You will be my bride and this is the promise of your prince…. (Swasan SS) Shot-3

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You will be my bride and this is the promise of your prince…. (Swasan SS) Shot-3


Swara sat near the window, watching at the dark night and the bright moon thinking about sanskar’s words, now she had no reason to be sad, she got her sister back. But still she don’t know why was she scared, why was her past haunting her, she had an unknown fear in her heart. She opened her fist and saw the maangtika sanskar gave her, beautiful would be a small word in front of it.

Sanskar said, it was not her fault. ‘Dreaming is not in our hands’, but….she closed her eyes and let out a sigh, she herself don’t know what she is feeling right now. But she was scared…..scared for no reason. She took a deep breathe to calm herself and thought to brush away the thoughts and to sleep peacefully. She went near the bed and saw ragini fast asleep.

Swara smiled, everyday she kisses her photo before sleeping but today she was with her after a whole two years. She kissed her while ragini smiled in sleep, swara went to her side of bed and was about to lie when she heard a beep sound in her phone indicating a message, she took the phone and was surprised to see sanskar’s message. “slept?” swara smiled seeing the message, and replied, “no. you?” they kept on chatting until their fingers started paining and when the first ray of sun came in her room, she falls asleep with the phone in her hand………….
The whole gadodia family were having their breakfast, while swara was feeling sleepy as she didn’t sleep the whole night, she was just playing with the food, she looked so tired.

Sharmishta said eating the food, “why don’t we keep a pooja at evening and also call sanskar’s family”. Swara widened her eyes hearing this while ragini chuckled seeing swara and said, “maa! Yesterday only you called them for dinner na? then what? Why are you calling them again?” sharmishta and shekhar were shocked seeing ragini talking like this but before they could say anything, swara said, “ragini! What happened to you? Why are you talking like this? We should not talk about our guests like this” ragini smirked, “someone is getting angry just because I scolded the guest”. “ragini, its not like that…” swara tried to say but ragini said, “it seems like you were waiting to see sanskar”.

Shomi and shekhar understood ragini’s teasing and smiled while the sisters continued to fight like tom and jerry. After a long time, the walls of the gadodia house was filled with happiness unaware of a storm coming towards them to destroy everything of their elder daughter…..everything……
Sanskar pulled the bed sheet and covered himself completely still closing his eyes while sujata sighed, for the past half an hour she is trying to wake up her son but he was such a sleepy head, uttara came there and understood the situation and said dramatically, “I don’t know how swara bhabhi is going to manage him”.

A smile appears on sanskar’s face hearing this, uttara comes and pulls the bed sheet from him. While sanskar says lazily, “uttara, please! I am not feeling well. Let me sleep”. Sujata gets concerned for him while uttara smiles naughtily and says, “oh really! Mom! Then tell to sharmishta aunty that we cannot come to their house today”. Sanskar opens his eyes hearing this and asks, “what? Mom I am fine, come lets go”. “calm down bhai! The pooja is at evening only”. Uttara says teasingly. “uttara! Swara can definitely manage him, I am trying to wake him up for the past half an hour, he didn’t get up but for meeting swara, he is getting up instantly”.

Sujata says while sanskar scratched his head in embarrassment. “bhai! Get well before evening, otherwise you can’t meet swara bhabhi”. Uttara says and runs from there and sujata too goes from there. Sanskar smiles and takes his phone and reads their conversation, they had chatted a whole night but their whole chat is a very much silly one. They had chatted about random silly stuffs. And she has addressed him as ‘PRINCE’ while chatting which made him so happy. He wished to call her princess but she definitely needs some space. He sighed and rested his head on the pillow, “I am waiting for the day to call you princess”………
Sharmishta joined her hands and welcomed the maheshwari family. “jiju! Didi is in room”. Ragini said teasingly who saw sanskar looking everywhere desperately. Sanskar blushed as she continued to tease him.

