

Swara quickly sneaks into Shakti’s other room and grabs some money and was about to leave when Shakti his goons were standing there.

Shakti: Going somewhere?

Swara: Shakti what are you doing here?

Shakti: This my room isn’t it

Swara: Yea I know but

Shakti: So you’re here to take money?

Swara: Look I think you misunderstood me

Shakti: Oh really? I just wanted to spend time with you

Swara: Look you better stay away from me

Shakti comes closer to Swara and she throws water on his facw

Shakti: What the hell?

Swara pushes Shakti on the ground and sees his two goons and hits them with her purse and runs out of the room.


Swara starts running faster towards the back door.

Swara: Oh god these idiots are going to chase me until I give the money back

Swara the runs faster towards the back door

*Outside the night club*

Sanskar: Look I will text you where I am?

Ravi: Did you fix your tire?

Sanskar: Yes, okay I will text you in a bit and meet you at your place instead

Ravi: Are you sure

Sanskar: Sure about what?

Ravi: That you don’t need my help?

Sanskar: Okay I am about to leave, I will call you later

Ravi: Okay dude

Sanskar hangs up his phone and turns around while Swara is running out of the backdoor and bumps into Sanskar… Sanskar gets touched my Swara’s beauty.

Swara: What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you blocking the way? Oh god they’re almost here

Sanskar: Um excuse me you came towards me

Swara: Is that your car?

Sanskar: Yea why?

Swara: Look I need a ride

Sanskar: I don’t even know you

Swara: Please I need a ride oh god they’re coming

Swara quickly runs towards his car and goes inside and Sanskar runs after her

Sanskar: Why are you in my car?

Swara: Please get inside first

Sanskar gets inside


Sanskar: What?


Sanskar then drives the car and goons run after the car.

Goon1: Great she escaped

Goon2: We have to let sir know

Goon1: His going to kill us

Goon2: We need to bring Swara back to him

Goon1: I have a plan that might work really well

Goon2: What is it?

Goon1: I will tell you in front of him.

Goon2: But what is it?

Goon1: Remember the way they’re going leads towards the woods

Goon2: So what?

Goon1: Then we can catch Swara

He smirks


*On the road in Sanskar’s car*

Sanskar stops driving.

Swara: Hey why did you stop driving?

Sanskar: Okay get off my car right now

Swara: But why?

Sanskar: I don’t even know who you’re

Swara: Oh I am sorry to introduce who I am

Sanskar: What?

Swara: I am Swara Bose who is a dancer at a night club since the age of 18 and now I am 22 years old.

Sanskar: You’re a dancer?

Swara: Duh? I dance for money and to live.

Sanskar: But I didn’t ask you tell me who you’re

Swara: But you asked who the hell I am?

Sanskar: You need to get of my car

Swara: Look I need to stay with you for a bit, I am kind of in trouble

Sanskar: And now you want me to get into your problem?

Swara: Are you rich?

Sanskar: What kind of question is that?

Swara: Because you look rich?

Sanskar: I am a business man, why are you asking me this?

Swara: I was only asking to test you

Sanskar: You’re some weird kind of girl, now get off my car

Swara: But it’s already night, where will I go?

Sanskar: First you get me into your problem and now you’re trying to trap me into it too?

Swara: I am not doing anything I just want to go with you

Sanskar: Please get off my car

Swara: But I don’t want too

Sanskar gets angry and opens his car and slams it. He then goes to the other side where Swara is sitting and opens that door.

Sanskar: Get off the car like right now

Swara: But where will I go during the night time?

Sanskar: You just said you’re a dancer at night club and you go there every day?

Swara: yea but

Sanskar gets angry and drags Swara out of the car.

Sanskar: I asked you nicely but you didn’t listen to me so I had to pull you out my car. I don’t talk to strangers and take them with me around the whole world.

Swara: Wait listen to me

Sanskar leaves Swara on the road and drives away.

Swara: Now what am I going to do?


*Near the Temple again*

A voice starts speaking again about their story.

“Wow this story changed so much? Swara the dancer met Sanskar the business man could you think of that? Now you see how this story changes because this the first step of their relationship to happen? Now you will enjoy the rest just like I did… I cried a lot after listening to their story… I am hurt because they loved each other a lot, but before I spoil the whole story for you let’s continue with the storyline”


*On the road in Sanskar’s car*

Sanskar starts driving and looks for his phone and touches something on the seat where Swara sat. Swara has left her money in his car by accident.

