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Chakor sleep in suraj’s lap and Suraj just stares her.
Suraj: Don’t know why but I love to be around u …. My chatterbox.
He continuously stares her and don’t know when even he falls asleep..
Next morning Chakor was the first one to wake m. She was shocked to find herself in suraj’s lap she quickly gets up..
Chakor: Oh god this sadu will now taunt me again…
As she was saying this now suraj’s head slips and his head is now in Chakor’s lap. Chakor cutely looks at his face..
Chakor: Must say u r not that sadu… U look so cute.. Wait a sec did I actually said cute… No Chakor he’s not cute he is an angry young man and sadu too u cannot say him cute..
Chakor was convincing herself and hearing her voice Suraj got up even he was I a shock to find himself in Chakor’s lap even he got up quickly.
Suraj to himself: What u did Suraj.. Now this chatterbox will kill u…
Chakor: Did u said something..
Suraj: Did u hear something…
Chakor: Forget it… Can we leave now I tolerated u whole night and that’s it now..
Suraj: Excuse me I tolerated u whole night..
Chakor: Forget it.
She gets up and was about to work but oh no as she tries to walk she gets pain in her leg and was about to fell. But how can she fell in presence of her super hero sadu… He holds her and makes her seat. Suraj see that Chakor’s leg has swollen..
Suraj: Oh no now only this was left…
Chakor: What.
Suraj: Ur leg is swollen… Chakor: Now what I want to go to the camp imli will be worried for me..
Suraj: Yup but u can’t walk.. Chakor: So now…
Suraj stares at Chakor.
Suraj: Now there’s only one way…
Chakor: And what is that way..
On the other side imli tells Vivan to come with her to search for Suraj and Chakor.
Vivan: Imli don’t worry they’ll come.
Imli: No I m going u decide whether u r coming with me or not.
Arjun: Did ul find Chakor.
Imli: No not yet.. Vivan r u coming or should I go alone.
Vivan: Fine lets go.
They were about to go and as they turn they get completely shocked…..
Suraj is holding Chakor In his arms…

Chakor ask that way and Suraj holds Chakor in her arms..
Chakor: Sadu leave me how dare u..
Suraj: Even I don’t have any interest to hold u chatterbox but have to reach.. So I have to hold u…
Flashback ends..
Suraj brings Chakor to a bench and make her sit.
Imli runs towards her and hugs her and start crying..
Imli: Where did u went di I was worried for u..
Chakor: Imli I m ok..
Arjun was going towards them but Suraj stops him..
Suraj: Dude don’t even dare to go near her..
Arjun: Who r u to tell me that..
Suraj: It’s none of ur business to know who am I… I just told don’t even dare to go near her.
Arjun was about to fight with him when his friends called him.. He goes showing a rude attitude to Suraj..
Suraj goes towards the bench where Chakor imli Vivan are sitting..
Chakor and imli were crying..
Suraj: Guys plz end up with this pavitra rishta. There’s no ekta Kapoor here..
They wipe their tears and laughs.
Suraj: Must say chatterbox . I don’t think so I should go to jim I should rather carry u instead of carrying dumbles. Plz go on a diet…
Chakor gets angry.
Chakor: Sadu I swear I won’t leave u..
Suraj: First catch me chatterbox.
She runs behind Suraj and forgot about the swollen in her leg..
They were continuously running but meanwhile Arjun enters Chakor dashes Arjun and Arjun holds her.
Suraj turn and gets very angry ?. He feels like killing Arjun.
Arjun: R u…
Suraj come there
Suraj: Chatterbox r u ok.
Chakor: Its all because of u I was about to fell.
Suraj: U should say me thanks..
Chakor: why should I say u thanks.
Suraj: Because of me u forgot ur swollen.
Chakor: Yes its not at all paining.
And she hugs Suraj…

Precap: Some goons trouble a girl Chakor saves her…

So that was it . Hope it was not boring.thanks for reading….and one more thing guys can ul guess about that girl.. Have a nice day?

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