Will he be my destiny!!!! Teaser and Intro

Hiiiiii guys I am sure I hope you all remember be so as per our wish I am going to write a story it maybe continue upto 5 shots………

Pragya:lead role of this story…….21 yrs old calm girl but an imaginary girl always dreaming about her love ya her first crush turned love.
Abhi:our hero.a playboy doesn’t care about future and easy going guy.loves his family pragya’s distance relative
Bulbul:friend of Pragya funny girl pragya’s well wisher loves Pragya very much
Purab: brother of Pragya(pragya’s father’s brother son)cousin of abhi
(I think u can understand the relationship between abhi and Pragya)
He too loves Pragya very much and his family.smart guy who always guide a right path to Pragya their bond is like real brother and sister since they are in joint family.

A love story of a girl but she didn’t confessed to him because of her family and their reputation moreover she was afraid of future.what if her love of life avoided her bcoz of her confession.she only revealed her love story to her friend bulbul.she also supports her.

But according to abhi Pragya is one of his relative but they will chat frequently and meet frequently because of their family bond they go to tour together frequently but abhi maintained his distance with Pragya because his father was so strict…..

Day by day year by year pragya’s crush towards abhi changed into love………..

What is going to happen in her life.will she confess her love……….
Will he will be her destiny!!!!!??????

Guys I am sorry if any mistakes happened and i am not able update regularly so forgive me…..

Byeeeeerrr guys……..

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  1. Sree1603

    I don’t know how it was so shall I continue??????

    1. ❤️Amna Khaliq❤️


  2. ❤️Amna Khaliq❤️

    Yes. Continue I love it! Wish u could write the script to the show. Your script is way better, the script right now sucks in the show kumkum bhagya. Keep writing❤️

    P.S. write on your time??

  3. pls conti nice yaaaaaa

  4. Of course you should continue eventhough small update but was nice to read

  5. SamyuSam

    Nyc story yaaaar… Plzz continue

  6. nice teaser dear
    waiting for your next update
    and ya ofcourse please continue your beautiful updates

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