I will complete my brother’s love story (3 shots)(manmarziyan)part-3

Aryaan ;Sam and Neil …the trio share a hug..
It is not good that someone is missing me…. they turned around ..and find a hot girl with her dress up to her knees…smoky eyes…was standing..
Radhika shouted ..”I can’t believe this…mom told me that I had a twin who was dead at the time of birth only …then you and me look alike..”
She smiled came forward wrapped her arms around aryaan’s neck and give a small peck on aryaan’s lips..
Everyone coughed ..seeing that..

“I miss you …not bad Aryan mehra…you have impressed both the sisters who are twins by birth..”..Riya kapoor spoked…
Arjun who was totally checking out riya ..had his gaze fixed on her…his jaw dropped..it was like seeing his radhika in a short mini dress….
“Can pls stop checking me out ..mr arjun”..riya replied..
Arjun without thinking answered ..”actually .. honestly ..I can’t ..you are really hot…”saying this he blushed..
Radhika came near him and started hitting him…and spoked.” First of all u are married arjun…and second stop checking out my sister ..
Radhika asked riya about her story..
Rita told her that when she was born with radhika….she was taken away by nurse .and she kept a dead child near the mom…but the nurse further got married to a rich man..and they both loved her as their own child… but last month ..my mother passed away and tell me the truth…
Radhika got tears in her eyes….

“And what about aryaan ..how do you met a tourist guide…”radhika spoked…
Aryaan narrated the story..further..that how he came to know about arjun ..few months ago..he want to reconcile everything …but before reaching arjun he met Neil and Neil asked him not to meet him now as his life ups and downs.. and after that we made this plan to make him jealous…so that both of you reconcile….and he is a writer ..and after the demise of their parents..he was adopted by a family …at the age of 15..and he to befriend radhika become a tourist guide…
Arjun who was still drooling over Riya…was not paying attention at all…Riya was busy taking selfie..when they all were taking..

Arjun went near Riya..coughed…and a rose which was in his hand now ..he gave it to Riya..
Arjun asked…”you always wear such a nice clothes…”
Riya replied…”yeah..so you have got your wife back…let’s click a selfie..”
Arjun replied..”actually …we are about to get married…”
Riya ..spoked…”you know what you are so handsome like my aryaan”
Arjun blushed heavily…but his blush turned into blue black when he saw radhika listening to their chats..

He cleared his thoart ..and hugged radhika..
Radhika..whispered in his ear..”arjun ..try this again…and you are so killed.
After then riya pulled radhika into a bone crushing hug..both of them cried..arjun thanked Neil..for this..and Neil replied..”you are like my brother “.and they both hugged…
Aryaan holder riya’s hand and started moving… arjun came after him
Arjun.”where are you going ..aryaan”
Aryaan ..”its you only said .that we can never be a family again”.
Aryaan started moving when he heard arjun screaming voice. .he found arjun sitting on his knees…holding his ears..and spoked..
“Forgive your lil brother….pls don’t go away..” arjun said sobbing…
Aryaan run towards him and hugged him tightly …both in a bone crushing hug..
Arjun then spoked in a naughty tone..”u know.. aryaan I can’t afford to lose a bhabhi like Riya…
And both the brothers chuckled…

Rita spoked to aryaan…”u didn’t brought a chocolet for me..”
Aryaan checked his pockets and looked towards arjun…he was holding the chocolate ..
Aryaan replied..”you devil…arjun
Arjun started running and aryaan behind him on the beach………

So guy do comment…here both aryaan and Neil had completed their brother’s love story..

Credit to: Sammy


  1. ❤?Natasha?❤

    It was mind blowing………sammy…..it was really a very unique story……lu ya bae ???❤❤❤

  2. he he he darling? only u can think like dis?? ha ha ha aryaan oh god he s really cute ? arjun reaction after cing rads twin✌?? am all laughing thinking abt his reaction i can’t affort to lose bhabhi like riya oh god he s really a hot devil ??? here in train all looking me wired ?✌ u rocked sammy?? loved it? love uuuuu?

    • sammy

      Lol .suga..same happened with me 14 days ago ….in train.. love u a lot…and yeah about arjun only one line ..men will be men:-) 🙂 🙂

  3. Omg…Sammy this Arjun getting naughty…drooling Riya…rads twin Arjun twin…seriously ur mind is made up of which things…lend us some of ur brains…??

    • sammy

      Thank u Rosie di..I don’t need to lend my brain di ..actually the secret is that I have stolen lil brain of all ff writers…and fused them in my stories…love u a lot:-) 🙂

  4. Sree

    Aweaome story. It was very sweet and cute. I loved it very much. Plz try to post more stories like this. 🙂

  5. Gianna

    Whaaaat? I did not see that coming. Arjun checking out his sister in law. This was too much fun Sammy u always amaze me with ur twists n turns and I love them soooooo much. Keep rocking my darling Sammy. Love uuuuuu

  6. Supriya.

    Hey Sammy sweetie….. It z ossum…. I was laughing clutching my tummy……thanks for this wonderful update…… Can u plz write many more shots…..loads of love….. Tc

    • sammy

      He he me too..laughing very much..but you know men will be men ….will try to write like this:-)

  7. lavanya

    hai Sammy…I was really surprised when there was a twin if radhika…I couldn’t believe it…till yesterday I thought who might be the pair for arjuns lookalike…and when you said there is a twin of radhika..I was taken by surprise…loved it…and arjun drooling over riya and radhika catching him were absolutely fun…please do continue…waiting for your other works

    • sammy

      Thanks lavanya….that is why took a day break to think something spicy…love u a lot:-)

  8. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww Sammyyyyy. …it’s really superbbbb 3shots….loved it to the core…..you’re amazingly awesoooooome writer. ….I just love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. ….keep it up honeyyy….muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.