Will he be my destiny!!!! shot-1

A marriage hall is shown:

There a girl doing all the work since it is her relative marriage.
That is our Pragya,
Bulbul:how could you do this how can you you lover’s marriage with some other girl disgusting!!!…..
Pragya: bulbul see I am so happy for his marriage tanu(abhi’s fiance)is more suitable and perfect for him than me i am happy for him…….
Bulbul: don’t over act in front of me Pragya atleast share it sadness with me I know you love abhi since from 2011(7 yrs)you can’t bear this.

Suddenly Pragya hugged bulbul and cried vigorously.
Pragya:why these things are happening to me and my fate to see his marriage I can’t see this anymore pls help me bulbul we can go back to our hostel we can go now itself.plsss

But abhi’s family doesn’t allowed her because they love more like anything abhi’s father said to purab that we want Pragya to stay her till the marriage ends.
Bulbul:but uncle we have to go we are having practicals tomorrow.
Abhi’s father:no way you bath have to stay here.

Suddenly a voice came,
Abhi: atleast stay her for me I want you to attend my marriage pls(with a cute face)
Purab: Pragya and bulbul stay here we can write our exams after but we can’t see the marriage once it was completed so you have to be here.
Bulbul and Pragya:but(almost pragya’s eyes get teared)
Abhi:no but and that you have to see my marriage(with a wink on his face)
Pragya:you know I can’t stay then y r u forcing me?????
Abhi: because I want to see it face on my marriage day.

Pragya and bulbul went to their room with disappoint
Pragya:I have to face him I want to see him before he tieing magalsuthra around her neck.
Bulbul:so we are going to stay there but there is one week time for this marriage what will u do?????
Pragya:these are my memories with him(cried)
Bulbul consoled her and they both drifted to sleep.


Tanu:how dare you??????
Pragya: this is not my mistake.
Tanu:I know you did this purposely….
Bulbul:no I did this purposefully!!!!!!

Hope you guys loved it if not tell what a change u all need and bear with my mistakes

Byeeeee ………

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  1. Don’t make abhi and Tanu marry that only I want di make this marriage stop and Abhigya’s unite only I want di update was nice but don’t make pragya cry soo much please dear this is my request to you please you do it for me

    1. Sree1603

      Soon abhi and Pragya will unite dear even I won’t like that b*t*h tanu and thank u for it comment

    2. Sree1603

      Don’t make any requests it’s my duty to do for u…
      I know you fed up with the current kkb track….
      Soon I will satisfy you di

      1. DI you don’t call me di because I am only 13 and not bigger than you and thanks for understanding my feeling towards kumkum-bhagya and thanks for taking my request as your duty.

    1. Sree1603

      Thank you dear

  2. Sree1603

    Ok [email protected] can I call u like this??????

  3. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr… But pls don’t tanu will be marry our abhi… I just hurt her…

  4. interesting n pls long update

  5. Lopez

    awesome dear

  6. Nice dear..

  7. Sree1603

    Thank you all I will try to update long next time

  8. Simply osum like yu dear

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