i will always love u….. (part 4) Udaan

Hey guys a very happy Diwali sorry today I m posting only on ff. Hope UL like it…

Someone locks Chakor and vivan in the computer lab….
Chakor:what the hell who locked us here.
Vivan:I really don’t know.
Chakor and vivan shouts for help..
Chakor:vivan only five minutes left for competition to began what will we do???
Vivan:really don’t know chakor even my phone don’t have network. Check ur phone.
Chakor:vivan even my phone don’t have network.
Vivan:hope imli and Suraj finds us.
On the other side
Suraj:where is vivan???

Imli:he went behind fi.
Suraj:oh so he is with chatter box.
Imli:Suraj her Nam is Chakor
Suraj : Oh just forget it.
Imli: But where r they
Suraj:could be they went for a date.
Imli:very funny Suraj.. Plz leave ur stupid jokes lets search them.
Suraj:but where will we find them..
Imli:Suraj we have to search them only 4 minutes r left….
They start calling their names.
Suraj: Vivan chatter box where r ul.
Imli:Suraj I told na her name is Chakor
Suraj:oh plz I got habit of calling her chatter box.
On the other side
Chakor was about to fell. Vivan holds her.
Vivan: R u ok Chakor

Chakor: Vivan I m feeling suffocated I cant stay here.
Vivan: Me too chakor u just sit here I’ll call for help.
Vivan calls for help.. But there is no one outside
On the other side the competition begins the first group is presenting their ppt.
Suraj hears that sound..
Suraj:oh no competition already began.
Imli:what will we do.
Suraj:why r we wasting time here. Lets go and present our ppt.. We will say that ur mom was not well so chatter box went home and vivan went to drop her.
Imli: Great idea.lets go.
They goes but suddenly imli stops.
Imli: Oh no.
Suraj: What happened???
Imli:the pen drive is with vivan.

Suraj: What the hell.we r definitely going to loose
Chakor:vivan its useless shouting I don’t think so we will win. I think the competition already begun so useless trying
Vivan: Chakor don’t worry imli and Suraj will come.
On the other side all groups r giving their presentation now its the second last group which is of Arjun.. They present it very well the judges which r the seniors r very happy seeing their ppt looks like from all of the groups they will only win. They r done and anchors announce the last Nam of the group that’s our dear Chakor imli Suraj and vivan… They announce but no one comes there…
Arjun’s friend: Call call as much ul want to they wont come. Arjun u made a very nice plan..

Flashback shows Arjun saw vivan taking the pen drive and then following him and as vivan went inside the lab he closes the labs door.
Arjun: That boy had enough of attitude now I’ll look how his group wins I told him than I m Arjun Khanna don’t mess with me but he didn’t listen…… So here I go. Congratulations guys we r the winners.
Anchors: Last an d final call.

Arjun: Looks like they wont come.
From behind they hear some one saying.
We have come.
4 people comes on the stage and Arjun gets shocked cause they r none other than chakor imli vivan and Suraj.

Precap:anchors announces the name of the group who has won

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  1. Komaljanu

    Sorry guys I was I in a hurry so made many mistakes i m sorryyyyy thanks for reading and once again a very happy Diwali

  2. ohh woww!!!!!! come on 4 of u!!! all the best!!!

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      Thanks alot dear

  3. Fabulous!!! I love it….. eagerly waiting for the net part….

  4. its k no worries but its too short, make lengthier ones next time plz……..

    1. Komaljanu

      For sure dear next time I’ll make it lengthier thanks for reading my ff

  5. AMkideewani

    Superb dear happy diwali to you too

  6. Dont mind saying this but it was not that good but then also thanks for writting

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      I m sorry for making u upset but it is Diwali I wanted to write something else but due to the function I just wrote something short so sorryyyyy

  7. I was waiting eagerly for the os but it was not that i wanted

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      In my next ff I’ll definitely right something which u will like… Sorryyyyy once again btw thanks for reading it and really very sorry

  8. Its nice ,interesting and waiting for next

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      Thanks Nisha…..

  9. Nice episode…

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  10. I must say Komal ur very talented person n well done….

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