Sanskar: whose money is this?

Sanskar then remembers the girl who sat near him.

Sanskar: Great this is the money of the girl who randomly came into my car, now I will have to drive back the other way and give her the money back.

All of a sudden it starts raining heavily

Sanskar: Oh great now it’s raining, I wonder how I will find this girl?

Sanskar starts driving after turning his car the other direction


*Swara is walking on the road while it’s raining*

Swara: Wow life is so unfair and I just realized that while I am walking alone on the road. I can’t even imagine I actually ran out of the place where I’ve dancing in. My life sucks doesn’t it? I lost everyone my parents and people I love the most. I dance and work for money but don’t even get any respect… Sometimes I feel like trapping a rich guy but I want to love someone too… But no god is always unfair with me…

Swara then opens her bag and sees no money in it

Swara: Great now I lost all my money, I bet I left it in his car while he pushed me out.

Swara the trips on a car and falls on the ground

Swara: Ouch my foot, now how will I go home?

Shakti: We will drop you home

Shakti and his two goons are right in front of Swara and she is shocked to see him

Swara: Shakti… how did you find me?

Shakti: You can’t run away from me Swara

Swara gets up but her foot is hurting and tries running away with a limping leg.

Shakti catches her and hugs Swara from the back.


Shakti: No now you belong with me

Goon1: Well boss got what he wanted

Goon2: It’s also raining though

Shakti: That’s the best part right Swara?

Swara hits Shakti on the tummy with her elbow


Swara: Don’t you dare touch me

Shakti: You stupid girl can’t you see how much I love you

Swara: I don’t love you okay


Swara: I don’t have it

Shakti: What do you mean by that?

Swara: I lost it

Shakti: You think I am stupid

Swara: I am not lying

Shakti grabs her bag tells the goons to check it while Shakti gets closer to Swara and she starts walking backwards.

Shakti: Now let’s see how you escape from me

Swara: Shakti get away from me

All of a sudden a car comes there and stops. Yes it’s Sanskar’s car.

Shakti: Now you belong to me, I have loved you for almost five years

Sanskar comes out of the car and sees two goons going through her bag. Then he turns around towards the tree where Shakti is trying to come closer towards Swara.

Sanskar (In mind): That means she wasn’t lying

Sanskar runs towards the guy Shakti and lays his hand on his shoulder.

Shakti: What the hell

Shakti turns around and sees Sanskar in front of him. Swara gets happy seeing him.

Shakti: Why are you getting involved in this?

Sanskar: You have no respect for a girl

Shakti: Respect for her? She’s my dancer at the club

Sanskar: She’s not your toy

Shakti: Who are you to tell me that?

Sanskar: I am someone who doesn’t like seeing things like that

Shakti: Look you should stay out of this

Sanskar: Let her go

Shakti: Make me

Sanskar gets angry and punches him on the face. Shakti falls on the ground. The goons see and run towards him.

Sanskar: Are you okay?

Swara: I am fine…

Sanskar was about to take his coat of when Swara screams.


Sanskar turns around and punches the goon 1 on the face. The second goon has a rot on his hand and was about to swing it on Sanskar when he dodges it and punches goon2.

Sanskar: We should leave with my car hurry

Sanskar let’s his hand out and Swara takes it and they both were heading for the car when Shakti takes a gun out and hits both of the tires.

Shakti: Now how will you escape?

Swara: He has a gun on his hand

Sanskar: So what I am not scared of him?

Shakti: Look I don’t think you would like to risk your life because of this dancer

Sanskar: You’re mistaken

Shakti: Okay then be prepared to die

Swara: Look you should leave from here

Sanskar: I won’t leave this place and let a girl get insulted in front of me

Sanskar takes a rock and it hits his hand. Sanskar pulls Swara’s hand they both run towards the woods.


Goon1: I will go after them

Shakti: No we need more people

Goon1: But they will escape by then

Shakti: Once you get in the woods there is no way out unless you know how

Goon2: Okay I will call the goons

Shakti: That idiot how dare he take her away from me? I will kill him

*In the woods while it’s raining*

Sanskar and Swara are running towards the woods when she falls on the ground.

Swara: I can’t run anymore

Sanskar: Why what happened?

Swara: My foot is bleeding and it hurts

Sanskar: You could have asked me

Swara: You should leave me here

Sanskar comes towards her and carries Swara in his arms.

Sanskar: When I am here I won’t let anything happen to you

Swara: Why are you doing so much for me?

