I will come back again – KKB (One Shot)

I have promised you once that i will come with Abhi’s POV here am i and those who dont know what is going on i will suggest them to read Pragya’s Pov in os whose link i am giving here

Previous OS

here we go with Abhi’s POV

She left me like that only without saying a word that day but what was my mistake? No one can tell me that what was my mistake weather my mistake was I just thought about her and asked her to keep quiet that day or my mistake was I was thinking that not to hurt her that much that she could break down everyone looked that I was about to slap her but no one understood that why I was about to raise my hand I did It because she was lying that day I knew it that she was irritated with my behaviour that I didn’t believed her and rather than believing her I believed Tanu and this was the breaking point for her she was totally shattered with that I know it very well but how to make her understand that I did that because I believed her I was believing that it was the trap which was against her and wanted to resolve that matter but her anger made everything worst that anger towards her of mine wasn’t because I thought that she was having affair with that Champak but I was angry that why she lied. But anyways the mistake was mine I would have told her later after the party which I didn’t, after all it was her birthday and everyone wish to be happiest person on their birthday but what I did hiding all that I made her to remember her worst birthday ever I still remember what she wrote on the letter which she left for me that night it was written there that “I have no faith over love anymore thank you Mr Mehra thanks a lot for that and for this black birthday too…” those words still there on my mind when I read that after all she was right what she had got after getting married to me just humiliation nothing else she had got all the members of my family said that they are with her every time but all statements were false all the statements even my Dadi also stopped her every time she was looking all that while she was getting humiliated she was getting confronting for those happenings which were not because of her that money theft matter she was getting blamed by Tanu again and I wonder why she didn’t spoke the truth that time if she would have told that truth it will have been stopped there itself but she didn’t said anything she said right that my dadi was making her dance on her fingers and because of her only our relation got complications but what can I do I am again bound with relation

she is elder than me I can’t complaint her too what can I do now nothing is there for me to do nothing came in my hand now also I am alone that time also I was alone why all this happened to me only because I never try to understand what is going on in front of me my own people always brain washed me and I always did wrong my sister she said she loves Purab and want to marry him but one girl is there who is hurdle for her and she made me marry to her sister and that was this girl this selfless girl who is the reason of my happiness what I did with her I tortured her like hell but she was with me and when I came to know that she is not the one I was feeling guilty and feeling attracted towards her but again my own people again did the same my sister started filling my ears against her and I was so blind in my sisters love that I was ready throw that girl out from my life how stupid I was every time she did the same she cant even think that what I was feeling when she proposed me I wasn’t able to answer because I was confused that the girl whom I tortured this much with whom I shown betrayal everytime how can she love me like that and then I realised that she was only one who can love me like that and that is the pure love which doesn’t want anything beside trust of your companion and I got failed in giving that and according to me she did right because I don’t deserve that pure heart I don’t deserve her she left that letter for me and a note with it that my property my everything is again mine now but she didn’t even thought that the one which is mine is going far away from me yes she is mine my life my everything but now nothing is left to say as I don’t want any of that things which made me stay far from her now I am here on the bed of the hospital fighting in mid of my death and life and you know why because I met with an accident I was so stubborn that after she said that don’t try to search her I went she was right that I will surely try to search her and I did so and to my surprise she was with Purab that time she went there to tell him good bye and on right time I reached there she was about to leave I caught her and asked him to leave us alone because today I want to talk with not my wife or my friend but today I want to talk with that girl who had lost the courage of tolerating anything and that too because of me I wanted to ask her that if she decided to leave me then why she confessed that she too loves me I wanted to ask her that wasn’t she able to wait for a day to let me find out the truth that all had done conspiracy against her wasn’t it my responsibility to control her when she going to do wrong for herself by confessing the that fake affair everyone would have blamed her and it wasn’t tolerable for me I wanted to ask her that if dadi asked her to create this mess then wasn’t she had trust on me that I will trust her words more than any proof why she didn’t told me the truth all the while I was eager to know that only and what she answered to me was also right

