Will he be my destiny!!!! shot-5

Sorry guys for my late hope u all remember my story………..

The story starts……

As I already told you all that this shot should contains pragya’s pov

Abhi went to his room and think about pragya’s reaction after seeing him tomorrow

Suddenly he remembered about Pragya’s diary so he took her diary from his bag

In the first page….

My dear abhi……..with a cute puppy face pic of abhi and Pragya………

Abhi smiled seeing that

Next page….

Please don’t go inside without my permission it only belongs to my love??????

First meeting(time I felt something I n him)(before that I saw him many time but not with that feel)

I went to your brother’s house(Raj bhaiya)as my purab stayed there.

You came for weekend I thought you can’t recognise me but you hugged be(side way)and asked how are you my madam pisase……(goast)

I frowned at him at went inside the room.i don’t know your casual hug will create this much effect on me…….I smiled like an idiot and thought about your hug…….

Abhi pov,

Ooooo madam I had this much effect on you vaaa but this thing happened before 7 years right you you…are in love with me from that day…….

Pp,(pragya’s pov)

Next day all went out leaving me and you in house.you are sleeping like anything till afternoon.

I felt too bad as I can’t spend time with you ???……..

You wake up at 2pm and asked me about others I told that all went out……

You asked me to make a coffee for(I don’t know how to make it)

Pragya:but abhi you have to drink however it may be

Abhi:fuggi you don’t know how to make coffee ??!?!!!!

Pragya:haan I don’t know…wait what you told fuggi????????am I looking like a balloon…??? irritating idiot

Abhi: don’t worry by dear see your face your face is like a balloon when you are angry(by pulling her cheeks)

Pragya blushed hard by his touch

I was still in my dreamland at that time you came and gave me a coffee

Wow what a taste it was just like a amirtham(I don’t know it’s English meaning??)

Afterwards we talked about our likes and dislikes……..

After sometime …we watched some random films and slept in a separate room…..

You came to my room and wake me I was shocked…

Pragya:abhi what are you doing here at this time

At that time he shouted like anything…….


ya it’s my birthday

At that time he switched on the PC my brother purab wished me and all my family wished me in Skype

I felt I was in the 9 cloud

Because I don’t celebrated such a birthday in these years

Tears rolled from my eyes…..

Abhi asked me cut the cake

I cuted the cake and all wished me…and I fed cake to you abhi
And you to gave me a piece and you started to apply the cream all over my face all the family members bid bye to us and I switched off the PC

I grabbed him and applied the cream on his face by rubbing my face with his face and I ran into restroom…….

I thought about the incident just happened before and I came out from restroom after washing my face………..

You are ready with a gift…

You gave me gift and again wished me and you asked me to sleep as tomorrow all are coming back……

I opened the gift with an excitement and I was disappointed to see a pink colour school bag and a stationary items in it

I came into your room and asked why you gifted me this am I looking like a child to you

And your reply created a guilt inside me

Abhi:ya you are still school going girl right and I hope next year you have to score a state rank

I came back to my room and thought you was right I am only 14 now and I am going to write my board exam next year and I thought the feeling about you is just a result of an infatuation

The day passed,

As purab bhaiya came I went to my home bidding a bye to you and you too smiled at me……………

I went to my school with his thoughts………..

Days passed and the day came……

My results came……

I got state rank and I got scholarship and I continued my 12th standard in Bangalore……..

Abhi’s pov:

Bangalore you was at Bangalore and I am also there Na

Then,that Nikita is you or someone else

Nikita I know only her voice but I was not seen her so it may be you right for that I have to read further

At that time his phone rang

Abhi took that……..

To be continued………..

Sorry guys I know this shot was not good and sorry for disappointing you
All are ready with rotten tomatoes the right throw it to me through the comments OK……..

Bye….. ✋✋✋

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  1. Sree1603

    Sorry for this boring update dears……

  2. Sowji

    No it really nice…actually say,I forget the previous story…..long time no updates…that’s y ..anyway this is also nice..keep writing…looking forward to see your next ff..

    1. Sree1603

      Thanks a lot sowji diii.
      I thought it will disappoint you all but after seeing your comment I believe that it is not bad

    1. Sree1603

      Thanks reshma_pradeep

  3. No no this update is nice.

    1. Sree1603

      Thank you chotti?

  4. Maya

    It was very nice to read. Not at all boring!?

    1. Sree1603

      Thanks a lot diii?

  5. No no it’s awesome.

    1. Sree1603

      Thanks shanaya…..

  6. Sree1603

    Felice dear don’t worry life is not difficult always we should move on in our life because this story is my own story(not fully).

    This story will end in positive way but in my case I won’t be positive.
    So then I thought about my family I moved on from his thoughts.

    Now I understood that my thought about his is just an infatuation,because I am still a school going girl.

    I am not having that much maturity to think about my future or love so I am trying my level best to get rid off his thoughts

    I can’t because he is in front of me every time.so I managed to focus myself on studies

    I don’t know you but can feel your difficulties so be happy always at least for those whom love us a lot…………..our life can change at any time so wait for sweet surprises in your life………….


  7. Nice one dear loved it please update soon

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