Whom will I choose?? abhigya or prabhi (promo n intro)

Abhi is a modern guy,who lives in city, he is handsome n dashing many wants to marry him.one day he gets a call from his dadi stating him to come hometown soon.he goes on pretext of meeting his ill dadi.
As soon as he lands there,he finds out he landed into a big trouble as it was his dafis plan to get him there.

His life takes a 360degree turn when his dadi says him to choose one of his aunt n uncle daughter to marry,he’s in a dilemma.one’s a traditional beauty,other is a modern hotty.whom will he choose???

Guys this is just a promo if u like it I’ll continue n its few shots only.


Abhishek khurana:a handsome hunk who lives in Mumbai n works in rs industries,very punctual n enjoying person.

Ranjani khurana:dadi of abhi n only support to abhi after his parents died.she’s leader of village named khanpur.

Goenka family
Kumar goenka: head of family,loves his wife children a lot n owner of goenka industries.

Priya Kumar goenka:wife of Kumar,housewife n daughter of dadi,has two daughters

Pragya goenka: modern girl very beautiful n hot n loves to be free n works on her fathers company.

Pragathi goenka: twin sis of pragya traditional pakka sankskari girl n not educated since she lived with her chote papa in village as he had no children,so mostly pragathi khurana.

Jain n kokila khurana:elder son of dadi,loves in village.

So guys of u like it ,hit star button pls…

Whom will u choose
Abhigya-abhi+ pragya
Prabhi-pragathi+ abhi.

Maybe ur choice will change as story proceeds. I need all of ur support pls.

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  1. plsss….continue

    I vote for abhigya..the modern 1..???

  2. plsssss…continue I vote for modern pragya

  3. Hmmmmm this story line seems to be tough yet interesting !
    Off course i will choose our AbhiGya !
    eagerly waiting for your first update !

  4. It was so interrrstiiiinnnggg and my vote for our abhigya

  5. I vote for Abhigya and please continue.

  6. Of course abhigya only

  7. B_Ani

    ofcourse abhigya dear…
    but lets see…it is so interesting…

  8. so cute dear…….love u

  9. i choose prabhi coz the story will be about avillage girl and city boy…….

  10. Saranya24

    Of course we ll choose abhigya oly but lets see wen stry proceeds missrd u dear welcome back love u????

  11. and my vote also for abhigya because abhi is only for pragya and not for pragathi

  12. Lovely sory line i choose abhigya

  13. Pliz continue but let him choose pragya or the other one

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