Sanskar: Because I want to help you out of this problem

Swara: But awhile ago you were against me

Sanskar: Because I thought you were those kinds of girls who get into guys car for money

Swara: Just because I am dancer doesn’t mean I would think of doing that

Sanskar: Yea right

Swara: Okay maybe sometimes but not always

Sanskar: And yea now I am trapped in your problem

Swara: I told you to leave

Sanskar: Can you shut up

Swara: Sorry….

Sanskar starts walking with Swara in his arms. Swara stares at Sanskar and smiles.

Sanskar: We need to find a place to live for the night

Swara: Can I ask you something

Sanskar: Look I don’t have time to talk

Swara: You can let me down…

Sanskar: Are you sure?

Swara: Yes I can manage walking by myself

Sanskar: Okay if you say so

Sanskar then Swara go and she starts limping again. She was about to fall when Sanskar holds her from the waist. She has her hands on his shoulder and they both share an eye lock.

Sanskar: Are you okay?

Swara: Yea I am fine…

Sanskar: Are you able to walk?

Swara: Yes I will be fine

Sanskar: You can hold my hand and walk

Swara looks up and Sanskar and stares at him.

The song Uska Hi Banana (From the movie 1920 Evil Returns)

“Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe Mere jeete ji baad marne ke Mere har ik kal har ik lamhe me Tu likh de mera usey”

Swara holds Sanskar hand and they both walk together.

Swara: I forgot to ask what your name is, you already my name is Swara

Sanskar: Sanskar

Swara: Can I call you that?

Sanskar: Hmm

Swara: Thank you for helping me Sanskar

Sanskar turns around and looks at Swara.

Sanskar: I think I found a place to stay for a night

Sanskar starts walking the other direction and Swara follows him.


*At the night club*

Goon3: Where is Swara?

Goon1: She ran away with a guy

Goon3: What the hell?

Shakti: Get your weapons we need to find Swara and I want that guy dead

Goon3: Okay I will call the others

Shakti: Time to die for taking her away from me

Shakti picks up his guns and walks towards the doors while the goons follow him


*Abandoned House*

Sanskar reach the abandoned house while their clothes are socked because of the heavy rain outside.

Sanskar: Well we can stay here for at least an hour or two before that guy gets here with his force. Also the rain will stop by then because I saw it on my phone.

Swara starts shivering and Sanskar sees her.

Sanskar: Are you okay?

Swara: Yea I am fine

Sanskar: There has to be some clothes here

Sanskar then sees a chest which is filled with clothes in it. He finds a red Sari that is sleeveless and white T-Shirt.

Swara: I am fine you don’t need to worry…

Sanskar then comes back with clothes.

Sanskar: Here go wear this Sari

Swara: But where will I change?

Sanskar then see a black cloth and then tights it each pole.

Sanskar: You can change behind there and I will change here.

Swara takes the Sari and smiles at him.

Swara: Thank you…

Swara goes behind the black cloth and starts changing while Sanskar wear the T-Shirt only and keeps his pants on.

The song starts playing again.

Sanskar (In mind): There is something about this girl because I feel safe with her….

“Har kahaani me saare qisson me Dil ki duniya ke sacche rishton me Zindagani ke saare hisso mein Tu likh de mera usey”

Sanskar takes him straws and rocks to make a fire. Swara comes out wearing the red Sari and Sanskar looks at her nonstop. Swara was about to trip again but Sanskar catches her and they both share an eye lock

“Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana”

Sanskar: Are you alright?

Swara: I am fine…

Sanskar: Sit here you will get warmed up…

Swara sits there and Sanskar on other side…

Sanskar: I will be right back

Sanskar leaves to get something and Swara waits for him…

Swara: It’s being ten minutes since Sanskar was gone

All of a sudden all deem lights go off and Swara gets….

Swara: Sanskar???

Swara then hears a voice and gets Sanskar. Then Sanskar comes back with apples.

Sanskar: Okay I am back; sorry I took long I went to get apples…

Swara gets relived to see Sanskar and hugs him tightly.

