I will bring my devil Ragini di n naughty jiju back – Raglak n Swasan by Kristen (part 2)


Ragini goes 4 fresh n laksh make everything perfect 4 their bf n his ring seeing caller id he smile pick up phone

Laksh(happy)-hi where r u ? Ok listen after 2 days our marrige aniverseary so i want to give a suprise to ragz n i want u help ok

op-ok i will help but i want tell u something very important

Laksh-no i don’t want listen anything sanky(ya its sanky) work is important but not more than ragini

Sanky(serious tone)-its about shekhar gadodiya

After hearing shekhar gadodiya name he bcome angry

Laksh(angry)-after destroing my life,after giving so much ragini now what he want ?

Sanky-he didn’t want anything infect we won the case of D&A land

Laksh(happy)-realy but how,when ? U told me that shekhar made fake papers n buy all lawyers,police n politions who r with u

Sanky-but some1 named shona(take enovlope n lucky shock to hear d name)send me cd in which all proof was collected so i used that n we won

Lucky-thanx sanky

N he cut the call n sanky confuse of his act n he sits on sofa n remember n fb

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  2. Raglakholic

    Amazing update
    But it’s too short

  3. Nice

  4. It’s short make it long

  5. Awesome episode

  6. Fairy

    Fab.. update dr…loved it soo much…keeeep rockng n stay blesssed sweeety 😉 😀

  7. Superb ff

  8. it to short plzzz give bit longer nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing no words to describe plzz give more raglak ff os ss ts bcoz now days raglak ff are very less plZzzzzzzz raglak fan missing them badly so plzz give more and more thanks to all raglak ff writer bcoz they give us such a lovely gift and write more and regular bcoz Swasan Twitter is writing more as compared raglak

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  10. Nice…..

  11. Asra

    awesome dear….

  12. superb part

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