Im here to share my thoughts on sanskar’s love for swara……

Every single time she rejected his feeling making him worse……

They day were swara was read to give divorce for sanskar but due to laksh’s stupidity she has to fake her relation with sanskar..

Even after knowing his love on her, she rejected him every single time proving him that as she has never considered him as hubby and he is always her bestie…..
His heart was bleeding in pain every time she retorted his feeling so easily….
“We are good friend sanskar but from where did this love come between us” she pricked his heart…
He was controlling his emotions and feelings on her that his intentions were wrong before but now he has changed and he truly loves her…..
Why cant give a chance for me swara???  Why r u clinging on to ur past and consoling urself that here after u cant love anyone or love is no more in ur life????
He was crying like small kid…
But swara failed to understand his love…..
And sanskar never forced her tooo…..
Days passed, his feelings on swara got stronger and stronger……
Swara was planning to leave him…
“Even world war took place twice swara,why dont u give a second chance for love”,sanskar asked her….
Swara started thinking about his words….. she reminisced each and every moment of their’s……. how he was with her in her bad times.. he was her pillar but she has hurted him a lot…..
She got clear about her feeling……
Yes i love him….
But it was too late….

Unknowingly swara brought kavitha back to his life, and swara failed to express her feeling to sanskar…
Sanskar was shocked to hear her words declaring to maheswari’s and gadodia’s that she will make kavitha to marry sanskar..
On engagement day:
Kavsan were standing infornt surrounded by maheswari’s and gadodia’s….
Swasan had painful eyelock…..

Sanskar cleared his throat, im dedicating this song for my lady love… he stressed the word lady love looking at swara…
Swara was looking every where except sanskar….
He started singing….


Then nly u cn understand his feeling…

You’re beautiful
You criminal
Girl you took everything from me…..
Can’t let you go
Like a generalI’m going into battle cause…
You stole the breath from my lungs
Cut my veins, bleeding love
Oh I still remember that scene..

Cuz I can see the tears running down your cheek
I can feel your body so close to me 
I can hear the rain dropping at your feet 
Cuz your love was gone

24×7, I will be waiting
Out in the rain till somebody saves me
Don’t care if it takes forever to make you believe

Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa

It’s like a gun shot went straight through me
Stopped my heart from beating
No – won’t let you get away

You’re killin me
You’re bad for me
So why do I feel such ecstasy?
Do you believe
In you and me
How do I stop this jealousy?

I’ll never stop fighting till you’re with me
I built a castle and you’re my queen
Just give me a chance to make you believe..
Won’t let you get away…
(scenes flashing post wedding ritual were swara pinches sanskar and she takes ring…
Then swara feeding chocolate to sanskar as her mom is bck with shekar….
Then his drunken confession…..
Karva chauth how  he was  fasting swara..
Sanskar gifting swara a dress and indirectly telling her his choices are always best….)

Sanskar ended the song by taking his last glance over swara who was standing among others….. she was bowing her head down controlling her tears…..
All clapped for sanskar….
Kavitha hugged sanskar showing her happiness and kissed on his cheeks making others and swasan shock….

Rituals got over and kavsan where declared half – married….

Swasan were having painful eyelock..
If u tell a word or whispers then i would surely bring u back my queen, sanskar was thinking in his mind…..
Swara moved outside giving sanskar a last look…..

Night :
Swara was crying badly….
Shomi consoled her and cleared her doubts and made her to run for his love….
Sanskar’s phone was ringing….
Sans -Hello swara, what do u want????
Swara – san….s….k..a…. r……. plz save me… ahhh its paining…. sa..n…s…kar…..
Sans – shona wr ru???
Swara – farm house…..
Sanskar drove fast to his farm house…..
On the way, in entrance he saw swara’s
Bangles broken in pieces, then her hair clips, her foot wears and finally a torn piece of cloth….
He cursed on seeing the belongings and for not protecting her….
He heard sounds from the room in 1st floor……
He ran aimlessly to save his love…..
He turned the knob of the door and prayed to god asking him nothing should have happend to swara…….

Inside the room :
Swara was sitting covering her with sheet and tear stained cheeks, kajal spread over face, red nose due to continuous crying, messy hair…..
His heart broke into million pieces on watching his lady love….
He ran to her,gave a tight hug squeezing her more into his body…….
Swara hugged him back assuring him she is fine….
Sanskar kissed her forehead, then reality struck him…  what happen swara?? Y ru here and what’s happening here?? Did any1???? He was flooding  her with tons of questions…….
Where as swara was smirking at him….
Sanskar caught her, y r u smirking????
She smashed her rose petal lips over sanskar….. he was dumbfolded by her action…. swara pulled him more on to her….
Sanskar pushed her back, what is happening here??? He pulled the sheet over her… she was fully covered but in net saree looking gorgeous….
“U lied to me swara” he asked with blood shot eyes…..
She bowed her head down in guilt, sorry sanskar……..
Sanskar raised her chin looking deep into her dark black eyes, do u love me???
Swara was blank she just nodded her….
He smiled at her….. so!!!!
So, “i love my  king, she confessed him while tears rolling over her face”…..
Sorry  for taking such a long tym to recognise my love for u king…….
Will u accept ur queen?????
He smiled and engulfed her in bone crushing hug placing his lips on her bare shoulders……..
Swara was shivering in his touch and clutched his shirt tightly……
Finally king spoke “check & mate”

Swasan consumate and kavitha went from their life understanding her position…..
There after king and queen lived happily…..

Did i bore u???
Sorry for killing ur time…..

#happy pongal and advance mattu pongal (advance birthday wishes for nive,shan and maha ;-))……


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