Will You Be My Better Half (Episode 1)

Hey guys im Karthik and im a damn fan of edkv which prompted me to write this ff…. I need all your support… Hope u all enjoy it…



Shravan:: Excuse me. im shravan, may i geta ticket to mumbai this evening??

Receptionist:: yeah sure sir
… You can wait there sir .. We will inform you after we have done the procedure..

S::yeah sure… Its my card . please contact me after you are done…

Re:: sure sir. Nice meeting you…

He waited in a coffee shop and orded something light since he has to take a long journey to india… He is from india but moved to america after that accident which steeled his father and brother from him.. He is now leaving with his mom, who is the only reason for his survival.. He has to go to india inorder to clear some leagl papers of his property there. In these years he never had a gf and even a good friend. He just cares only about his mother .. After finishing the coffee, he suddenly got up in a rush and didnt notice the girl walking near him. He hits her and she fell to the floor…

Shravan:: im sorry. Im really very sory. Woh i did nt see you… Nd

He stops his words when he saw her face… Yeah she is beautiful… Very beautiful… He suddenly took his eyes from her whenche found her noticing his moves…. He helped her to get up and say sorry again.

She:: dont be sorry.. Actually i didnt see you standing.. Isliye..

Shravan:: you know hindi?? I mean are you an indian??

She:: yeah im… You also?? Right!!!

Shravan:: im shravan.. Nice meeting u.

(he moved his hand to shake with her bt she didnt give any sense)

She:: by the way where are you now going?? To india??

Shravan:: yeah.. Actually to clear some leagal matters you know.. (He was unable to take his eyes from her face)

She:: oh.. K then.. Once again thank you for helping me to get up.. See you again…

Shravan:: actually may i know your number? Ur address or anything like that??

She:: so fast ha!!

Shravan:: nai woh we both are indians right so who knows if..

She:: if what?? I dont thing we are going to meet again in this big city.. So theres no need of it.

Shravan::( looking to her eyes.. )Ha.. Nai.. Actualy Woh me yeh kehne ki koshis kar rahi hai ki…

She:: jaane do sir waise bhi abhi poore shehar ghoomna baaki hai. Aaj hi me chutti pe yahan aayi hu. aur aap jaise more nd more log agar aise poochungi tho me kya karu!! Sab ko apni number doo kya?

Shravan :: nai.. Bilkul nai… Math dena.

She:: excusevme?? (In a rush.. ) ohk bye sir.. Its time for me to move… Just try it to another girl.

Shravan:: arey… Excuse me.. Aapka naam?? Heyy whts your name??

She: waise naam tho cute hai mera… Par youjust call me aap..

She has moved a bit.. When one of her friend shouted”suman speed up yaar.. They are waiting for us”she turned back towards him in a shy and bite her lips and looked him with one eyebrow raised.. He smiles and repeat suman… He suddenly came to reality when his name was announcing there loudly for clearence…. He looked to the way to announcer and to the way suman goes confusedly…

With lots of love Karthik.

Credit to: Karthik


  1. Hey yaar..its awesome….Totally different from real serial…Post next part soon..I loved the dialogue”naam tho cute hai mera”..Thats so sweet..Keep writing?

    • Karthik

      Sure dear…ab beautiful ladkiesss itna bol rahi hai tho mera dil maan hi jaayenge na..

  2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Starting Itself is soooo interesting. Can’t wait for the episodes keep it up karthik

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.