i will always love u….. (part 7) Udaan


Hey guys thanks alot for liking my ff… Sorry but since today I’ll be writing only one ff but I’ll try to write it lengthier…
Enjoy reading.

Suraj: Chatter box looks like u r very scared to go for this camp.
Chakor: Me and scared get up from ur dreams sadu..
Suraj: Common yaar don’t lie me.

Chakor: I don’t lie.. Got that.
Suraj: Really so by hearing the name of lion why u got so afraid..
Chakor: I was not at all afraid
Suraj: So why u hold my hand.
Chakor realize this and leaves suraj’s hand. She started to look out side the window…
Chakor to herself: R u mad what u did now this sadu will taunt u thousand times
Suraj: Did u tell something..
Chakor: No.

Suraj: Ok…
Meanwhile imli and Vivan r continuously talking.
Imli: Guys lets play antakshri.
Vivan:great idea.
Chakor: I don’t wanna play this game.
Imli: But di…
Suraj: Let it be imli she’s thinking of a date with his boyfriend.
Imli: Di ur boyfriend…
Suraj: Yup lion u don’t know??? What chatterbox u didn’t even told ur sister.
All starts laughing
Chakor: Sadu just shut up…I don’t know why the hell I m sitting with u.
Vivan: Yup Suraj that’s it now lets play game.
They started singing songs Chakor was continuously watching outside and Suraj was continuously staring his chatterbox..
They finally reached jungle every one was dam excited except Chakor.
They came out of their buses.
Teacher: Students ul should now make ur camps and that also in a group…
They started making their camps…

It was very cold and even little dark so they lit a bonfire..
The now began to play damsharas..
Ut was Chakor’s turn and she got the film I love u . She started acting and her group members began guessing.
Suraj: Chatterbox act properly na in college toh u always do overacting now u just cant do acting also..
Chakor was dam angry but she couldn’t say anything.. Arjun: I love u.
All were shocked Suraj was drinking water and when Arjun told this he just spitted the water.
Imli: What??? How dare u saying my di like this.
Suraj was looking at Chakor thinking why she was reacting if he was in her place he would have given one tight slap to Arjun.

Chakor was smiling and this made Suraj more confused.
Chakor: Yup u r right.
Suraj: Chatter box.
Chakor: What???? He didn’t told me I love u he guessed the movie’s name.
Vivan: Ok
Now imli suraj and Vivan were laughing among themselves…
Chakor: Thanks Arjun…
Suraj looked at Arjun.
Suraj to himself: Chatterbox feels he guessed the answer but I don’t feel so.
Vivan: Guys it’s getting bore let’s change the game.
Suraj looks at Chakor.. And thinks it’s the right time to irritate chatter box.
Suraj: Guys its dark and we r In a jungle I think we should say horror stories.
Chakor gets shocked. And Suraj laughs seeing her reaction.
Imli: Good idea.

Chakor: What good idea..no its not at all good this idea is just like u.. Sadu
Suraj: Why r u saying my idea sadu say na u r afraid.
Chakor: No I m not.
Suraj: So don’t deny..
Chakor: Sadu u..
Vivan: That’s it don’t fight here. I’ll start the story.
Vivan begins the story its too horror and chakor is getting scared suraj is enjoying this. Suraj goes bear Chakor and speaks in his ears in a very horrible tone.
Suraj: The ghost came and killed a girl and right now he is behind u…
Chakor screams and all looks at her shockingly Suraj laughs loudly.

Chakor: Sadu I wont leave u .
And she starts hitting him.
Suraj: Chatterbox u look so cute when u scream once again scream na plz.
Chakor: Its useless talking to u and she runs towards the jungle
Suraj shouts: Chakor lion will come and starts laughing.
Imli: Suraj…
Vivan: R u mad she went In jungle.
Suraj: She’ll come u don’t worry.
Chakor to herself: What that sadu thinks of himself . How dare he
Meanwhile she hears some sound and gets afraid .
Chakor: Who’s there..
Chakor feels of going back but oh no she’s lost..
Other side.
Imli: Vivan lets search di. I m very worried for her.
Vivan : Lets go.
Arjun: Even I’ll come with ul.
Suraj: No need she’s our group member so we’ll handle.
They three leaves they shout for Chakor.

Imli: Di where r u..
Suraj: Chatterbox.
Imli: Suraj what u did .. Hope she’s fine.
Imli starts crying.
Vivan consoles her.
Suraj : Guys I’ll search for her don’t worry.
And he goes.
Other side chakor is continuously running as if someone is behind her she’s shouting for help and here it comes she hugs a boy.

Precap: Imli is getting tensed for chakor and Vivan is consoling her..

Hey guys hope its interesting. And ya I know since two days my ff didn’t had any confusion about the pair still my ff I basically sukor and vimli…now I officially say this.. Thanks for reading?

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  1. It’s really awesome….sukor’s nokjhok is ??…u write so well komal…waiting for the next part…??☺☺

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks Shreya…

  2. Sorry I couldn’t comment in the previous update… I like the tashan n care for chakor in suraj…..I am waiting when he will tell chakor ” I will always love you”.. Have a nice day….

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks Mira don’t worry that day will come soon…

  3. Awesome dear loved it so much???????????????????

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  4. Update the next episode soon

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  5. Oh dear it was vry vry nice…Actually it was more than nice it was great,no wait…It was not great also it was best but 1 thing i have to say that u made us wait for a long time but ur ff made my day actually evening

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks Megha and i m sorry for making u wait but I wrote this ff I the morning don’t know why it published late but glad it made ur evening?

  6. Awesome ya.., it’s very interesting…. Plz update next part soon….

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      1. AMkideewani

        Call me Sam?

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  8. Awesome… I am the biggest fan of your ff

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      1. Hey I am also in the fan’s line

      2. Hey I am also a fan of ur ff…

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  9. Komaljanu

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  10. It’s really interesting yaar.?I’m loving it… plz next episode make it long long looooooong one ?

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks for loving it and yup I will actually I don’t make it long cause I feel UL will get bore…. But if u say I will definitely make it long dear?

  11. Acha ha nicee keep it up..

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  12. I have been reading your FF but could not comment… you are really awesome dea… you are so young yet very creative in writing n imagining a story like this… I thougt of commenting to encourage you… keep updating… gud luck 🙂

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