Will You Be My Better Half (Episode 5)

Hey guys… New episode is ready… I hope all will enjoy it ..


Sumo:: what the hell…. Till now we didnt talk properly and you are telling that u need me as your partner…. I saw many ppl like you. Isliye jao yaha se.. Warna i will call the watchman… Disgusting…

She turns irritated and was going to move,when he grab her hands hanging from the balcony using one hand.. She angryly remove his hands in a force and turn again to go… Suddenly that happens…

By that force of her,he lost his balance and suddenly his other hand,which he used to hang there, leaves the hold. He falls to the ground

Sumo:: shravaaaaaaan

She reached the tip of balcony and bend to catch his hands…. She got hold of his fingers bt suddenly it go off from her hands… Her eyes welled up… She was looking at him like she is leaving her heart from her hand…. He smiles along with a pain in his eyes and lose her hold and hit the ground… She cry aloud from there..

Sumo:: shravaaaaaaaaan…

She woke up from the dream she saw while standing in the balcony… She wonder what she juz saw.. She came into her sence and look at him, who is waving his hands for her responce…

Sumo:: what is happening to me?? Why these kind of thoughts are coming to my mind.. Was preeti right?? Im in love?? Nai nai..
Kuch bhi mat soch sumo.

She saw him jumping the wall to get to the balcony… He, as she saw in her thoughts,get there through the pipelines… She, stunned by this, is now preparing what to say if he propose her… Finally he hang in the same way she saw from the balcony…

Shravu:: will you….

He starts to say smthing when she interrupted angryly..

Sumo:: i will never ever be your partner…. Juz go from here… Dont irritate me…

Shravu:: excuse me?? Partner??

Sumo:: I know exactly what you meant…. You were going to propose me right??

Shravu:: i…

Sumo:: Ha ha.. Mujhe pata hai what you gonna say… Ab yehi kahenge.. I didnt mean it. I was juz joking… Right na???

Shravu:: no.. Listen.. I..

Sumo… Haa sach bola.. You said noo which Means you actually wanted to propose me.. Right na..

Shravu:: please let me talk..

She was not letting him to talk.. She continue to talk bla bla bla when he get in to the balcony and hold her shoulder tight.

Shravu:: (angryly) listen.. Ok.. I dont know what you were saying… I juz came here to know that name which you say when i ask your name.. And you are not letting me to say it… And one thing I LOVE YOU…

With lots of love Karthik…

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  1. It was a shock yar…i thought he ws gonna die.the way you describe it was amazing…that portion when you say she is leaving her heart…..and that one whn you say he smiles with a pain in eye…that touch my heart..your ff.awww i saw the entire epi infrnt of my eyes….
    When you say tht she wokeup frm hr dreams it was like a shock…itni achi ff.with this mch twists nd surprise was unbeliveabl…hats off yaar….and the way he again proposed her was…..juz wowww.the bst fr i have ever read……keep it up yaaRrrrr….

  2. That was awsmmm…keep it up karthik

    1. Sorry yaar…wo ovr excitd tha…thats why….ok …
      That waas awwwsmmm..keeep it up.kaarthik

  3. This is enough nandini..noo need to give this much praising phrases…thank uu soo much..your cmntmade me go wooww

  4. Amazing story

    1. Thanks abhi

  5. Fatarajo (KRPKAB , EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow nice loved it yaar

    1. Thakns yaar

  6. U rocked the episode was amazing I loved it and bro best of luck for ur exams

    1. Thanks dudeee..

  7. What a wonderful epi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so mch dr

  8. Awsm epii yaar…loved it

    1. Thankuuu drrrr

    2. Thank you soo mch yaaar

  9. Good job karthik.. story was fantastic

    1. Thank u dr

  10. Really awsm story……….
    Good to read in english………
    N your twists r jst tooooo goooddd…
    I really liked it….

    1. Thank u so much yaar

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