we will be always together: twinj os (last shot)

Hey everyone thank you for your lovely comments and everyone said to continue my ff so I will post it from tomorrow onwards and sorry for not replying to your comments…

Recap:twinj are best friends….twinkle loves kunj a lot but kunj and Maya are in relationship but they broke up…kunj asked twinkle to become his gf to make Maya jealous… They both become very close to eo…

Last part
Kunj called twinkle
K:hey twinki you know our planned worked…today Maya came to me and said sorry and we have again patched up…
Twinkle felt bad but she was happy that his love was happy…
T:oh that’s nice…you both are made for eo and now my work is over so plz don’t trouble me OK…
Kunj felt bad somewhere in his heart but he ignored it…
K:thank you yaar without you I couldn’t have gained my love Maya back thank you
T:ok now stop saying thanks…

K:so today you are coming for Valentine’s party???
T:no kunj actually…..
He cuts her off
K:what no you are coming and that’s final..
T:arrey kunj I m not well so plz don’t force me…
K:ok as u wish…bye
T(herself):I m sorry kunj….I can’t see you with Maya but I m happy because you are happy with her and my happiness lies within u…I love u kunj…..and she cries loudly

At party
It was Valentine’s party and the hall was decorated with red curtains,red balloons and red glitter…Maya was wearing red gown and was waiting for kunj…after sometimes kunj arrived…he was we a black shirt and black coat and was looking hot…as he entered the hall his eyes were searching for someone and that is twinkle he expected her to be in the party but she was no where..he became sad..Maya came and hugged him..
Host came on stage with mike..

H:hello everyone welcome to Valentine’s party and a very happy Valentine’s day..this is the where the two hearts become one…they show how much they love eo..OK everyone close your eyes..(all closed their eyes)the person whom u love a lot will been seen if u hear my words…u feel life is waste without her/him…u feel she is the only one who makes u smile…(kunj remember twinkle’s smile and a smile crept on his face) you feel hurt when she is crying and u will be happy when she is happy…if she is far then you miss her… and the person u love will be always with u in good and bad times she/he will never leave your hand…(kunj remembered how twinkle helped him to gain Maya back)…
His heart said that he love twinkle…and he opened his eyes and ran outside the hall…he sat in car and drove off to twinkle’s house

Taneja mansion
Twinkle was sleeping…kunj entered her room from window he saw her sleeping and sat near her…he was admiring her beauty..he recalled those words which were told by the host in the party…he tucked the hairs behind her ear which wereddisturbing her sleep..
Due to his touch twinkle got up and was about to scream but kunj covered her mouth with his hands…
K:twinki don’t shout its me kunj
Twinkle removed his hands from her mouth..
T:what are you doing here?why you came here?

K:I was missing you
K:yes twinkle I don’t know when but I fell in love with you…yes twinki I can’t live without you…I LOVE YOU TWINKLE…will you accept this sadu as your life partner forever?
Twinkle was having tears in her eyes..

T:I love you too kunj…
They both hugged eo tightly..they broke hug and cut the cake…
K:happy Valentine’s day my love
T:happy Valentine’s day to u too…
They came closer and kissed eo passionately… After 10 mins they broke kiss and sat on bed hugging eo..


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  1. Mia12

    Ohhoo somu,,
    Ending was shooo cute,,????
    I love it very much,,,???
    Well m happy that u will cont ur
    other post,,??Plzzz post soon,,☺☺
    With love,,❤❤

  2. Chiku

    Aawww!!! Sooo cute. Lovely. Loved it??????
    Ff jaldi post kar???

  3. Presha

    Hey somu awesome just loved it its so cute

  4. SidMin

    Aww …. Loved it …. The the end was the best ….
    Loved the host …. man … he was the cupid for Twinj……
    Love you …. Keep writing ….. Post your ff soon ❤❤❤

  5. lovly..os

  6. SidMin23

    It was nice and host was Cupid for twinj as kunj to know that he love twinkle not maya and thanks to host who make him feel that he and twinkle are made for each other.

  7. Simiyy

    Hey Di
    It was awesome
    Can’t wait to read your FF

  8. awsm..dear

  9. hey soumyad it was fantastic

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  11. SiyappaQUEEN

    Awesome and cute os dear. Love it. Love you too.?

  12. Baby

    ohhhhhh god soumya di srsly awww….☺
    too cute n lovely it was……♥
    a bliss to read….
    i swear d host siad was true……
    well lods of love☺♥☺♥☺

  13. Ramya

    Awesome soumyad

    Love u keep smiling

  14. Aanya_pandey

    Superb update!!!

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