i will always love u….( part 16) udaan


Hey guys thanks a lot for ur support and yup I m alright now. Guys today’s part will be basically vimli’s love confession. Sonam its for u dear as u r a very big fan of vimli. Hope u like it and all other’s also. Enjoy reading.

Suraj: chatterbox let’s just not waste time u call imli and I will call vivan.
Chakor: yup sadu u r right..
Suraj calls vivan and chakor calls imli.
Vimli: yup di say.
sukor: come here quickly.
vimli: but the party is in the evening.
Sukor: I know the party is in not now. But I have to tell u something.
vimli: but ….
sukor: I don’t want to hear anything. Just come now …
vimli: ok fine
they ends the call.
Chakor: hope our plan works..
Suraj: yup it will.
Chakor: sadu thanks once again.
Suraj: no need of saying thanks I m very selfish I m doing this for vivan not for u..
Chakor: I know u r selfish no need of saying that.
Suraj: I m just inspired by u.
Chakor: oh please
Suraj: yup. Listen lets not waste time I think they will come at anytime.
Chakor: yup I think we should go and stand on the door. We should not let them meet now.
Suraj: yup

They go and stand on the door.
Suraj: I know its difficult for u to stay away from me. But u have to chatterbox.
Chakor: oh please sadu don’t day dream
Suraj: that’s vivan’s car. He came u go and handle imli.
Chakor: yup.
She goes and hides. Vivan comes there.

Vivan: what this suraj, why u called me so early.
Suraj: there is a surprise for u.
Vivan: surprise for me.
Suraj sees chakor she tells him to take him in. he looks around and sees imli.
Vivan: what r u looking suraj.
He was about to turn.

Suraj: come with me I will show u ur surprise.
Chakor goes to imli.
Imli: di why u called me.
Chakor: I have to show u something.come with me.
(guys I know I told ul computer lab I m sorry I was not sure but its not computer lab its ground)
Suraj: u go on the ground. U will get to know everything in few minutes.
Chakor too tells imli the same thing.
Vivan goes and is shocked to see such an amazing decoration.

Vivan: wow its amazing. Suraj did an amazing decoration.But for whom. He said he wants to give me a surprise. Is it for me .
Vivan was thinking all this and turns and gets shocked as imli is standing behind him
Imli is too stunned to see all the arrangements, and is fully confused.
Vivan is just staring imli, as she was looking dam beautiful. He was mesmerized seeing her.
Suraj and chakor were hiding and seeing all this.
Chakor: really hope they confess their feelings.
Suraj: fingers crossed yaar.
Imli looked at vivan and thought he did all this. She felt little shy as vivan was just staring her.
She comes near vivan but falls.
Chakor: im…
Suraj shuts her mouth.

Vivan holds imli and they have a cute eye lock.
Chakor: how rude sadu.
Suraj: just shut up chatterbox do u want to be kabab mai haddi
Chakor: but imli was about to fall.
Suraj: see there vivan holded her..
Chakor: how romantic.
Suraj: should I also do the same thing.
chakor: just shut up sadu, look there.
Vivan: r u ok.
Imli: yup just because of u.
Vivan: don’t worry I will never let u fall.
Imli: by the way u did this arrangements.
Vivan: no suraj told that he has a surprise for me.
Imli: even di told me the same thing.
They both realize everything. Their love confession to suraj and chakor. Suraj and chakor’s call and everything.
Vimli together: it means suraj and chakor did this.
They both smile.

Vivan: why did they arranged it for us.
He realized that even imli loved him, but still he asked it. Imli too realized it.
She acts of thinking.
Imli: nhow should I know, lets go and ask them.
Imli was about to go when vivan holds her hand.
Vivan: no I don’t want u to go anywhere.
Imli(shyly) : why.
Vivan: because….
Imli: because….
Vivan: because…
Suraj: arey say n I love u..
Chakor: relax sadu he will say that.
Vivan: because..
He comes very close to her.

Imli: say na, because…
Vivan: how can I say it so easily..
Imli: vivan that’s not fare vivan.
Vivan: lets have a dance first. They both dance on the song tum jo aaye zindagi mai.
And chakor just smiles seeing their romantic dance.suraj stares chakor and again gets mesmerized by her look.
The song gets over. Vivan bring a flower and kneels.
Vivan: imli I love u a lot..
Imli stares him romantically and at the same time is feeling shy..
Vivan: imli please don’t just smile , say something atleast , my legs are paining yaar.
Imli: hmmm. Vivan….i…..
Vivan: I……
Imli: i……
She makes vivan stand and goes close to her..

Vivan: say na imli. I what…
Imli: i.. not so easily vivan..
And she runs vivan runs behind her.
vivan: imli say na… please..
imli: first u made me wait.. now its ur turn…
imli was running she gets hurt In her leg..
vivan: imli r u mad cant u see..
he checks her leg.
Imli: I love u too vivan..
Chakor: yes
and she hugs suraj in excitement. Suraj too hugs her back..
suraj: chakor relax..
chakor realize the hug and get apart.
Vivan hugs imli and then kisses her forehead.
Suraj: can we get a hug..
Vimli sees chakor.
Chakor: yup guys that’s not fare we did this all and nothing for us.
She makes a cute innocent face.

Suraj: forget it chatterbox now they will be busy among themselves. Why will we bother them.
Vimli: ul dramebaaz.
Vivan hugs suraj and imli hugs suraj.
Vimli: ul r the best siblings in the world and we r lucky to have ul.
Chakor: I know we r…
Suraj: u know what vivan just because of u I had to tolerate this chatterbox the whole day.
Chakor: hey I had to tolerate u not u..
They fight again.

Vimli looks at each other and smiles.
Vivan: guys lets go in the party is already began..
Suraj: if ul both want to stay here its ok.
Vivan: suraj…
Chakor: vivan now what shall I call u vivan or jeeju.
Suraj: yup . even now I have to think what to call u imli or bhabhi.
They both feel shy..and looks at each other.
Sukor too looks at each other and laughs.
Imli: lets go in…
They go in. the party was already started. All were dancing. Vivan asked imli for a dance. And they both went for a dance. Chakor was just standing and looking at them.. arjun sees chakor and ask her for a dance. Before she could answer suraj comes there and hods chakor’s hand.
Suraj: come chakor lets go for a dance..
he purposely takes her and look at arjun.
Sukor and vimli dances on the song humdard. And r completely lost in each and other. Sukor didn’t realized that people were looking them. The song ends and all claps. Chakor feels shy and runs from there…

Precap: the goons sees chakor and realizes that that’s the same girl. Suraj vivan and imli search chakor.
Chakor runs and the goons follow her. She dashes with a boy and is shocked…

So that was it guys. Hope ul enjoyed it too. Thanks for reading. And do let me know how it was…

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  1. It was great dear…. Glad that you are fine….. after reading precap can’t wait for the next episode dear …..

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  8. Dear author, pls post the next episode on time plsssss… I’m waiting for that ?..
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