Will he be my destiny!!!! shot-4

i hope you all liked my previous shot……..i am trying to complete it fast so you all are freed from my boring shots soon……..
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let go back to our story

abhi’s pov,

he is writing his diary…….

pragya where are you?????why did yo gone far away from me pls come back soon i know this my mistake but y r u hurting yourself.if i told you abt my plan before itself you won’t took this decision na it’s all my mistake and how dare you tell yourself as a worthless fellow you know i am a worthless fellow you did not deserves me you deserves more than me.you are precious gem no one can get someone like but i missed you in my life.i am lifeless without you pragya.now i can understood your pain your life’s biggest mistake is me.you lost your happiness because of me/when i get you back i will try to give all the happiness which you deserves…….

i need you,i want to hug you,i wants be with you,i want to wake up by seeing your face and en my day with your smile.how can you leave me alone like this????

i don’t have any faith in god but for the first time i am begging him to bring you back pls……….

abhi closed his diary and went to pragya’s house to meet purab…….

in pragya’s home,

purab:why are standing outsde abhi just come in..

abhi;i don’t know wheather i am having the rights to come in or not

purab;abhi don’t feel bad for her this is not your mistake i know she will come back soon as your pragya.

abhi rushed to purab and hugged him tighly and let his tears out…

abhi;thanks purab i thought u won’t accept me…

purab;i want to say you somethng important abhi…

abhi;tell me purab…

purab;i know where she is..


purab;haan abhi i saw her from distance in pune as i went there for my project i followed her but because of traffic i missed her……

abhi;purab can you do e a favour??????

purab;100% abhi

abhi;just book a ticket for me to pune today itself i will come back with her

purab;k abhi get ready within 2 hours because i already booked ticket for you and i know you will react like this….

after that abhi went to pragya’s room he saw a diary and kept with him.
abhi;thanks a lot purab

abhi went to his home and packed his things and reached the airport

abhi’s flight took off

abhi saw pragya near his room ad called but she doesn’t gave any response so he followed er and grabbed her hand

abhi;pragya pls stop!!!!

that girl;pragya who is pragya and who are you to hold my hand??????!!!!

abhi;pragya pls i already came up with so many pains in these days without you!!!!!

that girl:hey mr just get lost……

abhi:no pragya you can’t do this to me no no no pragya just come with me pragya

he shouted pragyaaaaaaa!!!!!

at that time he heard someone’s voice

voice:sir why are you shouting like this the passengers are panicked and who is pragya??????

abhi:sorry everybody it’s just a bad dream so sorry….

abhi revealed that it was just a dream

abhi reached pune and he felt a unknown happiness in him

abhi;i am coming pragya i am coming to get you back.


don’t know what to do next and how to end this story……..

guys next shot will be full of pragya’s pov and what she written in her diary about her love

bye friends see you all soon

bear with my mistakes

keep smiling and comment me……….!!!!!!!

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