Will he be my destiny!!!! shot-3

Very sorry for my late update I know this story is not at all interesting.
I am trying my level best to write a good story but I can’t.
Sowji diiiiiiiii hats off to you because I can’t even manage to write three shots but you crossed 60??

Back to our story………

All are shocked to see a person who was standing in upstairs.
Tanu fainted in shock

Tanu’s mom rushed to hold her daughter
Bulbul:what a twist bhaiya(shouted)

Abhi came and made Hi-fi with bulbul

Everyone in the family realised that groom was not abhi and the were felt happy………..

Tanu wake up shouted at abhi
Tanu: how dare you abhi you cheated me you betrayed me how can you do this to to Meeeeeeee………

Wait a minute you are here means then who the hell I am married

Tanu goes to manual and took away the cover which is over the groom’s face

Abhi:what is this tanu I gave u the biggest surprise but you are yelling at me.

Tanu: nikil you!!!!!!but y did you done this to me not only to me what about our future!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikil:sry tanu I can’t betray abhi anymore I felt everything this wrong after hearing to someone

Bulbul:thank you for your compliment nikil but I did my job only right

Tanu: Nikil y can’t you understand she brainwashed you and you to did what she said Na????

Bulbul: Nikil was not like you tanu he is a good person he doesn’t want to destroy anyone’s life.

Nikil:haan tanu she is right I thought to live a peaceful and sinless life

Abhi: thank you nikil you came at the right time if not I can’t able to get my love Pragya………
Pragya where are you I know you are anger at me but come here pls

Everyone shocked to hear Pragya as abhi’s love

Abhi shouted for Pragya but she doesn’t came

Abhi: bulbul where is Pragya?????????

Bulbul:she was with me Bhai but I don’t know where is she is now

Abhi:just go and check your room bulbul
Abhi’s eyes were wetted

Abhi’s father:what is going on here abhi are u in love with Pragya
Abhi:haan I love my Pragya but I can’t even stand near pragya’s love do you all know how she loved me but I am not worth for it.

After that abhi consoled everyone and gained permission for his marriage with Pragya

Purab:I am happy for my Pragya keep her happy da but where is she??????!

At that time bulbul came
Abhi: bulbul where is she????

Bulbul:vo vo …..

Purab:kya huva bulbul????
Abhi:what happened bulbul

Bulbul:Pragya doesn’t open the door

He went from there and went near her room

Abhi:Pragya pls open the door Pragya please!!!!!!!!!!

Purab:Pragya open the door marriage doesn’t happened to abhi

All the family members called her but there is no response everyone panicked

Abhi and purab broke the door and went in
Abhi:whare are you Pragya???? purab I want to see her now where is she purab?????

Purab:abhi don’t…..at that time purab found one paper and took that


Dear bhaiya,

I know you all are upset because of my absence.i going far away from you all I can’t face you because I felt guilt to face I am not that much worth to search Bhai so pls don’t waste your time for me I lost my love no my life
Nowonly I understood I am not worth for anything.i may or may not be
come back but don’t worry about me I want to achieve something big in my life.i spent my precious time in immatured love so I am going to achieve my goal and inside this there is another letter just pass that to abhi

K bhaiya bye I will be back as you expected
Just take care


Another letter:

Dear abhi,

I don’t know whether I have the rights to call you as my dear or not.i know you didn’t loved me but I don’t know what made me to love you.i loved you I loves you and will love you till my last breath.this love was also one of the reason for my decision.i can’t see you with anyone but I want you to live happy if you live happy then I will live happy.

I felt ashamed on myself because I am in love with someone’s husband.my character is lowered because of my love.if I am still stayed definitely I will lost my control.

I hope you will live happily and don’t think about me……..and convey my sorry to my bulbul she will felt bad for me but even I am not worth for her love



Abhi:Pragya pls stop!!!!

That girl:Pragya who is Pragya and who are you to hold my hand!!!?

Abhi:Pragya pls I already came up with so many pain these many days without you!!!!

Girl:hey Mr just get lost…….

Sorry for disappointing you guys bare with my mistakes and comment me

Thanks for reading with patience….

Byeeeee take care…….

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  1. sad 4 abhigya n but love it tanu marry nikill

  2. Reshma_Pradeep


  3. SamyuSam

    Nice one sree…. But where did pra goo…. Update next part soon…in precap,, Plzz dnt brng that memory loss drama dear,,as we really fed up in real kkb…???

    1. Sree1603

      Thank you samyusam I will try to update soon don’t worry I won’t disappoint you bcoz I am also fed up with kkb

  4. NIKHIL married tanu that’s great and this should happen in real kkb and sad for Abhigya and precap is SOOO sad.

    1. Sree1603

      Don’t be sad dear I will make you happy soon

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