Even after a whole ten minutes he came, he couldn’t find swara. So he went to her room without anyone’s notice, after going to her room, he saw her sitting on a chair and resting her head on the table before her. “swara” sanskar calls her while swara looks up startled, she was wearing a beautiful anarkali, she was fully ready but she looked so tired. “swara! What happened?” sanskar asked with concern seeing her face so pale. “I didn’t sleep yesterday, I am feeling so sleepy”. Swara said lazily while sanskar chuckled and replied, “even I didn’t sleep yesterday but today fully I slept that’s why I am fresh now. You could have also slept in the morning na?”

swara frowned, will her mother let her sleep if there is pooja at home? “there were a lots of works”. Swara said sarcastically. Sanskar grinned widely which irritated her, “stop smiling sanskar!” sanskar couldn’t control his laugh seeing her getting angry. “stop laughing, you idiot!” swara said throwing the pillow at him as they held on a pillow fight resulting in both of them falling on the bed as they laughed heartily, “thank you for making me smile”. Swara said genuinely, indeed she was so happy today, she felt like suddenly she had been dragged to light from the pitch darkness she was living.

“I better say welcome!” swara smiles hearing it. “ok! I will go down. Come soon”. Saying this sanskar starts going but swara stopped him, “PRINCE!” sanskar gets shocked, she do called him as prince in the message, but this was the first time, he was hearing it from her mouth, sanskar turned to her still shocked while swara smiled and replied, “I just felt like calling you”. He smiled like an idiot hearing this and went from there while swara too couldn’t control her smile seeing him leaving from there with red cheeks. She never knew that even boys will blush………

The pooja was happening successfully with all the family members happily. While swara was not even able to stand properly because of tiredness and sanskar didn’t fail to notice it. He goes near sharmishta silently and asks her, “maa! I want to talk with swara”. Sharmishta smiles and allows him, he goes near swara and holds her hand and takes her from there silently while swara looked at him confused. He takes her to her room and makes her sit on the bed, “swara! You sleep! I will talk to maa!” “really?”

swara asks innocently, while sanskar nods. “thank you so much”. As soon as she say this she falls on the bed and closes her eyes. Sanskar smiles seeing her and covers her with the comforter and was about to go when swara holds his hand. He looks at her and swara taps on the bed indicating him to sit. Sanskar sat on the bed near her looking confused at her. “you are very good”. Swara says while sanskar laughs a little hearing this, “swara! You could have just told maa that you didn’t sleep the whole night. I am sure she would have let you sleep, see, how much tired you are looking now”. Sanskar said. “do you want me to say to my maa, that I was chatting with you the whole night?” swara said in an irritating and lazy voice, sanskar smiled and said, “ok! You sleep now”. But swara again holds his hand, “now what?”

sanskar asks and swara says with her eyes half closed, “just be with me”. Saying this she sleeps holding his hand. Sanskar sighs and changes his position, he leans on the bed post and caresses her hair admiring her and after 4-5 minutes he could hear her murmuring in sleep, “never leave me prince!” sanskar understands what she meant, he felt her pain as she tightened the grip on his hand. She was scared….scared that her prince will leave her. “swara! I will never leave you. Don’t you remember what I said, I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR PRINCE”. He could feel her calming down as he took her head and placed it on his lap without disturbing her sleep. He could see something shimmering under the pillow.

He got confused and removed the pillow, a smile appeared on his face seeing that it was the maangtika he presented her. He looked towards swara as she cuddled in his lap. He rested his head on the bed post and closed his eyes, everything was just perfect. He felt a vibration in his pocket, he sighed, maybe the pooja is over and his mom or sister is calling him.

