i will always love u….. (part 2) Udaan

Hey guys thanks alot for supporting me. And one more thing actually my name is komal and Janu is my surname it’s ok if UL call me Janu but I just wanted to clear this enjoy reading…

Teacher: Students I know its ur first day to college so I want UL to make a group of 4 to complete ur projects and assignment. This group will last till the college ends so decide ur groups. There should be 2 boys and 2 girls in each group.
Bell rings.
All the students come out from their class and start to discuss about their groups.
Vivan: Guys I think we four should make a group.
Imli:yup vivan u r right.

Chakor:no ways I don’t want to be with this angry ? young man
Suraj:as if I m dying to be with u.
Vivan:guys stop fighting like kids plz its about our project we four know each other very well.
Imli:yes I think vivan is right di u r my sister and Suraj is his brother and u and vivan sit together and me and Suraj too sits together. It would be very easy for us to co-operate.
Chakor:imli vivan I m sorry I cannot tolerate this stupid fellow.
Suraj:same here cant tolerate this chatter box.
Chakor:excuse me how dare u to call me chatter box.

Suraj: So how dare u to call me stupid.
Chakor:right u r not stupid u very saddu
They both continue fighting and vimli just look at each others face thinking how to stop these kids from fighting.
Chakor:u know what….just go to hell.
Suraj:and u know what…..u too.
They again turn and go
Vimli tries to stop them but they don’t hear.

Imli: They r just mad.
Vivan:true they always fight.
Imli:I think their first impression on each other wasn’t good.
Vivan:I feel the same thing. But we have to do something we have to convince them for being in the group.
Imli:yup true u go and convince Suraj and I’ll convince di.
Vivan:no I think u should go and convince Suraj and I’ll convince Chakor.
Imli:ok fine. All the best .
Vivan:u too.
They both go to Chakor and Suraj respectively.

Chakor was sitting on a bench vivan goes and sits beside her.
Vivan:r u angry.
Chakor:no but ur brother makes me angry. He’s so irritating yaar.
Vivan:I know I told u na he is an angry young man u don’t spoil ur mood because of him.

Chakor:yup u r right I should not spoil my mood because of him.
Vivan:Chakor I know my brother is very hard to tolerate but plz just because of this reason don’t deny for making this group.
Chakor:but vivan…..
She was about to say when vivan stops her and holds her hand.
Vivan:Chakor u called me ur friend so u cannot deny ur friend’s request.plz just for me and imli join this group.
On the other side
Suraj was sitting in the canteen .
Imli:can I sit here.
Suraj:ya for sure.
Imli:Suraj I know u r angry because of my di but she is like that only from starting she reacts very fast I don’t know about ur first meet but I know this that vivan and I want u in this group so plz don’t deny..
She makes a cute innocent face just like a kid.
Other side Chakor:fine vivan only for u and imli I will be in this group but tell ur brother to be quiet
Vivan:thanks Chakor.
Chakor looks at her hand which was caught by vivan.
Chakor:vivan we r having our lectures so could u..
Vivan:could u what???
Chakor:vivan u have hold my hand.
Vivan realize this and leaves Chakor’s hand.

Vivan: I m sorry.
Chakor:it’s ok
On the other side Suraj:how can a person ever deny to such a cute innocent face.
Imli:ut means u r joining this group.
Suraj:only on one condition tell ur sister to be quite.
Imli:ya for sure. Now lets go to classroom
Even they go their classes vivan was waiting for imli to come.
Suraj goes in and imli waits out to meet vivan
Imli:I have done my work Suraj agreed. What about di

Vivan:she too agreed. Imli :really
Imli hugs vivan In excitement vivan stands still.

Precap:imli Chakor vivan and Suraj yo work on their first project. Some one locks vivan and Chakor in computer lab…

So that was it hope UL like it I m showing scenes of sukor vimli and imraj vikor so that ul get confused that who is actually the pair just keep guessing…. Hope UL enjoyed it…thanks for reading?

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  1. its really…i luv sukor when they are fighting…. i want sukor,vimli together,plz don’t seperate them

  2. Ha you are you out of your mind just stop confusing us got that

  3. Ha komal I was just joking don’t feel bad?????

    1. Komaljanu

      Yup its ok listen I m sorry for confusing ul but I want to keep suspence. At least there should be some suspence yaar. Any ways thanks for reading my ff

  4. I m really loving ur ff….pls make Sukor fight more….and I am loving the fact u r keeping the suspense that is it a sukor or vikor ff…keep going komal…pls post one more ff today. …??

  5. Stop confusing us please make it sukor and vimli bcoz everyone love them.

  6. AMkideewani

    Superb Sukor and Vimli are awesome

  7. U r such a teaser komal, bt i like the chase

  8. yes plz plz plz sukor,sukor fans are more than viko so plz try for sukor,if i had hurt any vikor fan i am sry,bt i like sukor,so am just requestng,ur wish neha,waitng for nxt epi

  9. Fabuloussssssssss ???? episode komal dear……..You are writing sooooo nice and plzzzzzzzzzz could you make it Sukor??? and Vimli and I know you have decided but still plzzzzzzzzzz because sukor fans are more than vikor plzzzzzzzzz it’s a humble request☺️☺️☺️……. And keep shining and writing ff’s love you??

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks dear I have written part 3 too…

      1. Komaljanu

        Hope its published

  10. It is nice n even I want sukor n vimli plz plz plz…..

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