Will devil change or angel (Part 2)


Hi guyz we are back i am fatima writing this part fr u all…we are glad that u r liking our concept and we overwhelmed frm ur huge response which we got in last episode so expecting more frm the last one we are giving u this part….



Its a stadium type area…a man was standing in between the whole big ground…a person was standing on a far distance have smirk on face..
The man was shivering…and was begging fr his life…but the person pay no heed to his plea the person take out the gun and shot the man bullet hit on his stomach…and he was lying on the ground…Another man came forwards and check his nerve…and declare him death….

Person: boss he is no more

The person who shot smirks and leaves…


A man was standing on a far distance and was begging fr his life the other person take out his gun he was sanskar…laksh nodes…and sanskar put his gun up and shot….and the bullet hit the other man….while sanlak starts laughing seeing his confusion and woriedness as the man was checking his shirt which was drenched not cuz of blood but cuz of water??….

Sanskar: Rishi see ur face man did u really thought we came here like devil to kill u….thishiaooooonn

Rishi(angry): shut up u both i was so scared….

Then seeing each others face they start laughing….

Laksh: but we are actually very very angry

Sanskar: yeah?

Rishi: but why…what i have done?

Sanskar: what u have done!!! First u r in kolkata since 2 months but u didnt inform us and secondly u marry without telling us..

Rishi: wo. .wo..yar it was so sudden ke i didnt get chance to tell u both…maaf krde yar plz…plzz

Seeing rishi pleading face sanlak forgive him

Sanskar: chal aese shaklein na bna

Rishi: kion tjhe men aese acha nhi laga…kia

Sanskar: nhi i realize ke tu aese shakal ke sath bhut bura lag rha tha??

Rishi: tuuu nhi sudhre ga(punch him)

Sanskar: aooo…

Laksh: chal yh bta bhabhi se kab milwa rha hai

Rishi: bhut jald

Laksh: ok

Meanwhile sanskar phone rings….he attends the call it was ram

Sanskar: yeah pops wassup

Ram: i am fine bache tum dono kab a rhe ho

Sanskar: any problem pops

Ram: yeah its abt new york deal….i want to discuss very urgently

Sanskar: ok pops we are coming

Ram: ok i am waiting?

Call hungs

Laksh: what happen?

Sanskar: pops ne bulaya hai

Laksh: oh so chalein

Sanskar : yeah…chal rishi we’ll meet u later

Rishi: ok bye guyz

Sanlak: bye

They leaves…


It was a big building full of glass frm inside a beautiful architecture work os done on walls classical paintings was all over….usually a dark concept designing giving a very lavishing look….describing the taste of owner…
A ferrari enters and swara get out of the car she wore her shades and start moving inside the building…with an atitude…all was wishing her in reply she was just giving her crooked smile…her smile it was enough to kill a man…she enters her cabin
Her cabin was white in colour a black rose plant was also there….
She sits on her chair and call her assisstant…

Swara(on call): priya come inside

Priya: ok mam

Call hungs…….

Priya: may i come in mam

Swara: come in

Priya: yes mam u want anything

Swara(without giving attention): i wanna know abt kolkata deal…any progress

Priya: yes mam i have talked to mr.Ram he was saying ke he will give his final answer today…

Swara:(no emotions) thats great…well u may leave now

Priya: ok mam

Priya leaves while start working…meanwhile her phine rings she smiles seeing caller id….

Swara:hey ragini

Ragini: Hi swara wassup

Swara: u know very well i am in office and u r again late

Ragini: woh i am just coming u know na i am not punctual like u

Swara: i know very well(with assurity)well how much time more(raising her eyebrow)

Ragini(smiles): well i am here

Swara: huhh

Ragini: may i come in mam

Swara(smiles): seriously(stands and hugs ragini)


Swara(broke the hug):hm so how was ur walk..

Ragini:like always sweet and calm…(sits on chair)

Swara and ragini chair is on the place of boss means twon chair in the place of one…

Swara also sits

Ragini: u should also come fr a walk instead of doing excercise in ur gym?

Swara: u know very well ragini i dont like calm atmosphere(without any certain emotion)

Ragini: okay…lets start our work wese bhi i am quite late

Swara: u know very well how to change topic huh?

Ragini: obvio i had to i dont want to be fire?


Ragini: okay….☺?


Sanlak reached at office they enters the office all the employes wishes them good morning both reply well and directly goes inside the cabin of ram..

Sanlak: may we come in

Ram: yeah

They sits

Sanskar: pops any problem

Ram: no not problem as such

Laksh: so?

Ram: i wanted to know abt new york deal…what u both think abt?

Sanskar: dad i am quite impresses with their deal…

Laksh: yeah actually it will be the best deal and after getting this deal our products will be in foreign countries also

Ram: hmm ok then i will book tickets fr u both

Sanskar: okay so when we have to leave?

Ram:Late night

Laksh: ok so we should leave …

Sanskar: yeah

Ram: ok…u both go i will come in some time

Sanlak: ok

They leaves…


Ragini sees the time its 8 o clock..she get worried abt swara as she hadnt eat anything since morning…

Ragini: swara its quite late we should leave

Swara: yeah actually i was waiting fr call frm kolkata as priya already leaves

Ragini: ok so i am packing all things then we will leave


Ragini starts correcting all the things…mean while phone rings swara attends the call


Der ram get surprised getting lady voice as he is called on owners phone

Ram: its ram maheshwari may i talk to mr bose

Swara: oh hello mr ram…and its not mr bose it Miss swara bose

Ram(impress): oh sorry fr the mistake actually i have called u that we are agree with deal my both son is coming to new york frm tonights flight

Swara: ok Mr ram congratulations…

Ram: u too miss bose…have a good day

Swara: yeah…

Call hungs…

Ragini: what happen

Swara: deal done

Ragini: wao good news then so when they are coming

Swara: they will reach here tomorrow night as they are coming with tonights flight acc to ind time

Ragini: i know swara…why u always memorize me

Swara: cuz u always forget darling…

Ragini: yeah whatever so i will pick them

Swraa: as u wish

Ragini: so should we leave

Swara: yes

They both goe sto their home after reaching they ate dinner and sleeps


Sanlak packs their luggage and take some rest as they have a long flight…
They ate lunch and chit chat with ram and sujata…having some light and sweet family moments they get ready fr flight and leaves fr airport wishing their parents and taking good wishes frm them…..
In airport they board their luggage and waits in lobby after getting announcement fr their flight they sits in plane…after taking off laksh start watching movie while sanskar wear earplugs and sleep…


Its 6 am morning sunrays falls in swaras room swara wake up with her angelic face…

Scene freezes on sanskar sleeping and swara waking up face….

—- To Be Continued —-

precap: sanlak reached….swasan encounter….

So what do u think who is that stadium person?
Is he is the real devil?
Why swara dont like calmness?
What do u think abt swasan encounter?

We hope u like this part plzz give ur feedbacks abt ur views…in comment box
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