He took her head from his lap and placed her on pillow and kept the maangtika under the pillow and started going from there when he realized that she has still not left his hand, don’t know why he was getting scared. He don’t want to take his hand from her. He released his hand from her grip unwillingly and went from there, but stopped at the entrance and looked back at her. An unknown fear occupied his heart, he felt like crying, don’t know why but he was feeling so scared, he didn’t feel like going from there. He went near her and kissed her hand, almost near her engagement ring. Swara smiled in her sleep and sanskar caressed her hair and went from there not noticing the peaceful smile of swara’s………

Swara trembled in tears as she saw him sitting emotionless in front of his father ram Prasad maheshwari’s photo which was adored with a garland. Everything was perfect till yesterday but don’t know how suddenly her to be father-in-law died. Swara could no more hear the loud cries of sujata and uttara who were consoled by sharmishta and ragini as she saw him. He was not crying, but his eyes were red.

She goes near him and sat beside him and holds his hand, “sanskar!” her voice barely a whisper seeing him in such a miserable state. “we have to take the body” someone says and sanskar stands and goes near his DEAD father as few people helped him. “sanskar!” swara says as her voice choked and she looks at him shocked for showing no reaction. Sujata cried louder as they took ram’s body from there while swara was just staring at him. His face so pale and emotionless and his eyes so red. Everything about him screamed how much broken he was…..


“sanskar! Listen to me!” swara ran behind him as soon as she saw him coming inside the home, and he without paying any heed to her directly walks to his room. Everyone was at sujata’s room consoling her but she was waiting in the hall for him. But he was behaving as if he heard nothing. Swara ran behind him and reached his room, she saw him sitting on the bed burying his face in his hands. She went and kept her hand on his shoulder, sanskar took his face from his palms and looked at her. He stood up and was about to move, but swara holds his hand and cups his face, “sanskar! Please say something”. But he didn’t say anything and just looked down. Swara cried more seeing him not responding to her, she was about to go but she was shocked as sanskar hugged her tightly. She could feel her neck getting wet and she immediately hugged him back.

“shh! Sanskar. Calm down” she said as she realized him going weak on his knees and he was trying to sit. Swara helped him and they both sat on the cold floor without breaking the hug. “swara this is really unfair! How can he just go like this?” he cried more hugging her more tight. Swara broke the hug and wiped his tears, “swara! Why?…why he..?” he choked while swara wiped his sweat and tears crying hard seeing him like this. She again takes him in her embrace while he was continuously stammering, crying out loud. Swara closed her eyes as their hug became more tight and as his cries became more loud with every passing minute. She makes him lie on her lap and caressed his hair while he hugs her by waist and sobbed silently which was heard like an echo in the silent and lifeless house. She rests her head on his head while he was still sobbing in her lap. She was not tired wiping his tears which was continuously flowing from his eyes.

Sanskar says as his voice broke with sadness and anger, “it was not an heart attack swara! It was a murder!” swara gasps hearing this while he gets up from her lap wiping his nose. He said looking down as tears still flowed from his eyes, “it was our business rivalry’s plan. They had killed my dad”. “how do you know sanskar?” swara asked still being not able to digest the fact. Is business more precious than a life? “his name is some sharma I guess. He himself called and told me that he killed my dad”. “wh…what?” swara asked shocked. Sanskar turned, his back facing swara, he rested his head on the bed, “go from here swara! Leave me alone”.

Swara was shocked hearing this. “sa..sanskar”. “please swara. Go”. Sanskar said dugging his face in the bed as he wept silently. Swara holded his shoulder and forced him to look at her and when he finally did, she immediately hugged him. “I will not leave them swara!” sanskar said as swara nodded. They stayed there like that for hours until swara feels his whole weight on her shoulder. She broke the hug and saw that sanskar has fallen asleep with tears on his cheeks. She carefully placed his head on the bed, and took the comforter and covered him. She started going with her numbed legs with great difficulty as she sat in the same place for hours.

