Will You Be My Better Half (Episode 3)


Hey guys,, next episode is ready… Forgive me if there is any mistake in my hindi… Hope you all like it..


Suman:: you just shut up and go from here..

Preeti. Chal ab di.. Late ho raha hai.. Flat pe sab humari intezar kar raha hoga..

Sumo::give me ur hand(she get up and look at him rudely)

Shravan::(smiles)thanku tho bolna tha.. Nai hai phir bhi chalega…

He was going to say something when his phone rang. It was his mom calling. She was worried since he was late to get home.. In this gap suman and preeti get to the car and goes from there.. After his call, he turn back to see no one and made a sad expression in his face..

Shravan:: itni jaldi chali gayi??without mujhse pooche?? (Aftr smtimes)mujhse pooche?? Ye kya ho raha hai.. Aaj thak me kisi ke peeche nai gayi. Kisi ke chehre par nahi ruki… Phir aaj?? Kyu? Waise sumo achi bhi tho hai… Sumo?? Not bad shravu?? Itni jaldi sumo.. Kaash use phir mil paayi..

Inside car::

Preeti:: diii.. Apko kya zaroorat dhi usse ladne ki.. Aaj tak tune itni rudely kisi se baath nai ki..

Sumo:: tho kya karthi mai??? Aaj tak kisi ne bhi mujhe itni disturb bhi nahi kiya na??

Preeti:: disturb??

Sumo:: ha.. Usse milne ke baad sab mujhe disturbance hi lagthi hai… Uff.. Bhaiyya ab jaldhi chalao na gaadi..

Preeti:: isse ab kya hua.

They reached the flat… She took a flat near her maamu’s . her maamu is doing catering service there. They also owned a hotel there… All of them were very happy to see her and preeti.. They hugged each other. In maamu’s house, maami, their 2 sons and mamu are leaving… Both of them becm fresh and the family then discussed about their trip… Sumo also explained about shravan… All of them laughed hearing to her which made her angry and she got up from there… And go to the balcony.. That night her mind was filled with his convos.. Sometimes she also smiled…

Hearing her, preeti asked..

Preeti:: diii. You are thinking abt him naa??

Sumo:: abt him??? Ohh that fattu?? Nai tho..

Preeti:: dnt lie… I know evry thing. Kai ye pyaar wyaar tho nai hai na…..

Sumo:: pyaar?? Mujhe?? Aur wo bhi us fattu se… Uske saath na theri bhi dimag teek nai hai.. Ab mera sir khana band karo nd so jao…

She thought in mind::

Sumo:: (she think wht juz preeti said) pyaar?? Mujhe?? Kabhi nai…

She said stupid and slept..

At shravu’s home(at the time he reached home)

Shravu:: mommm!! Jaldi kuch khilado…. Varna me somalian ban jaaoga. . Bhooka raha tho me aur patla ho jaunga aur jab patla honga tab mera height aur badega…. Now itself i cant get in to the car without bowing my head.. Ab car ki upfloor main hole dig karna padega… Pleaseeee jaldi khilado…. Momm

Mom:: shravu.. Itna bhookh?? Kyuu?? Kisi ne kuch kaha hai kya??

Shravu:: (dreaming sumo’s beggar wala dialogue and smiling)nai mom.. Kuch bhi tho nai.

Mom:: mujhe pata hai.
Jab pyaar hota hai… Theek aisa hi hota hai… Me bhi aisa dha .. Jab me tera papa se pehli baar mila tab mujhe bahut bhook lagi dhi(smiling.. )

Shravu:: pyaar?? Mujhe??? Naaaa.. Naaa.. Kabhi nai. Philhal mera pyaar sirf meri mommm hai…ab apne hath se khilado

Her eyes welled up hearing to him
.. She fed him with her heart
.. Both becm happy… After he went to his room and is lost in her thoughts.. he repeats her dialogues

Shravu::”naam tho cute hai mera par you juz call me…. “Me??? Ohh yaar what was tht!! Me…??? Offo .. I have to know…

He jump from the bed and took car keys and move outside.. He take the car and go to the airport to the taxi stand.. He saw the driver and and ask him the route to her house.. After, he took his car and find her house and get out of the car nd took to it awfully.. He thought in mind and say….

Shravu:: shravuu?? You came this way to ask her what she juz said?? Are you mad?? Was mom right?? Is this love??

With lots of love Karthik..

Credit to: Karthik

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    2. Also one thing….if u run behind ur lover,u will be tired and to run again u need energy and to get energy u need to eat smthing….ab ho gaya na relation

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