she said to me that “try to find the answer to yourself” and saying this she left from there and I was thinking that what her words meant did she indirectly said to me that I was not ready to believe what is going on in my surrounding did she meant that I was not ready to listen her even for once I was getting attached to the unborn child that I wasn’t ready to accept anything which was against her what was she trying to say is that the same what I am thinking if is it so then again it is my mistake and because of this reason she didn’t even told me once that what conspiracy was going on in my surrounding. Why I am like this? Why my nature is so easy that I can be trapped in any manipulative things so easily and alter to that if someone will tell me right why I use to resist the right things happening beside me why? This why is the question and I had to find these answers that why all this happened to me and I came to a conclusion that this all happened because of the sudden raise in my success yes it is because I asked this same to Dadi and she told me that I am a blind faith person who just believes in I, ME and MYSELF never want to listen others who are saying right she said to me that “Abhi I said you to stop at a point where we were getting enough but you didn’t you wished for more then also you didn’t listened to me then I said that Tanu is not good for you and you again didn’t listened to me you neglected my words saying that she is your match she have money and power like you she is perfect for me and again I agreed over that now think up of yourself that what you have done in your past and what you are doing” and saying this she left me and I was remain in thoughts that she is saying right in my whole life I have done only mistakes it was my mistake only that my sister turned out to be a money minded person she doesn’t cares about her brother anymore the one she want is money only money. I wish I could rectify all that so I can get my sister back I can get back love of my family and more than that I can get back but what to do now nothing can’t happen today I am remembering my teachers words she always use to say that “YOU KNOW WHAT IS THE MEANING THAT YOU WRITE WITH PENS IN YOUR SECONDARY SECTION IT MEANS THAT FROM NOW WHATEVER THE MISTAKE YOU WILL DO IT IS NOT ERASABLE YOU CANT ERASE IT YOU HAVE TO FACE IT SO TAKE A STEP AHEAD VERY CAREFULLY THIS IS NOT YOUR PRIMARY WHERE YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO DO THE MISTAKE AND EVERYONE USE TO FORGIVE YOU THAT MISTAKE WAS PENCIL AND FORGIVENESS WAS ERASER BUT HERE THE MISTAKE IS PEN AND THERE IS NO ERASER TO ERASE IT” now I got it why she said that now I understood that what does this lines means it means whatever mistake has happened with me I can’t rectify it the only thing which is left with me is guilt the guilt of achieving this much success that my own people forgot to face the reality guilt of giving this much extended love to my sister who became like this because of that love and guilt of thinking that I have standard and I can’t return to normal life now from luxurious life more than that I have guilt that I didn’t understood the selfless love of that girl whom I married just in blind love of sister for revenge that guilt is to such extent that if I will live 100 lives for it I won’t be able to rectify it I know she loves me and she will come to see me for sure but when will she come and will I be able to take my last breath that time what if she didn’t came to meet me what will I do I know she will come because she is not a stone hearted or low hearted like us she is precious I know she will come for sure……

Screen shifts to the doctor who are trying to save him Tanu is standing out the door along with Aliya who is having tears in her eyes it seems she is crying since long time and Purab who is just trying to control himself looking at the condition of his friend who is lying there on the bed in ICU just after his operation and thinks “why damn it! Why? Why I didn’t went beside you to give that file to her it was me who sent you all thoughts of mine proved wrong today I was wishing that file of marriage certificate if you show it to her on your own she will be very happy and possible that she will forgive you but see what it resulted into the much you was happy the much you are pain please god punish me but forgive me and send dii soon please she is the last hope now if she didn’t came I don’t know what will happen here please do something god please” and there is Dadi seated on the bench along with Dasi and other family members waiting for the doctors to come out and finally he came out and as he came out Purab rushed to him and asked “What happen how Is he now? He is fine right!” the doctor looked downwards and Aliya asked “Why are you silent damn it! Tell me how is bhai?” the doctor answered “I am sorry but we tried our best in operation and it was successful but the injuries are too much that we cant do anything now and he is critical just pray to god that he should be safe because next 24 hours are too much tough for him” saying this doctor left from there leaving all of them shattered and the screen again shifts to Abhi

…………see now the doctor also said haha he don’t know that these few number of breaths which I have left in me just in a wait that she will come and hold my hand just this I want now nothing else and see at others my sister I didn’t thought that this face of her will come out looking me in this condition I don’t have potential to open my eyes but I can hear all that I can hear my dadi is weeping for me I can hear that clearly only she is there who knows what is going to be happen next others are thinking that what she is thinking should happen for sure this is what I have gained in my success the loosing of relations this is what I am getting even at this time only few are there who are crying for me and others are just wishing that they should get rid of this place for sure this is what the life is here no one is our we are of no one. I don’t know what will happen to me next weather I will live or die but one this is sure that if I will die then I don’t want to die before meeting her………

Again the screen shifts outside the room here Purab comes in to see him and the time he looked at his friend who is having bandages and scars all over his body and equipments which are attached to his body his forehead still have some blood spots over his bandage all over his body is covered with bandages which are looking like blood is not ready to stop he felt that how horrible that accident was after all the car was crashed by truck it was his luck that before the car could blast someone saved him he wasn’t able to see the scenario so he just went out controlling himself and called Pragya
Purab: Di when you are coming?
Pragya who was emotionless thinking about the conclusion: Purab I am on the way! What did the doctor said?
Purab crying: he said now all the one which is left is the hope from god
Pragya passing a calm smile: I am coming Purab control yourself nothing will happen to him for now
Saying this she hanged up the call
Pragya to herself: Nothing will happen to him for now but I can’t say for later I don’t know why you did that when you came to know that car break was failed why you didn’t jumped out of car leaving it behind when the road was empty I can’t understand.