While going she turned and looked at him. He was sitting on the floor with his head resting on the bed, his face showing how much hurt he was. She took her phone and messaged her mom that she will stay in the maheshwari mansion tonight. She went near him, he was not at all sleeping in a comfortable position but she was not so much strong to make him sleep on the bed peacefully. She sat on the floor near him and placed her head on the bed. She took half of the comforter by which she covered him and covered herself too. She caressed his face, tears again brimmed in her eyes. She wiped them and went more close to him and slept in the same position holding his hand…….
Ragini opened the door hearing the calling bell knowing who will be there, she looked towards the time, 7.00 am and then looked towards swara who came inside exhausted. “how is everyone there?” ragini asks as swara came inside and sat on the sofa. “everyone are so much broken”. Swara says while ragini sighed, her heart brimming with sympathy for the maheshwaris. She went and sat near her and lied on her lap. Swara caressed her hair. Ragini said teary eyed, “I got so much scared yesterday seeing someone dieing”. Swara got concerned for her sensitive baby sister and kissed her forehead.

Ragini wiped her tears and got up from her lap, “you get freshen up, I will prepare coffee”. Swara looked at ragini as she left to kitchen. Her innocent sister was with her today only because of him. She fell into the deep pit of guilt as she realized that she was able to do nothing for him when he was broken, he has always made her happy but she…..swara closed her eyes, “I am not so much perfect like you prince! I am sorry, I am not able to do anything for you”……..

Swara came back from the market to her home, she sighed, it was noon and the climate was so much hot. She got inside the home sweating and kept the large bag on the sofa when she saw her whole family sitting on the dining table emotionless except ragini who looked furious. She went near them, “what happened?” she asked but no one answered her, after few seconds ragini said angrily, “tell her dad! Tell her what you did!” swara got confused while shekhar sighed, he stood up and went near swara and holded her by shoulders, “swara!” he closed his eyes gaining strength making swara scared. Shekhar opened his eyes and said, “swara! Your….your marriage is broken!” tears started to make its way for her as she heard this.

What rubbish was happening here? She remembers sanskar words, ‘I will always be your prince’. “no! sanskar will not do this”. She whispered looking down losing the ability to stand properly and stumbled. Ragini immediately got up and holded her and said angrily, “who said anything about sanskar didi? It was dad who broke the marriage!” swara lifted her gaze from the floor and looked at shekhar shocked while he shouted at ragini, “ragini! You know why I did that!” “whats happening here?” swara asked looking at ragini and shekhar. “shona listen to me! Sanskar’s family have lost their home, their whole business has been closed by the government accusing ram Prasad for some illegal things.

So….” “so you had to broke my marriage” swara said emotionlessly looking nowhere, “swara I know it is difficult for you….” “difficult? It is impossible for me to forget sanskar dad! You could have talked with me atleast once”. “swara! Have you gone mad? They have nothing with them now. How can I make my daughter marry to such a family?” “but they are good at heart!” shekhar sighed looking up as his daughter cried and fighted with him. “shona! Think practical, we need money in this world beta”. Sharmishta interfered, swara said looking at her, “the mom who taught me that love is everything is now telling me to think practically!” sharmishta found no words for this question and just looked down. “swara! Listen to me….”shekhar tried to hold her shoulder only to be shoved by her, “how can you just do this dad?

You don’t know what he means to me”. Swara said holding her head crying uncontrollably as she moved back, ragini tried to hold her sister though swara didn’t shove her, it was difficult for ragini to hold her as she kept moving back. “didi! Calm down….” But swara didn’t listen to her and closed her eyes tightly controlling herself from crying out loud. “I need to meet him” swara whispered and ragini said cryingly, “they are leaving from here didi! I don’t know where but uttara said they are leaving Kolkata!” swara looked at her as if she was mad and started running from there. “shona!” shekhar tried to stop her. “no dad! Didi is not in a state to think, let her go wherever she wants”. Ragini said while swara ran from there all the way to the maheshwari mansion without paying heed to the blood that was oozing from her bare foot……..
“mom! I am really sorry on behalf of dad”. Swara said breathing heavily and crying hard to sujata while she caressed her face, “it was not your fault swara! Every father does that. I am not angry on you”. “mom!” swara said while sujata released her hand from swara’s grip and went and sat inside the taxi. She looked at her sadly. “swara!” her breathe gets hitched hearing the voice, she looks back and finds sanskar. She immediately ran towars him and hugged him tight, “I am sorry sanskar!” she said as she broke down in his arms while sanskar holded her tightly, he thought he will never see her again after swara’s dad broke the marriage. And now seeing her….feeling her in his embrace made him so much happy. “sanskar! Please don’t go!” swara said pleadingly. “I have to go swara!”

