You will be my bride and this is the promise of your prince…. (Swasan SS) Shot-2

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You will be my bride and this is the promise of your prince…. (Swasan SS) Shot-2
Sanskar played with the single coin in his hand avoiding the sympathetic gaze of his mother on him. “what has happened to you sanskar?” sujata said crying seeing her son in such an horrible state. Never did she think that she will see her son like this…….BEHIND THE BARS. She cried remembering that awful day when he lost everything while her son rewined his memory a little more and was thinking about the beautiful days of his life…….
There she was….. looking so beautiful and elegant in a pink lehenga. She descended down the stairs looking down shyly, of course there was smile on her face, but it seemed too fake. There was fear in her eyes, pain in her eyes, but she managed to hide her emotions with her smile which everyone believed, but one person can understand it very well. He can clearly see the pain in her eyes. As she came near him still looking down. They both exchanged the rings as it was their ENGAGEMENT ceremony. After the engagement when he was leaving from her house, he turned and smiled at her, she smiled back and waved at him. The maheshwaris came out from the gadodia mansion, his whole family went in one car while he came in his car. He started his car and went from there unaware of a gaze fixed on him. He went few distance and stopped the car at a lonely road. He already informed his family that he would be late. He came out of the car and sighed looking at the sky. For her, he was JUST her fiancée but for him she was his everything. He know what she has gone through, but still he didn’t like the fact that she was sad even during their engagement. For her and also for their family members, it was an arranged marriage. But for him, it was an arranged love marriage. Yes! He was in love with his fiancée, madly and truly and that’s definitely not wrong! His thoughts broke when his phone rang flashing the name ‘MAA’. He took a deep breathe as he saw the time. It was really very late and he was in no mood to listen his mom’s lecture but still he picked up the call hoping that his mom’s balance don’t go empty by giving a long lecture to him.
His maa from the other side: SANSKAR! Did you even see the time? How careless you are? For god sake sanskar! You are going to get married! At least turn responsible now and……
Sanskar: maa! maa! please! Stop worrying, I am coming ok? We will talk after I come home
With that he cutted the call to escape from his mom temporarily and then he looked at the wall paper, a curvy smile appeared on his face seeing it. He said sadly looking at the pic, “SWARA! I really love you so much and you MUST share your pain with me tomorrow so that I can heal it. And I WILL heal it”. And then he went to his home……..
He went to the park as they both had already planned, he sat on one of those benches. He took his phone and started admiring her pic. He had to pay a lot for this single pic to his monster little sister, uttara! Don’t know what all conditions she put forward to her big brother to give him his fiancee’s pic. But he don’t mind paying something for her, even if it is taking his sister for shopping and emptying his bank balance! After all she was his love, he can even give his life for her. As he was lost in his own world, swara came from no where and greeted him a ‘HI’ warmly which actually embarrassed him. God! Did she had to appear when he was staring at her pic, thankfully, she didn’t notice that but still he greeted her a little embarrassingly and he was damn sure that she noticed his embarassness but may be she brushed those thoughts that she forwaded their conversation and then came the topic which he wanted to talk, ‘what was troubling her?’ he started it by saying that he only knows that her marriage was stopped at the mandap……he stopped at the middle and regretted for saying that as he noticed her tears but before he could apologize, she interrupted and pleaded him to complete it still crying, he closed his eyes in pain. It damn hurts when she cries. And she finally broke down and told him about her past, she has gone through a lot of pain and he had to take a shivering swara in his embrace who was trembling in tears remembering all her past. He was also broken seeing her crying and especially when she thought him like sahil. He controlled himself and became a support for her and of course in the name of consoling her, he was too much close to her… such an intimate position that he forgot everything. After consoling her, he went some distance, but after that, he stopped and closed his eyes, its now or never, he just can’t control his feelings like this, its just killing him. And then he did which he felt right, he turned and called her and confessed his feelings, “I LOVE YOU SWARA”. She looked shocked at him obviously it was something unexpected for her. “I really love you swara and I couldn’t hide it, you are really suffering from a lots of pain swara and I promise I will heal it”. With that he started going from there, he knew that this was not going to be an easy task, giving her happiness back…giving her sister back to her. She is missing for the past two years, her family would have definitely filed a complaint, and if she is still missing…….. sanskar let out a sigh, this was not going to be a piece of cake, but he have to do this, for her….for his love………
Its been five days since sanskar’s confession, and all swara did in this five days were stare at her engagement ring, think about his confessions, cry aloud every night seeing the gifts that her sister sent her. There was just three more weeks for her marriage, she remembered her last time. She closed her eyes, why does she always had to remember it? Her phone rang breaking her thoughts, she wiped her tears and took the phone and a smile appeared on her face seeing the caller id, ‘uttara’. She was just like her sister, chirpy, naughty, sweet. Though no one can take the place of her sister, uttara always managed to never let her mood down and always made her laugh but she was unaware of the fact that whatever uttara does was actually by the advise of her big brother sanskar. It was he who always suggested uttara something to make swara happy. Swara attended the call,
Uttara: bhabi! Why don’t we go for shopping today?