Screen again shifts to hospital in Abhi’s room here the nurse is treating Abhi’s wound as with each and every passing minute his condition is going worst it is becoming difficult to save him when Aliya enters and sat beside him she holds his hand and cries silently and curses herself for being so selfish just then Abhi coughs and vomit looking at which Aliya’s eyes got widen as it was blood which came out from his mouth nurse called doctor immediately he asked doctor to go out and the screen shifts to door here Purab was at the door and Pragya arrived at the hospital
Pragya: how did this happened Purab why where was he going in such a late night!
Purab: he was so happy that he was coming to you
Pragya: to me! But why
Purab: to show you those papers which were actually marriage certificate when you signed the divorce papers I cleverly placed those papers down to them with a carbon paper inside so that you signed both the papers at the same time and that was the reason that due to marriage and divorce paper were signed on the same day divorce got cancelled and that was the reason that he was happy and thought to give you that news on his own and resulted in this
Pragya who was already shattered from inside not she was looking like someone has suck all her life and she was looking like a lifeless statue who was just walking towards his room when she reached there she saw that Aliya was there she was walking when Aliya said

Aliya: He is not my brother Pragya he is not my brother he is your Abhishek your husband Abhishek my brother wasn’t so weak that he vomit blood you know doctors have declared that.Aliya couldn’t speak more she just went from there and started sobbing hard leaning herself on the wall here Pragya enters in the room where Abhi was she sat beside him and touched his face with the feeling which was neither showing emotion nor pain looking as a stone she looked at his face which was having so much scars she was looking at him

………………finally she is here finally you are here you can’t even imagine how I am feeling now when you held my hand when you touched my face I know you forgave me your arrival is its proof and now you have become so lifeless looking at me like this but what can I do this is my faith I have given you much pain this nothing infront of it don’t do this yr looking at me like this you are snatching my right to death also here I am I have got everything in my life you are here you held my hand which is showing extreme love for me you are caring my head and my face with one hand believe me I can wake up now here at this moment itself I can jump and take you in my embrace till you don’t start to cry in happy tears but I will not because I have given you this much pain that I don’t want you to cry even for a happy reason I can open my eyes but I will not as nothing is there in getting up now as the love which was lost I am looking it today in everyone’s eyes I don’t want it to get changed now you will think that I am getting selfish so think that because this time I am this time I have got something precious one girl is there who is crying since last night looking her brother like this dadi is there who has sensed all the things already one friend is there who is crying like all his life is going far from him now as he has no reason to live now as he is going to lose his own brother one girl is there who is just thinking that what will happen if I got up and one girl is there who is seated just with me holding my hand in hers who is thinking about the answer that she have to give to my family after sometime who is caring for me like she use to do earlier I can wake up for this reason but no I will not as I deserve this I don’t want to lose this love again so it’s better to close my eyes like this only but don’t worry I will come again come again to play in those lanes who are the witness of my childhood I will come again to play in that lap again which is caring for me and getting restless with the thought of leaving me I will come again to take care of my sister and family I have to come again I hope I get a family like this when I will come back in my next birth afterall I have to do a fresh start I have to fall in love with some other Pragya again I have to come back and I will come back but now time is up (mai uth sakta hoon magar ab uthna nahi chahta kyuki jo pyar mujhe abhi mil raha hai wo tab na mile shayad ek ladki hai jo mere liye ro rahi hai ye soch kar ki uska bhai ab nahi lautega ek dadi hai jo anjaam jaan kar ro baithi hai ek dost hai jo toot chukka hai soch kar ki ab usey bhai kehne wala nahi uthega aur ek ladki hai jo mere side me baithi hai aur itna toot chuki hai ki aansu bhi nahi nikal rahey hai na muskurahat uska peechha chhor rahi hai mai phir wapis aaunga unhi galiyo me khelne jinme mera bachpan beeta mai phir wapis aaunga us god me khelne k liye jo aj mai chala jaunga soch kar ro rahi hai mai phir wapis aaunga apni behen ko pyar dene mujhe wapis aana hi hoga aur mai aaunga phir kisi Pragya k pyar me pagal honey k liye)