sanskar said helplessly. “but where?” sanskar sighed hearing the question, he was gulping all his tears with great difficulty. “I am going to Mumbai, to my grandpa’s house”. “but sanskar! What is happening here? how business closed? What illegal things……” swara stopped her blabbering shocked as she realized something. She looked at him shocked, “was it because of that business rivalry?” sanskar nodded angrily while swara closed her eyes as she kept a hand on her forehead in frustration. She immediately went near him and cupped his cheeks. “sanskar! Please! Please! I am sorry for dad. Please don’t go”. Sanskar immediately cupped her face, “let me go swara! I have to take revenge for my dad”. “when will you come back?” swara asks in a tired way. “I don’t know, but I will surely come back. Please don’t make me weak by your tears”.

Sanskar said helplessly as she cried more. He wiped her tears and joined their foreheads and enterwined his hands with her, they both felt something and both of them looked at their hands…..their engagement rings. “I am not going to remove this ring”. Swara said looking at the ring and sanskar looks at her. Swara feels his gaze and looks at him and says determined, “our marriage is still not broken. I don’t want my marriage to be broken AGAIN”. Sanskar closed his eyes in pain. It hurts at the thought that they were going to be separated. It hurts her to think about her broken marriage. And it hurts him more if she is hurt. They both were just surrounded by wounds and hurt….everything was so much miserable. Sanskar starts going, swara holds his hand and falls on his feet and says in a broken voice, “sanskar please don’t leave me. I don’t know but I am not able to digest the fact that you are leaving. Please! PLEASE! Don’t leave me”.

Sanskar holded her by shoulders and made her get up and wiped her tears, “maybe YOU LOVE ME that its hurting you”. Sanskar said while swara cried more, tears was in his eyes too, he wiped them and lifted her duppatta and covers her head in a veil and plants a soft, tender kiss on her forehead. It was the first time he kissed her which made her feel blissful, she didn’t protest him. Sanskar wiped her remaining tears and asked, “do you trust me?” swara nodded and placed her hands on his hands which was on her cheeks cupping her face. “then believe my words swara”. He said and went a little more close to her, “YOU WILL BE MY BRIDE AND THIS IS THE PROMISE OF YOUR PRINCE”.

He said and again planted the magical kiss on her forehead and embraced her tightly for the last time and he started going from there and soon his image faded away as he went far……… ragini came there after sometime and was shocked to see swara sitting emotionlessly and her wounded foot filled with blood.

She immediately went near her and shook her, “didi!” swara felt her head spinning because of the things that were happening. Everything around her looked black. She could feel the darkness consuming her and she faints in ragini arms. Ragini gets shocked and immediately called shomi and informed her, while she replied worriedly that she and shekhar will reach there soon. Ragini saw a tap near by and took some water and sprinkled it on her face. Swara didn’t wake up while ragini gets scared and tears started to flow from her eyes but she could hear her sister murmuring something and the words which she could barely hear from her was, “I LOVE YOU SANSKAR”.
Flashback ends.

hey guys! i am suffering from high fever. i wrote this part with great difficulty and i didn’t proof read it. so sorry if there are any mistakes. but guys why less comments, is the story not nice? i know it was not too much less comments, but it was less compared to the first shot. even when i am having fever, i am posting this, so atleast for my hardwork, do comment. sorry once again if there are any mistakes.

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