Swara: no uttara actually I…
Uttara: no bhabhi! No excuses, please come with me. Please! Please!
Swara: ok! Ok!
Swara smiled cutting the call, while uttara showed a thumbs up to her brother after cutting the call.
Swara reached the mall as per uttara’s wish and was waiting for her. She received a message from uttara and opened it, “bhabi! Come to a chat stall near by”. Swara smiled, her every antics reminded her sister, coming for one work but doing another work, always enjoying chats, and she reached the stall lost in her thoughts, there she saw uttara eating an ice cream, but her breathe hitched seeing him….seeing sanskar there, sanskar was also going to come with them? But uttara didn’t inform her, seeing sanskar all she can remember was his confession, her break down in front of him, their very first intense hug…….oh no! he saw her, he was so happy seeing her after five long days, while swara went more weak feeling his gaze. But wait. Who was that another girl with them, her back was facing swara and she could see her having……golgappas? That was ragini’s favourite…… uttara saw swara and ran to her, “bhabhi! I have a surprise for you, actually bhai have a surprise for you, do you know who is that girl?” swara nodded a no confusingly, “wait now, RAGINI!” she shouted and the girl turned only to gulp the food getting scared seeing swara. While for swara…. Tears filled her eyes as she saw the most unexpected person in front of her, ragini opened her arms gesturing swara to come and hug her, swara ran to her but stopped and turned angrily. “didi! I am sorry” ragini said only to see her swara crying badly. Ragini hugged her tightly while swara didn’t reciprocate the hug but still cried miserably still not believing anything. Sanskar felt very bad seeing her crying like that, he immediately wanted to go to her and hug her but he controlled himself from going to her but he couldn’t control the tears he got by seeing her crying. After sometime, swara started crying a little slowly, she was sobbing and then hugged ragini tightly. Ragini broke the hug and said, “I got scared thinking that you are going to slap me”. “do you want me to do it?” swara asked angrily. Ragini bit her tongue thinking that that she made her sister more angry and then said in the most innocent way possible, “sorry na didi….” “no, I am sorry. I should have believed you and stopped you. I am a very bad didi”. Swara said with guilt while ragini sighed, “uff! Didi, now stop crying and don’t talk about those things otherwise I will go again”. Swara wiped her tears and instantly hugged her, “accha! Ok, I will not talk. But thank you for coming back at least now!” “you should say thanks to JIJU, he only convinced me”. Ragini said looking at sanskar who was still in tears, ragini said it smiling with proud because this time her sister got a perfect life partner. Swara looked at him emotionally, who was he? He agreed to marry her even after knowing that already her marriage was broken, he became a cause for the butterflies she felt in herself when she hugged him and now bringing back her sister who is her life. She walked to him still staring at him with tears. She went near him and her voice almost choked with happiness, she could barely speak the word, “thank you”. Sanskar took his kerchief and wiped her tears while her mind flooded with questions.
Swara: sanskar! How did you find her? I mean the police is searching her for past two years, they couldn’t find her. But how did you?
Ragini closed her eyes tightly knowing what will be her reaction when sanskar tells her truth.
Sanskar: the police found her the very next day you gave complaint but she bribed them and told them not to tell you about her.
Swara widened her eyes and looked at ragini shockingly. Ragini ran to her and said,
Ragini: didi! Didi! Please don’t scold me, please! Please! I will cry if you scold me na, I will not get mood to eat golgappas. Please! I want to have one more plate. Don’t scold me
Swara: but ragini! I didn’t scold you
But ragini paid no heed to her and was continuously pleading to her to not scold her. Sanskar and uttara shook their heads in disbelief seeing such a drama queen. Swara hugged her to make her shut up, ragini stopped talking seeing her sister hugging her.
Swara: I am not getting angry on you, but didn’t you like to come back to your didi?
Ragini broke the hug and said looking down, “no didi. I was actually angry with papa”. Swara just sighed when uttara interfered to light up their mood.
Uttara: ragini! Bhabhi said that you always give gifts to her on birthday, how do you do it? I mean how do you keep it in her room.