The heartbeat indicator shows a straight line and doctors covers him with whit sheet Pragya leaves his hand and went outside the room she looks at Aliya and says which sounds like she has poured a chilled water over everyone she said “ALIYA DON’T DISTURB HIM HE IS SLEEPING” she said it with a smile which shows that she knew this will be the only thing which will happen she left from there being that lifeless statue and everyone was looking at her while she was going. When she leaves Doctors take out his body and take it to the morgue room before completing few formalities other side Pragya is shown going out of hospital she looks at back for once and looks Abhi is standing folding his hands to his chest and leaning himself on the wall he gestures her bye with a wide smile and she passes off a fade smile looking at that marriage certificate.

Many of you will curse me for this OS but if you will ask me then i will say that this was the end of season one practically this must be the end which didnt happened KKb team decided to refresh the story by this ML track but they must have done a fresh start exactly fresh that is by ending them and starting new story with same faces same names in a new way but they didnt now all have to wait for three years again till then they will not unite for sure after all it is ekta show if you will ask me i am done with this show i dont even bother what is going on now no updates too..


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  1. omg ur so amazing it was so emotional iwant one more ff with a happy ending loved it

  2. So good I cried keep it up

  3. In ur 1sr ff tat u made elder son army officer died in one episode na sry I hv very low memory capacity so I don’t remember names today also I felt lk tat so my eyes r nt stoping to make the teats to stop actually u may feel tat it’s not tat much to make me feel lk tat way bt it feels yaar may b bcoz of ur writing may b coz of visualising it side by side while reading its also coz of u tar u made each n every feeling of character to make me visualise whatever it s really it’s very hard especially pragya’s words don’t disturb him he s sleeping… Tat one really I can control my tears…

  4. Hai surbhi….nice emotional epi…i cried of Abhi POV in death bed…u r a wonderful writer I like the line “don’t do this yr looking at me like this you are snatching my right to death also here” what a feeling…u killed it..yaar….

  5. surbhi today only I know u r the narrator.omg I was waiting for this os from dat day.ur pt of view s really different pa.I liked it v.much but pragya s the one who got hurt again.why n all serials only heroine s fighting.I wish n real kkb track ML track gets over soon. Great job da.waiting for ur another os

  6. Angita

    Awesome surbhi di

  7. Prathi

    That was awesome!! No words literally crying ??? And continue this like coming again!

  8. And now i realised that OS got the end! This POV, abhi’s words, the reality, the perfection, the attractiveness, Damnnnn! I loved this one truly not because abhi ka kissa khtam ? but because of the perfect ending that you perfectly gave this OS!, truly this is awesome! This whole OS’s charm was based over just one dialogue and that was No One Is Ours and we are of No one! This line! Simple yet filled up with whole reality of life! Hats off for such a beautiful OS! Such a realistic OS it is! And after whole this content i read ,, a word automatically came at my mouth and that was FELT IT! it’s so hard making someone feel your content and you are always greatly doing it! Awesome! I can say aaj hairat ko bhi hairaniyaan hone lagein , all i wanna conclude is this is more of a Bookmark one!

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    I HAVE NO WORDS……Sirf ithna keh sakthi hoon ki……YOU R AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG DUDE ! Jaise lagta hei ki……Iss kahani ki har ek words mein bhi EK JAAN BASTHI HEI……ITS TRULY AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE??????????????????????????????????

  10. Saranya24

    Iam literally crying dii wowwee but i would love to hve a happy enfing love u dii????

  11. Kya kahoon mein??…. U have left me speechless…. U r really AWESOME!….. This os is filled with perfection! Each and every line is perfect!…… I loved it to the core….?????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????????????

  12. Monesha

    Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome…… I love it to the core. You rocked it

  13. Maahi

    diiii kal aapne bahuth hasaya tha aaj ithni rula diya kiiii aasu rulh nahi raha hei tht last part my god he is sleeeeeepingggg frever in her love i cant evn tell uu wats its impact its a perfect ending acrdng to me yes i curse uuu tht u shld get evn more nd more love in ur life nd u shld write more nd more which is the heartthrob of evry love story i come acrosss i curse uu tht in my next birth i shall be ur love uuu simply killed me with love its awsome awesome awesome ur amazinggggg nd the thing which i am cing now is abhis fade smile in tht leaning positin trust me dii its a trademark!!!!!!!

  14. U r right… This is the end… Even if the characters are same everything started all over again from beginning.. I also agree with you as this ekta’s show there is no hope of there union… It’s better to end…

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