Will You Be My Better Half (Episode 4)


Heyy guys.. Sorry for the late update last day… New episode is ready… Hope you all like it..


shravu:: is this love??

Suddenly he get into the car… And thought..

Shravu:: nahi shravu.. Kya kar rahi hai… Are you mad.. Koi anjaan ladki keliye yaha tak aa gaya?? Ab chal waps jaa.. Sahi kehthi thi wo.. Fattu hi hai thu..

Sumo woke up at that time n was not sleepy. So she decided to go to the balcony and spend sometime there.. At that time he saw her and … Get out of the car and wave hands.. She saw him and get shocked …

Shravu:: .(talking to her through actions)can i come there??

Sumo:: (with hands)thu paagl hai kya?? Yaha kaise?? Watchman dekh lega.. Jao yaha se..

Shravu::(in mind lookin to her) shravu yeh kya kar rahi hai. Why you are smiling, seeing her.. Why yur heart is beating so fast.. in sab ka matlab kya hai?? Was mom right… Yeah… Shravu .. You are in love… Thats why when u see her , felt like nothing can make u happy than her… She is the reason, why u are here, aadhi raath sadak pe.. Thank you god… For helping me in meeting her.. You are in love shravu

He thought in mind and without thinking abt anything he jumped the wall and through the side ways and pipes, he reached the frontside of her balcony and was hanging there…

She was stunned by his act and scold him for doing it… She was also smiling at some instant.. Because whatever was happening,,, is happening for the first time to her.. She was disturbed by every action of him..that was her first evr experience. He also get nearer to the region where he is hanging.

Sumo:: are you mad… Koi dekh lega.. Chale jao yaha se… Idiot..

Shravu:: ab thumhari zindagi me aa hi gaya hai toh kisi ke dekhne ya kehne se im not going back…

Sumo:: zindagi?? No way… Chali j…

She was to say smthing when he interrupted and ask

Shravu:: will you be my better half???

With lots of love Karthik

Credit to: Karthik

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  1. That was fantastic….yaaaar here shravu paroposed her..is your ff going to end???please dont do that…

    1. Thank you …Lets hope for the best

  2. Shravu proposed her…wooow…the way u used the title was perfect.luved it
    Waiting for the next part…

    1. Thank you dr

  3. Natasha luvs Namik

    Wonderful epi Karthik awesome awesome awesome it was lyk a dream hats off!!!

    1. Thank you somch drr?

  4. Well thanks for using more English and episode like always was awesoooooooome

    1. Thanx yaar

      1. Yar can’t u post at least 2epi in a day???

      2. Yaaa…i wish aisa ho…bt exams chal raha hai..btech 2nd yrr haiii
        …isliyee im sorry

      3. Oh so bro u r very elder than me its OK u prepare for ur exams best of luck

      4. Sorry yaar…bt jaise exams will finish i will try to post 2 epi…yaaa im elder ..
        I hope so..btw you are in which class??

      5. Just started my f.s.c part 1st,11th

      6. Ohh thats nice

  5. Very interesting today’s epi……..the way in which shravu proposed sumo…awwwwww…..update next part soon….

    1. Thanks yaar…will be sooon..

  6. Awsm epi………
    As usual waiting fr the nxt part ……………

    1. Thanks yaar.

  7. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow so cute and sweet

    1. Thank you drr

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