i will always love u….( part 17) udaan


Hey guys thanks a lot for ur support. Glad that ul understood my problem and really thanks for that I m very lucky to get ul people.
Hope ul enjoy today’s part too. Enjoy reading…

Chakor goes out. Suraj tries to go behind her but arjun stops him.
Arjun: looks like she does not like to dance with u.
Suraj: who r u to decide that..and btw no one asked u for ur opinion.
Arjun: u know what the truth is always bitter, so I can understand ur feelings bro.
Suraj: u …
They were about to fight. Vivan comes in between.
Vivan: no need of fighting with him. Lets find chakor.
Imli: yup suraj don’t know where she went its already late.
Vivan: imli its ok. We will find her.
They all go out and search chakor. But she is no where around.
Suraj: this chatterbox na don’t know where she goes..
Imli cries.
Vivan: imli don’t cry.
He wipes her tears. She hugs him.

Suraj: imli listen I wont let anything happen to ur sister.
Suraj was dam worried so he was not knowing what he was speaking.
Suraj: she is really very important for me.. I will die but wont let her happen anything…
Imli: please suraj bring my di..
Vivan: suraj I will come with u.
Suraj: no vivan imli will be alone here u stay with her I will find chatterbox.
Imli: its ok suraj. I will manage. Vivan u go with him I don’t want di to happen anything.
Vivan: yup suraj she is right. I will come with u. we will drop imli at home.
Suraj: vivan if she went alone wont her parents ask where is chakor and if she said that she is missing than even they will get worried.. listen imli I can understand ur feelings but u have to trust me afterall I m ur devar now.
Imli smiles: suraj….
Suraj: just relax I will find her don’t worry. And vivan take her to our house and bhabhi u call ur parents and tell them that u r in ur friends house and will come tomorrow as it became very late..
Imli: I m very lucky to have a devar like u..
Suraj: yup u r very lucky my dear bhabhi. I will search her and we will come home till morning..vivan u go take care..
Vivan: yup.
Suraj goes..

Imli smiles…
Vivan: r u ok why r u smiling..
Imli: vivan I m smiling by seeing suraj’s concern for di..
Vivan: yup imli that’s strange.. they always fight ..but now the situation is completely changed.
Imli: vivan I don’t know about di but I think suraj loves di…
Vivan: I too think the same.. imli if its true then even we have to unite them as they did..
Imli: yup u r right.. we will first make them realize their feelings..
Vivan yup but for now lets go home… I really hope that suraj will find chakor..
Imli: he will vivan.. now I m not at all worried for di cause I know suraj wont let her happen anything..
They sits in the car..

On the other side.
Chakor was just walking on the streets and remembering everything.. suraj’s word when he was mesmerized. Their hugs. Their small fights and lastly their dance. She was thinking this only when she saw some goons. They were the same goons that met her before while saving ragini even they realized that chakor was the same girl.
Goons: so finally we found u, now where will u go..
Chakor turns around and is shocked because due to thinking about all that moments with suraj she came to a place which she was not aware of. she was not knowing where to go and also there was nobody around her who could save her. She ran in whichever direction she could the goons followed her.
Goons: we wont leave u today. While running she was turning back and was seeing the goons and she dashed a person.
Chakor didn’t see his face.
Chakor:please save me from those g..
Chakor sees the person and is shocked as it was…………….. (no need to say)
Chakor: sadu u..
The goons come. Suraj holds chakors hand and shifts her behind.
Goons:leave that girl or ..
Suraj:or else what..
Goons: listen we r so many and u r just one.. so it would be better if u leave that girl and give it to us..
Suraj looks at chakor..
Suraj: take her..
Chakor: sadu u…
Suraj: what sadu.. I cant tolerate u anymore.
Chakor: oh please tell na u r afraid..

Suraj: suraj rajvanshi and afraid..oh just forget it. if there would be another girl expect for u I would have shown my fighting power. But its u and I m happy that they want u because I cannot hear ur nuisance anymore.
Chakor: u…
Goons: stop fighting..give us that girl..
Suraj: yup sure u may..but ya be carefull she is little mad..
Goons: u don’t worry we will handle her madness.
Chakor: sadu how can u do this save me yaar..
One of them come and holds her hand. suraj gives him one punch. Chakor was shocked with her mouth open for a sec she was thinking what happened.
Suraj: I was joking yaar and u took it sirecely… but ya ul r too many and I m alone but u just wait and watch what will I do..
Suraj was wearing a suite he loosed his tie and folded his sleves ..
Suraj: now come……………….
He holds chakor’s hand.
Suraj: catch us.
And he runs….goons followed them.
In the way suraj saw a cart full of sacks so he pushed the cart..

On the other side.
Imli: wont ur parents say anything to u…
Vivan: interesting question..but don’t worry my parents does not leave with us..
Imli: so u and suraj stay alone.
Vivan: no we stay there with our sister which is more than our lives.
Imli: ok…s…….
She gets suraj’s call…
Imli: suraj…
Vivan: pick it up I think he found chakor….
Imli picks the call before she could say anything suraj starts speaking..
Suraj: imli listen chakor is with me and we r safe u don’t worry we will reach home a little late.
Imli: but suraj where r ul..
Suraj: I will explain everything later…
He ends the call…
Chakor: sadu goons…
Suraj: oh no..
He looks around and founds a house. Chakor and suraj goes there and they hide behind the cupboard.
Goons comes there they too see the house… they go in and search them. Chakor is dam scared she closes her eyes and hugs suraj actually she does not hug him but comes very close to him..she closes her eyes. Suraj sees her and smiles.

Precap: one goon comes towards the cupboard chakor gets more frightened suraj too closes his eyes..imli meets ragini…

So that was it guys hope ul enjoy it…. Please do let me know how it was… and sonam u didn’t liked my previous ff or what it was specially for u as u r a vimli fan….anyways thanks for reading guys…hope ul liked it and it wasn’t boring………..

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  7. It was great!!no words to say i think soon suraj will know chakor saved ragini and chakor will know suraj is ragini’s bro. Pls update next one at the earliest??

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