You will be my bride and this is the promise of your prince…. (Swasan SS) Shot-1

You will be my bride and this is the promise of your prince…. (Swasan SS) Shot-1
She closed her eyes and smiled feeling the fragrance of flowers, she was in her vast garden enjoying the view of variety of flowers she had. She always loves gardening, she looked at her side, she was sitting in her swing and her side laid was her small thick album. She took it and slowly flipped through the pages, to see her from far, it just looked like she was seeing it with a lot of love and smile on her face. But she was actually going through her beautiful memories……….
She descended the stairs slowly carrying her heavy lehnga, looking down with a shy smile and of course with an unknown fear and guilt in her eyes. She was not tired looking at the white marble floor playing with her fingers nervously as all those memories played in her mind like a stucked CD again, again, again and again and again. Her tears were ready to flow from her eyes but she managed to control them and walked to the stage looking down, as she finally reached the stage she lifted her head and finally met his eyes, there was a spark in his eyes, a smile on his charming face and of course an hidden confusion. Her heart exclaimed with an unknown happiness and nervousness seeing her mother bringing a plate with roses and two beautifully crafted diamond rings. SHARMISHTA forwaded the plate to the handsome man as he took it and holded SWARA’S hands which shivered her and he slided the ring softly in her ring finger. Everyone present there clapped there for this beautiful, heaven made couple’s ENGAGEMENT. A lone tear escaped swara’s eyes as she slided the ring in her charming fiancee’s finger. Again the hall filled with the sound of claps. . After a lots of photo session, congratulations and blessings, the groom side had to leave from there. While going, he turned and smiled at her, she smiled back and waved at him.

Swara smiled looking at her engagement ring. She was standing at the terrace enjoying the cool weather, she saw him going in the car and wanted to say a bye to him again. But he didn’t look at her. SANSKAR! He was descent, gentle man, belonged to a rich family, kind hearted and of course… umm…… handsome. She tried to forget her pain and be happy as it was her engagement today, but she couldn’t control her pain, a lone tear escaped her eyes when they exchanged the rings, she was sure that no one noticed it except him…..her fiancée……..sanskar. She closed her eyes letting the tears flow from her eyes uncontrollably. She knelt down and cried loudly, she saw her watch, she smiled sadly and caressed it. “I miss you so much”, saying this she kissed the watch. After sometime, she couldn’t take the cold anymore, she went from there to her room, she closed the door and took the comforter and arranged her bed. Before going to bed, she kissed a photo frame and settled herself in the bed, she was about to switch off the light when a paper ball came flying in her room through the window, she widened her eyes and immediately ran near the window, she knows who would have did this and she wanted to at least get a glimpse at that person, but…….there was no one. She couldn’t find anyone, few tears escaped her eyes, she wiped them and took the paper ball and unfolded them and read it
“congratulations for your engagement. Love you so much…..”
Swara stopped reading the letter and asked angrily, “if you love me, why did you leave me?” she threw the paper somewhere in the room and cried loudly looking at the ceiling. No one can understand her pain………. No one.
After sometime she wiped the tears and searched for the paper, after finding it, she continued reading it
“love you so much DIDI. Your gift is in the cupboard. From your chote…..RAGU”
Swara immediately searched in the cupboard and saw a neatly wrapped gift, she took it and opened that, it contained a beautiful bangle, “its so beautiful, I wish I can say thanks to you and hug you for this gift ragu”. She said it with tears and slided the bangle in her hands. She closed the door of the cupboard and sighed, she sticked her back to the cupboard and slided down, she sat on the floor supporting her back to the cupboard. She scanned her whole room, every single thing was filled with the memories of her. She closed her eyes and said, “I am sorry on behalf of papa, please come back ragu”……….