“Uska hoon uss me hoon uss se hoon Usi ka rehne deMain toh pyaasa hoon hai Dariya woh zariya woh jeene ka mere Mujhe ghar de gali de shehar de Usi ke naam ke”

Swara: Where did you go? I got scared when you were gone more than ten minutes… Please don’t leave me like this ever again

Sanskar hugs Swara back…

“Kadam ye chale ya ruke ab usi ke vaaste Dil mujhe de agar dard de uska par Uski ho woh hasin goonje jo mera ghar”

Sanskar: I am sorry I just went to get some apples because I thought you were starving…

Swara then let’s Sanskar go and they both have an eye lock…

Swara (In mind): I met you in one day and I have already gotten so close to you? Who are you and why am I touched by you??

Sanskar (In mind): I never thought of getting feelings for someone within one night…

“Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana”

They both break the eye lock

Sanskar: Here you should eat these apples

Swara takes the apples and gives one to Sanskar.

Swara: An apple for you too

Sanskar takes the apple and sits back down

Swara sits near Sanskar

Sanskar: Are you okay?

Swara: Can I ask you something?

Sanskar: Huh?

Swara: Why do I feel so close to you already?

Sanskar: What do you mean?

Swara: Have I met you before?

Sanskar: I don’t know…

Swara and Sanskar share and eye lock again.

“Mere hisse ki khushi ko hansi ko Tu chaahe aadha kar Chahe lele tu meri zindagi par Ye mujhse vaada kar Uske ashqon pe ghamon pe dukhon pe Har uske zakhm par”

Swara gets closer to Sanskar and whispers in his ear….

Swara: Thank you for saving me Sanskar

Sanskar: Swara I think we should leave from here, like right now before they get here

Swara: But how?

Sanskar: I don’t know but we should leave from here like right now

Sanskar gets up and Swara limps but her legs hurt…

Swara: I can’t walk right now, we will go a little later

Sanskar carries Swara in his arms and say

Sanskar: When I am here I won’t make you suffer

“Haq mera hi rahe har jagah har ghadi haan umr bhar Ab faqat ho yahi woh rahe mujh me hi Woh juda kehne ko bichhde na par kabhi”

Sanskar starts walking out of the place and it already stopped raining. Swara looks at Sanskar and smiles…

Swara: Sanskar will you stay with me forever?

Sanskar looks at Swara who is dozing off

Sanskar: Yes I will

“Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana Aye Khuda aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana”

*Two hours of walking*

Sanskar looks at Swara who is fallen asleep on his chest. The sun is about to rise high in the sky.

Sanskar: Finally the sun is up.

Swara opens her eyes and looks at Sanskar. Sanskar then drops Swara down.

Swara: You have been carrying me the whole time?

Sanskar: You were asleep so I didn’t want to wake you up

Swara: Why would you do that?

Sanskar: Because you looked sick and had a high fever too

Swara looks at Sanskar

“Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe Mere jeete ji baad marne ke Mere har ik kal, har ik lamhe me
Tu likh de mera usey”

Swara: I think I see the highway from here

Swara was about to leave when Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him…

Sanskar: You’re my responsibility so don’t you dare leave without me

Swara’s hand is on Sanskar’s chest and he is holding her waist. They both share eye lock for awhile…

Swara (In mind): I think I fell in love with you in one night Sanskar

Swasan share an eye lock

“Aye Khuda Aye khuda Aye Khuda Aye khuda”


*Back at the temple*

A voice starts speaking again

“This love story happened so fast because they both haven’t felt what the meaning of love is like… But they spent a night together and caught feelings for each other? This guy risked his life for a girl he doesn’t even know because they were connected from previous birth right? Now you see this was the first part of Swasan love story… They both do reach Mumbai together but Shakti does find them again… When the story will make a new turn till then enjoy this first part of their story… I must be going now my husband will be waiting for me… Just to let you know they both were really close to me”

The lady quickly blows the Diya and sees her husband, daughter and son and runs towards them. She walks away with them and turns around smiles a lot bit with tears in her eyes.

Episode ends

Moral – “My story began with you and will end with you too”

Recap: “Will you go on a date with me and enjoy the evening?”


Additional added characters

Ravi Dubey (From Jamai Raja)

Shakti Arora (From MATH)


Well guys I hoped you enjoyed the very first shot of Swasan. Now I want to ask you some questions.

Current track about Swaragini

Do you like Swasan or Raglak?

Do you like Swara or Ragini?

Do you like Laksh and Sanskar?

Tell me which couple you like the most Ragsan? Raglak? Swasan? Swalak so I can do another Fan-Fiction on them aha xx.


(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha xx)

Btw I’ll post the next episode when I have time aha xx.

Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy Episode 1!! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work so Hmm aha xx.)

Love you guys by Nusz aha xx.

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