i will always love u….. (part 3) Udaan

Hey guys sorry for confusing UL but I feel that there should be at least some suspence….. Enjoy reading

Imli realizes the hug and she gets apart
Vivan:it’s ok
Imli:lets go in..
Vivan:for sure
They go in and sit on their places
Teacher:looks like ul are all set to go for competition.
Teacher:yup it’s an international college and we wanna know where UL stand so we decided to keep competition. I know it sounds strange but ul have to do this.
Competition is just tomorrow and Ur topic will be given tomorrow ul will have 3 hours to prepare ur ppt and then ul have to present it in front of ur seniors.
Groups will be the Sam as ul decided. The group who wins will have complete control over the batch. So all the best.
She goes and students also goes
Vivan:I really wanna win this competition. Chakor:me too.
Suraj: Shut up u chatter box if u will speak we will definitely loose.
Chakor:a Mr sadu what’s ur problem.
Chakor :u know what….just go to hell.
Suraj:and u know what….u too.
It became their favourite dialogue. They turned and went in an anger.
Imli:looks like they’ll never stop fighting.
Vivan:seriously:anyways bye.
Imli:yup bye.
They also go .
At Suraj and vivan’s home Ragini was waiting for them they cone home and gives her a cute kiss.
Suraj:hows my little princess.
Ragini:u little princess is fine but u say how was the day of my handsome brothers.
Vivan: It was nice..
They eat food and go to their rooms giving a good night kiss to their sister.
On the other side
Kasturi:ul came.
Chakor:yup maai.
They both gives her a cute hug.
Bhuvan:even ur father is there .
Imli:ohhhh she makes a cute innocent face and hugs her dad Chakor too gives him a hug..
They eat food and they too go to sleep.
Next morning they come to college and meets each other…
They go to class and their teacher tells them that the topic of their project is scientific invention in our day to day life.
Students just start preparing o their projects.
Even Chakor imli vivan and Suraj starts making their projects mean while a boy from other group was continuously staring Chakor. Suraj sees this and comes In front of Chakor.
Chakor:excuse me why the hell r u coming near me
Suraj:why is this ur property
Chakor :no but I m standing here.
Suraj :so what
Imli:guys could ul stop fighting plz. Vivan:lets concentrate on our projects meanwhile the same boy comes and act as falling and holds Chakor.
Chakor:what the hell.
That boy:sorry.
Vivan:listen be careful.
The boy was going when Suraj put his legs in middle and made that boy fell.
Suraj:arey vivan told u na be careful.
The boy gets up and says: What do u think of urself how dare u to make me fall.
Suraj:listen I don’t have any interest in making a person fall who has already fallen down. I was just showing ur place.
That boy:u know I m. I m Arjun Khanna.
Suraj : And u know who I m. I m Suraj rajvanshi
They both starts fighting and vivan tries to stop their fights arjun’s friends come there and try to stop their fights. And takes him from there.
Chakor:r u mad. U just know to fight.
Suraj:excuse me chatter box u should say me thanks .
Chakor: Thanks to u even not in my dreams.
Suraj: U know what…just go to hell.
Chakor:and u know what…u too
They turn and again go. Poor vivan and imli they were just looking at each others faces. But only few of the work was left they completed it and removed the pen drive and vivan took it with him.
Vivan:I think we should search them
Imli:u go search di I’ll search Suraj.
They go imli finds Suraj sitting In the hall she goes to him
Imli:r u angry.
Suraj:imli how y tolerate ur sister. Imli:plz forget her and lets go as competition is about to start.
Suraj:I don’t want to go u only go.
Imli gets up and pulls his hands.
On the other side Chakor is sitting in the lab vivan goes and consoles her meanwhile someone lock them. …

So that was I guys hope UL enjoyed it…
Sorry once again. Thanks for reading?

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  1. Nice story….

  2. Nice story .i love their fights.

  3. Hi komal this is Mira..I just luv ur fanfic… Pls continue..And u had made a sukor vm too in youtube right..

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      Thanks alot dear. I think my cousin made the vm from my id

  4. awwww….cute fanfic….loe it…..

  5. It was great i can read it 100 times

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      Thanks alot megha. Glad u liked it

  6. enjoyed alot .its very nice…….but y u didn’t add any precap???

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      I forgot to write dear… Sorry

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    Sukor are tooo cutee to handle loved it!!

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