Swara played with her fingers nervously as she entered in the park, this was the first time that they were going to meet ALONE. Of course they had talked with each other but that was a very formal one in front of the family and now…… she sighed and walked ahead, she was going to spend her whole life with him, she should not get scared for just meeting him alone, she thought . but her nervousness grew more when she saw him sitting on a bench doing something in his phone, she tried to control her nervousness and went and sat near him. “hi” she greeted him warmly. “hi” sanskar replied in an embarrassed way. Swara didn’t understand why he was embarrassed. She brushed those thoughts away and decided to forward their NOT SO FORMAL CONSERVATION, “how are you?” she still asked nervously, “we just met yesterday” sanskar said which made her embarrassed “umm…” she don’t know what she should talk and pressed her lips into a thin line. “can I ask you something?” he asked and she nodded. “tell the truth” he said for which swara again nodded confusingly. “aren’t you happy with our marriage?” sanskar asked nervously, she looked at him shocked, tears threatening to fall from her eyes as the flashes of incidents of the dark phase of her life came in front of her eyes. “what?” she asked in a broken voice. Sanskar let out a sigh, “swara, I am asking because I noticed you getting teary when we exchanged the rings”. Swara frowned, god! So this was the reason, she got so scared. Sanskar continued, “swara all I know about you is that your marriage was broken at the mandap………” swara got teary eyed hearing this, yes! Indeed her marriage was broke, but it was not her fault! IT WAS NOT HER FAULT! Sanskar started his apology maybe because he saw her tears, “swara, I’m sorr…” he started but was interrupted by her, “say it sanskar, . After all we are going to marry, you have the right. Please say it”. She pleaded to him still crying, sanskar closed his eyes tightly, she didn’t know why was he doing that but it looked like as if he was hurt, deeply hurt. She continued as he gave no answer to her, “tell sanskar, you know that my marriage was stopped and?” sanskar sighed and continued, “and that your sister ran away from the house”. Swara closed her eyes in pain hearing it. “what is it? What is it that is hurting you? You said right swara, we are going to marry. I just want to know what is troubling you and why are…why are you….?” Swara sensed that he is uncomfortable by his stammering she wiped her tears and said, “say it sanskar”. “why are you uncomfortable with me?” he asked. Swara jerked because of the question, “sanskar? Its not like that”. “then why are you not spending time with me? Why are you not….?” He sighed, “you understand what I am talking na swara?” swara nodded, he was saying the truth that she didn’t spend proper time with him. She didn’t talk properly with him, she always bows her head in front of him, but it doesn’t mean that she was uncomfortable with him. “sanskar!” she said painfully, “I have another reason for doing like that with you”. He looked confused while she continued, “you only know that my marriage was stopped and my sister ran away, but no one can understand my pain…. No one” she said sadly going back in the memory lane.
SAHIL. He was the guy who is seen for swara and she was very happy with this marriage, she has a lots of dreams about her marriage with her would be husband. swara has a little sister named ragini, whom she loves more than anything. On the day of haldi, ragini came to know from her trust worthy and best friend that sahil was not a good guy and was a womanizer. She was shocked to know this and immediately informed her dad shekhar. He got angry on her for trusting her friend and he didn’t pay heed to her words and he sweared on himself that she should not tell this to swara. She was helpless seeing her sister seeing so many dreams with sahil, but she could not see her sister’s life getting spoiled and on the mehndi function, ragini broke the truth to everyone, shekhar slapped her and said that if she will not ask forgiveness to sahil then she have to leave the house. ragini refused to ask forgiveness as she was not at fault and walked out of the house hugging swara and her mom sharmishta for one last time. swara tried to stop her but shekar stopped swara too. The next day was her marriage, she was happy as she really started liking sahil but she missed her sister, she wanted to shout at shekhar for doing like this, but she was helpless. When their marriage was happening, one girl came there and showed the proof that she and sahil was in a relationship and he cheated her and she is carrying his baby and their marriage broke. Shekhar felt guilty for not believing ragini. From that day, they are trying to search for her, but she is no where to be found. Its been two years and every year on swara’s birthday, she would receive a gift and a letter from her sister and she got a gift from her yesterday for her engagement.
Flashback ends
Swara breaks down after telling sanskar what happened and he hugged her to console her. After sometime she said, “sanskar its not that I am uncomfortable with you, its just because……” she stammered while sanskar completed, “because you saw so many dreams last time and you don’t want another heartbreak”. Swara nodded with tears, he was right. It was not so easy for her, it pained so much when her hopes were shattered completely and even her sister was not with her that time. Sanskar cupped her face and wiped her tears, “swara, do you really think that I am like sahil”. She realized that his voice broke, she had no idea why, but for the question he asked. NO! he was not sahil. He was sanskar who cared for her. But still the pain she has gone through is undescribable. “so you cried on our engagement because you thought….” “no sanskar”. she placed her hands on his mouth. His hands cupping her cheeks and her hand on his mouth, they both were so close which made her forget everything. After sometime they came in sense and swara continued, “I cried because I remembered ragu, she would have been so happy if she was with me”. Sanskar nodded and stood up from the bench, “I will leave now” saying this he leaves leaving swara in a confused state. Why did she let him hug her? Why she lost herself when she was close to him? Sanskar walked some distance and stopped and turned back and called her, “swara”. Swara came out from her thoughts and looked at him while he said, “I LOVE YOU SWARA”. Swara was shocked, he just said that? “I really love you swara and I couldn’t hide it, you are really suffering from a lots of pain swara and I promise I will heal it”. With that he went from there. Swara was still trying to digest everything, what just happened?……….
Swara woke up stretching her hands lazily, she went and opened the curtains and felt the fresh air. This day seems something different, really so fresh, new and energetic. She freshened up and was sitting in front of the dressing table, looking at her ring continuously. Yesterday sanskar’s confession proved that he never keeps anything in his heart and his eyes were reflecting only his love and truthfulness, the way he broke when he asked her that whether she thought him like sahil, the way he consoled her, the way she felt blissful in his embrace…….. she looked at the mirror and asked, “what are you doing to me sanskar?”………..