Ragini: I went to her room through window
Swara smiled and said, “she is very good in doing such stunts”. After some time Uttara said, “bhabhi! Sorry for lieing but actually I didn’t call you for shopping, bhai told me to call you because he wanted to give you two surprises, one is ragini and another one, I don’t know”, she said in a teasing way. Sanskar scratched his head hearing it. Swara looked at him surprised, sanskar looked at her, her face looked pale because of crying, he noticed her hands which was enterwined with ragini not allowing her to go alone even for a second. Before swara could say anything, sanskar interrupted
Sanskar: its ok uttara! Swara met her sister after two years, let her be with her for some time. Swara, we will meet tomorrow. Bye! Bye ragini!
Saying this he takes uttara from there, swara looks at his retreating figure, he understood her very well, he always cares for her. Was she doing right by not paying attention to him? Was she doing unfair with him? Was she doing right by comparing him with sahil?……….
Swara walked on the lonely road enjoying the evening breeze with a smile on her face. Yesterday she got her sister and now she was going to meet sanskar. Their first ever alone meet….sanskar confessed his love. Don’t know what was stored for her in their second meet. She saw her ring, a smile appears on her face. She remembers his confession and she starts blushing. She herself was breaking the rule she made to herself. She was getting nervous and super excited as the time passed thinking what sanskar is going to do to surprise her. She finally came almost near the place, it was actually a beautiful, lonely and peaceful lake. Only few more steps to reach him. Her anxiety grew more. What was her surprise?……..
Sanskar was sitting near the lake and saw swara coming there, she was smiling seeing him. He smiled back at her and she came and sat near him. They both were silent enjoying the scenery, after sometime swara said
Swara: thank you so much for bringing ragini.
Sanskar smiled, “you already said it, why are you saying it again?” “because you didn’t say welcome” both of them gets startled of swara’s answer. She turned her face in embarrasement, while sanskar was still shocked. It was not that swara was a quiet and reserved girl, even she speaks a lot. Ragini got those genes of ‘drama queen’ from swara only. But swara stopped speaking much after ‘that incident’. Sanskar just smiled and said, “welcome”. Swara didn’t turn her face still in embarrassment. God! How could she just say that? Swara stammered, “umm…”. She let out a sigh, ok! Lets just forget it and forward the conversation, “mom was planning to invite you for dinner, she will call you around night anyway but still I just informed you”. Swara said and sanskar nodded. Again they fell in silence, swara hummed and continued, “you chosed a very nice place, I love sceneries”. Sanskar asked, “really?” swara said, “yes” and continued enjoying the breeze. Sanskar said, “I am having a gift”. Swara took away her gaze from the lake and looked at him while he took a wrapped gift from his pocket and handed it to her. She opened it and was completely spellbounded seeing a beautiful ‘maangtika’. It was beautifully crafted and was an elegant one. “thank you”. Swara said while sanskar smiled and said, “I better say welcome otherwise you will again say thank you”. Swara laughed still admiring the maangtika. “you don’t want to keep much dreams na?” swara’s smile fades away hearing this. “swara!” he whispered and made her look at him while she was ready to break down anytime. He holded the back of her head and made her lay on his chest, and she readily went in his embrace hiding her face in his neck. “swara, do you know how and from where we get dreams”. “no” swara whispered barely still hiding in his embrace. “swara! It was not you fault, it was sahil’s fault, why are you blaming yourself that you should have not dreamt about him, dreaming is not in our hands swara….” Sanskar said while swara made their hug more tight and whispered against his neck. “it was my mistake that I expected too much from him. I was a fool who thought that my life will be a fairytale where everything is perfect”. Sanskar said, “then why don’t we make our life a fairytale?” swara without breaking their hug takes her face from his neck and looks at him teary eyed still being dangerously close to him. Sanskar said, “swara! I don’t know whether I can call you princess, but I will be yours, I will be your prince, you take your own time and tell me when you will become my princess but never forget that I will always be your prince”. He wiped her tears and said, “come I will drop you”. He holds her hand and takes her to his car, her one hand holded by him as he gives a silent promise in his heart that he will never leave her hand and her hand had the beautiful maagtika he presented her. She looks at him confused, his last words echoing in her ears, “I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR PRINCE”…….
Flashback ends
The lawyer comes and says, “we got the bail”. Sujata joins her hands and looked towards heaven in gratitude as the constable opened the lockup. Sanskar came out of it exhausted, sujata took him from there, after coming out from the police station with his mom and his lawyer, he said to his mom, “mom! We have to go to Kolkata”. “for what son?” sujata asks with confusion and concern face. While sanskar replied determined, “TO FULFILL MY PROMISE”………


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