Will he be my destiny!!!! shot-6

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Abhi got a call from purab,

Purab: abhi what about Pragya did you saw her???????

Abhi:no yaar…….but within tomorrow I will find her.,……

Purab:I know you will find her but be safe and call after finding her…….

Abhi:OK purab bye I have some work

Purab:kkkk abhi byeeeee

Abhi again took the diary

Note:I don’t know how to continue the story because i told you all that Nikita’s entry in last shot but I can’t use that here so I am continuing this story in an ordinary path not using Nikita and Bangalore sorry for inconvenience)

Abhi again took her diary,

Pragya’s pov,

I don’t know whether I will propose you or not but if I proposed you and you didn’t accept it means it’s OK for me but what will I do if you avoided me or hated me or else you may think me as a cheap girl and if my family came to know this then I am sure the trust which they kept on me these many days may vanish so I have to control myself

But I can’t resist myself after seeing you………….

And today I heard the most painful words from my brother that you are going to marry tanu soon

I am totally shattered after hearing this so I collected my full courage to propose you

Before the engagement day,

Pragya went to see abhi

Pragya:abhi are you free now I want to talk to you

Abhi:I am always free for u my dear pisase!!!!!!

Pragya:OK abhi I am not in the mood to fight with you so just listen to me……

Abhi:OK madam …….tell me

Pragya:what will you do if someone proposed you now?????

Abhi:what kind of question is this????????who the hell will propose someone before his engagement day ???????

Pragya: it’s may be myself abhi

Abhi:you are kidding right!!!!

Pragya:no I am serious…….

Abhi:just listen to me Pragya I am sorry if I made you to love me but I can’t I think you can understand and why can’t you tell me this before????????
What made you to love???????? sorry I don’t have any ideas to love you because I didn’t saw you in that way

Pragya:thanks abhi for your answer.you asked me right why I proposed you now !!!! Because I need some answer from you it may be anything positive or negative.

I thought if I lost this chance I can’t get my answer but from I can train my heart to forget you I know this is so tough for me but I can manage…..

Abhi:Pragya don’t take me wrong….

Pragya:you can call me pisase otherwise it will hurt me a lot

Abhi:OK pisase go and sleep well and get rid off my thoughts

Pragya:you are not a strain to get rid off you are soul it is difficult for me to move on from you anyways have good day ahead……..

By saying that Pragya went…..

End of Pragya’s pov..

Abhi’s pov,

She ended her diary with my memories

Even though I rejected you that day but from that moment my thought was completely around you I am afraid to call off this marriage because I thought it may destroy our families reputation and a innocent girls life but after knowing about that witch tanu I planned to surprise you with the help of bulbul

But you went away from that place without knowing anything……….

I am here to find you Pragya I will get you back…..


Abhi woke up and get ready to search Pragya

His car stuck in traffic,

Abhi felt thirsty so he got out from the car

He bought a water bottle and turn around he was shocked to see her

Abhi hurried to get her(really that’s our Pragya)

Pragya saw abhi and covered herself with a veil……….

But abhi clutched her hands Pragya released her hand and run away abhi ran behind her


Pragya shouted


Ya she shouted because a truck hit abhi forcefully……

Pragya ran towards abhi…….she saw her abhi who was fully covered by blood

Pragya shouted to call ambulance ……….

They took abhi to the hospital all the while abhigya was holding their hands each other the doctor instructed to take him to the OT

abhi was unconscious……..

But Pragya can’t release her hands from him she tried a lot atleast she to went inside the OT

There the nurses took away Pragya’s hand from abhi after a long battle……..

Pragya was waiting outside the OT…………………

The doctor came and said something to Pragya and she was shocked……………

Hint: don’t worry guys abhi will get memory loss……. ???????

To be continued…………

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