Flashback ends
Swara came out of her memory lane when her sister called her, “didi! Are you planning to sit in the garden for whole day”. Swara smiled and said, “I am coming ragu. Just five minutes”. “ok! Come fast” ragini said and ran inside the home. Swara sighed with tears brimming in her eyes, it was because of HIM that her sister was with her today. But god is so cruel, he sends her happiness with an expire date, that when she got her happiness…..her sister. She lost him. She closed her eyes letting the tears flow from her eyes. He gave her everything, he united her with her sister, completed her family, helped her come out of the trauma of her broken marriage. It may sound really simple, but when her marriage broke, she felt flood surrounding her……flood of misery, flood of guilt, flood of sadness and she easily drowned in it. How she wish that she didn’t keep hopes, however she thought of not dreaming so much at least her second time. But he broke the rule which she made in herself ‘NOT TO DREAM TOO MUCH’. And when she AGAIN DROWNED IN THE SAME FLOOD. When AGAIN her marriage broke, she cried remembering it, the second time was more cruel, more painful. She broke down in the swing she was sitting, but soon composed and gave strength to herself just by one thought, “SANSKAR PROMISED HER AND HE WILL NOT BREAK HIS PROMISE”…………
Swara frowned realizing why her mum woke her up too early and made her ready in a beautiful saree. A man has came to see her. She was seeing from upstairs and he was sitting down with his parents. How could her parents even think that she will forget sanskar and move on. She looked towards the corner and saw her sister keeping a furious face. She was the only person who understood swara, who knows what is her feeling. She disliked her parents suggestion, but she didn’t bursted out right now because her sister itself will stop this. Swara descended the stairs, while her parents looked confused, this was not her time to enter. While swara continued, “Namaste! But please I am not willing for this alliance”. She just said it bluntly and ran upstairs, ragini smiled while the others were shocked. Ragini followed her sister while shekhar and sharmishta was thinking what to answer the three people sitting in front of them still shocked………
“swara! What was that? I didn’t expect this from you, you bowed your parents head today”. Shekhar said with venom and furiousness spitting in his voice. “stop shouting dad!” ragini said defending her sister and wrapping arms around her shoulder to console her. “ragu, you don’t interfere in this and swara, YOU? What just happened to you, at least think of your sister, only if you get married, we can think about ragini’s marriage because she is younger than you”. Swara bowed her head down with shame with tears continuously flowing from her eyes, of course it was her fault! She should have not done that. At least not in such an unexpected and blunt way. “stop taking my name dad! Why are you not understanding didi? And the man whom you see for didi! God! Dad, he looks so horrible, he doesn’t even have fashion sense, did you see his dress?” “ragini! Its not the time to joke!” shekhar said but ragini interfered, “yes dad! Its not joke. Why don’t you realize didi’s value and search a perfect guy for her. First you chosed one, he turned out to be a cheap, even the man who came right now doesn’t look good. Only once you chosed a perfect guy for her but she lost him BECAUSE OF YOU”. Shekhar lowered his head in guilty but her last words made him furious, “seriously ragini, you think it was because of me”. “stop it you both, please stop fighting. Just leave me alone”. A broken soul shouted at them while they looked shocked at her. Her face was so pale with tears continuously making her face wet. She was never so vulnerable, that was her dad and sister’s thought. But she is! she is so much vulnerable. She has broken down very badly even before this but all her tears and shouts were only witnessed by the closed walls of her room. Shekhar and ragini tried to console her but she shoved them off and pleaded them to leave her alone that they had to leave from her room closing the doors letting her cry uncontrollably. Swara fell on her knees feeling so cold on the clean floor. She cried hard as those incidents of that horrible day came in front of her. She stopped her crying when she saw her cupboard, she went towards it and took a beautiful duppatta, she came in front of the mirror and covered her head with that like a bride as she saw those moments running on the mirror.
Sanskar starts going, swara holds his hand and falls on his feet and says in a broken voice, “sanskar please don’t leave me. I don’t know but I am not able to digest the fact that you are leaving. Please! PLEASE! Don’t leave me”. Sanskar holded her by shoulders and made her get up and wiped her tears, “maybe YOU LOVE ME that its hurting you”. Sanskar said while swara cried more, tears was in his eyes too, he wiped them and lifted her duppatta and covers her head in a veil and plants a soft, tender kiss on her forehead. It was the first time he kissed her which made her feel blissful, she didn’t protest him. Sanskar wiped her remaining tears and asked, “do you trust me?” swara nodded and placed her hands on his hands which was on her cheeks cupping her face. “then believe my words swara”. He said and went a little more close to her, “YOU WILL BE MY BRIDE AND THIS IS THE PROMISE OF YOUR PRINCE”. He said and again planted the magical kiss on her forehead and embraced her tightly for the last time and he started going from there and soon his image faded away as he went far………
Flashback ends
“I know you will fulfill your promise sanskar, but when? How much I have to wait more? Its already been 730 days, a whole TWO YEARS. I can’t wait more, its so hard for me to even breathe without you because I LOVE YOU, Are you listening sanskar? Please come back soon! Please!”……….
hi guys. its me Raina. i am back, thanks for your love on my previous ts, hope this will also impress you. don’t forget to comment

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