i will always love u….. (part 5) Udaan

Hey guys I know in my previous ff that is part 4 I have disappointed many of ul. So sorry for that i hope UL enjoy today’s episode…..

Flashback shows…
Suraj and imli hear some noise from computer lab..they go there.
Suraj:vivan r u there inside.
Vivan:yes Suraj we r there inside..
Imli:Suraj looks like someone purposely locked them inside.
Chakor:sadu plz open the door faster I can’t tolerate it.
Suraj: Just shut up chatter box.. I m trying ..
Chakor: U r so rude sadu..

Suraj :thanks. Now could be quite and let me think a way of getting ul out..
Imli:Suraj what will we do hurry up.
Suraj :imli u stay here I’ll go in the office and bring the key.
Chakor:sadu plz do something faster..
Vivan:Chakor relax he is going to bring the keys u just chill.
Chakor:vivan its too much I can’t tolerate it. I m not at all feeling well.
Vivan:plz Chakor just for a while.
Meanwhile Suraj comes and opens the door. Suraj:r ul fine.

Vivan:yup we r….but who locked us here.
Imli:don’t know vivan but somebody purposely did this.
Suraj:this might be that stupid fellow Arjun.
Chakor:stop It sur…..
She was feeling giddy and was about to fell when Suraj holds her. Vivan and imli gets shocked.
Imli:di r u ok.
Vivan:Chakor I get u some water.

Suraj:listen chatter box I cant hold u like this all the time plz stand..
Suraj:what?did i heard right?? U told me sorry.
Chakor:u heard right. I fight with u it doesn’t mean that I am manner less..
Suraj:yup but its not easy to digest yaar. Chatter box told me sorry god u made my day today.
Chakor:u know what go to hell.

Suraj:and u know what:u too.
Imli:shut up ul both the competition already began lets go.
Vivan bought water and made Chakor to drink it.
Vivan:chakor r u able to present the ppt.
Chakor:yup I m lets go.
Flash back ends..
They r looking at each other and Suraj is giving a wild expression to Arjun as if Suraj won a battle against Arjun.
Vivan:sorry guys I know we got late..

And they started presenting their ppt
Chakor was feeling very weak and was about to fall again bit late but how can she fall when our dear Suraj rajvanshi is there thankfully no one noticed them..
Suraj: Chatter box looks like u love falling in my arms.
Chakor: Sadu wake up from ur dreams.
They were done and now it was time for the result
The anchors announced the name of the group who have won the competition and that is….?????
Obviously our four main leads. They got very happy

after competition..
Suraj imli vivan and Chakor were just talking when Arjun and his group comes there. Suraj sees them.
Suraj:guys I feel pity on that person who locked vivan and chatter box in computer lab he planned so much but all in vein as our group won.
Suraj was staring Arjun while saying this…

Arjun:hey guys congratulations….
Suraj:no chatter box don’t say him thanks say him sorry as we failed his plans.
Arjun:what do u mean..
Suraj: I mean that u locked vivan and chatter box I the lab.
Arjun:hello why will i lock them. They again starts fighting….. Vivan and Arjun’s friend stops them.. Arjun’s friend takes Arjun from there.
Chakor takes Suraj aside.
Chakor:what do u think of urself that u r a great person
Suraj:listen chatterbox I know that he only locked u and vivan in the lab.
Chakor:how do u know.
Suraj:don’t u remember our fight .

Chakor:he fighted with u not with me and vivan.
Suraj:u know what it’s useless talking to u.
Chakor:I feel the same thing..
Suraj:u know what……just go to hell.
Chakor:and u know what…. U too.

They both again turn and go..
Imli: Vivan who must have locked u and di I the lab..
Vivan:don’t know but…
Imli:ouch… She gets hurt in her leg..a piece of glass went inside…
Vivan removes I and imli just romantically watches him as if all her pain went.
Vivan: R u fine.
Imli:yup. Bye lets meet tomorrow.
They go home eat their food…
Imli was staring outside the window
Chakor comes from behind and gives her a hug.
Chakor:what’s my princess thinking..
Imli:nothing di.
Chakor:u r lying ur sister..

Imli:no di
Chakor:then tell me.
Imli:di I think I like some one.
Chakor:really whose that per’s..

Imli:di I’ll tell u when right time comes.
Chakor:imli plz tell na.
Imli:di good night..
She goes and sleeps Chakor too comes and sleep.
She turns off the lights after two minutes

Chakor:tell na.
Imli: Di goodnight
Chakor:ok fine don’t say..

Next morning they again meet I the college.
They go to their class.
Teacher:students as ul know yesterday Chakor imli vivan and Suraj won the competition so as told they have complete control over the batch. So whatever they say ul have to hear that..
Arjun was very angry…
Teacher:one more thing we r going for a camp tomorrow we’ll be staying in jungle for a day..
After sometime in canteen.
Vivan:I m dam excited to go for camp.

Imli:me too.
Suraj sees Chakor.
Suraj:looks like some one is afraid for going in jungle..
Chakor:what do u mean I m not afraid.

Suraj:u r caught cause I didn’t mentioned ur name…
Chakor:u know what: Just go to hell.
Suraj:and u know what….thank you

Chakor gets up and walks from there.
Vivan: U always make her angry.
Suraj:vivan u r my brother so stop defending her
Imli:he is not defending di but u always irritate her.
Suraj:i just love to irritate her… It became my habit so sorry can’t do anything and he goes..

Precap:students go for camp suraj makes Chakor afraid.

So that was it guys hope UL liked this one sorry once again for disappointing ul in previous ff. Hope it was interesting today. for reading?

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  1. Needless to say that it’s awesome because everyone knows this..Sorry could’tn comment on The previous parts…But loved em all..And the thing I’m loving about your ff is that you are posting regularly…I don’t know why would someone get disappointed with your amazing work..And don’t worry about the mistakes ( I don’t see any in this ff by the way 😉 ) Just keep writing and one last thing..You made my day..
    stay blessed

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks alot dear dear….

    2. Komaljanu

      I m very happy to know that my ff made ur day plz so keep supporting me like this…….?

  2. It’s awsome yaaar…. i just waan see some sukr romance in the serial also..
    Anyways thanks for the regulr updte

  3. Camping track is interesting…. Waiting for the next epi…n thanks for the update…

    1. Komaljanu

      Yup Mira it is very interesting hope UL will like it

  4. Im always waiting for jungle story.luv u sukor.it is really super.i like it

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks alot dear…

  5. Hmm….it’s interesting dear….love sukor. ..thank u …and keep writing ?

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks vinlora?

  6. AMkideewani

    Superb I love Sukor’s catfights

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks alot dear must say u really support me alot…. Thanks for ur support ?

      1. AMkideewani

        Welcome dear I love your story and I love Sukor❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Superb… I like this story…. I am waiting for next update….

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks for liking my story my next part I already done hope it published soon ?

  8. It was great and i can feel it will be great,thanx for writing dear

  9. I didn’t like it… i luvd it!

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks alot dear…

  10. I didn’t like it…I luvd it!

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