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Hey guys I know many of UL were waiting for my ff. I m so sorry I didn’t write yesterday I was out since morning I wanted to write but didn’t got the time so I m sorry…. But yup here I m with part12. Hope its interesting too. Enjoy reading?

Chakor goes in classroom vivan comes and was about to sit beside her when Suraj comes and sits there.
Suraj: Vivan my bro plz u sit with imli.
Chakor: No need.
Suraj: R u vivan.
Chakor: No but miss made him to sit beside me not u so u go in ur place.
Suraj: Listen Ms chatterbox I think u forgot that miss told that now onwards we r the leaders we have complete control over the batch so I can sit anywhere.
Suraj: Sadu u forgot even i m in the group. So even i have the right to decide and its my decision that u wont sit here.

Vivan: Guys stop fighting. Suraj u wanna sit here na so u sit I’ll sit with imli..
Chakor: But vivan….
Before Chakor could say anything vivan went and sat beside imli..
Imli: Hi.
Vivan: Hi actually Suraj wanted to sit with Chakor so i sat here.
Imli: Its ok vivan u don’t need to explain. I m happy that u r sitting here.
Vivan smiles and imli too smiles.
Suraj: Looks like no one cares for ur decision..
Chakor: Just shut up sadu.
Suraj: This is classroom chatterbox. But yup meet me after lecture..( in a naughty way.)
Chakor: From morning i m seeing this why the hell r u irritating me so much. Yup u always irritate me.. But today its getting too much sadu..
Suraj: Because…
Before he could say anything teacher comes there..
She explains something. Imli looks at vivan and vivan too looks at imli as if they r dam bothered about explanation.

On the other side. Chakor looks at teacher and Suraj stares Chakor even he is dam bothered about explanation. Chakor sees this..
Chakor to herself: Why the hell is this sadu staring at me???
Suraj: Did u said something..
Chakor: Did u hear something..
Bell rangs and teacher leaves Chakor was about to leave when suraj holds her hands.
Suraj: Hey chatterbox sit na why r u going so early.
Chakor leaves his hand in an anger.
Suraj: Don’t dare to hold my Han.
Suraj I a low voice: Yesterday u were continuously hugging me and now I can’t even hold ur Han.
Chakor: Did u said something.
Suraj: Did u hear something..
Chakor: Oh just go to hell.
And she leaves.
Suraj shouts: Lets go together.
Vimli were seeing this.
Imli: Yesterday I thought they r done with their fighting.
Vivan: Truly when suraj told me that he wanna sit with Chakor I really thought that their stupid fights r over.. But now…
Imli: They wont stop fighting.

Vivan: Yup. Forget it lets go to canteen.
Imli: Yes.
Vivan: Suraj Chal lets go to canteen.
Suraj: Yup even that chatterbox will be there lets irritate her more.
They come in the canteen. Suraj sees Chakor he was about to go there but sees that Arjun came and sat there.
Arjun: Hey Chakor.
Chakor: Hi.
Arjun: How was ur day.
Chakor: Thank god at least have someone to ask this.
Arjun jokes and chakor laughs. Suraj is getting red seeing all this. Vimli goes and sit. But suraj is just staring Arjun and chakor who r busy laughing. Suraj goes there . He holds Chakor’s hands and brings her to the hall.
Chakor: Sadu leave me where r u taking me.
Suraj leaves her Han after bringing her to hall where there is no one expect for chakor and Suraj.
Chakor: What was this rude behaviour. And why u bought me here.
Suraj steps towards Chakor and chakor steps behind..

Chakor: Why r u stepping ahead. What r u doing sadu don’t step ahead.
Chakor finally comes towards the wall. She now couldn’t step behind but Suraj was stepping ahead. Chakor tries to leave but suraj holds her hand.
Suraj: So finally got a chance to tell u that.
Chakor: What.
Suraj: Since morning I wanted to tell u something and got a chance now.
Chakor: What u wanted to tell.
Suraj: Its a three letter word.
Chakor gets frightened.
Chakor: Suraj just leave me.
Suraj: Shhhh. Don’t say anything just reply it by saying yes or no.
He goes close to her.
Suraj: I wanted to tell u that.
Chakor: That. Chakor was looking Suraj…
Suraj: That…
Chakor: Say na…
Suraj: That…… Is it Wednesday?????
Chakor didn’t realized it..

Suraj laughs loudly..
Suraj: Chatterbox just look at ur face…. Its so interesting to look u in such a tension.
Chakor: Sadu I wont leave u……
She runs behind him.
Suraj: First catch me…..
Chakor hits something and felled on Suraj..
They have an eye lock.

Precap: Imli tells chakor that she loves vivan and vivan tells Suraj that he loves imli. Both r shocked to hear it

So that was it guys hope it was interesting.. Sorry once again for not posting yesterday hope UL like it… And I wont say anything stupid cause I really don’t wanna slap myself now ?? (Lucky and viviii). Thanks for reading? . Do let me know how it was……

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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb dear

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  3. Fab episode.
    Don’t take tension for not writing every day.
    U r just making us fall more in love with SUKOR with ur FFs. Thank u!

    1. Komaljanu

      no mitha i will write everyday but only yesterday i culd not anyways thanks for liking my ff

  4. Nice….Sukor…??

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  5. Loved it dear it was amazing as always

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  6. U r very good…ur ff is best…its ok if u dont write everyday..that will surely not reduce our love for ur ff…so chill☺️???

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      thanks pia.. glad that u think my ff is the best… and yup thanks alot for ur love and support

  7. Where episode 13.. U should upload it now right

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      yup fatima but as i could not write yesterday my episode 13 will not be published now

  8. Gud… Where the ep13

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  9. Really awesome..
    Gud job.. I love this..
    Thanks very much for the best story

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      thanks alot dear.. glad that u loved it and sorry once again…

      1. No need to sorry.. N my name is fatimi ? not fatima

  10. It was amazing i hav 2 say it was amazing i will read this 3 more time and specially the sukor part it was amazing…But 1 more thing,u spoiled my sunday by not posting the ff dear…

    1. Komaljanu

      i m sorry megha i really wanted to write it but could not. but i promise it wont happen again. thanks for liking it

  11. Hahahaha guyz ragini ko is ff my dkhoo aurr udaan k show my dkhoo zara suraj us ko princes kiyaa churail b na bulayee by the way komal thats superb and awesome stay blessed and write interesting ffs

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks alot mahgull actually i really dont wanted to make ragini bad as she is a sister so but anyways thanks alot

  12. Heyyyy Janu!!!!! It’s fantabulous dr ???… I really love it alot ❤❤… It is lke watching Udaan in T.V..I really can’t wait until you write 13th…

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      1. I don’t like it dear.. I LOVE IT

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  13. I thought Suraj will say “I love u..”?

    1. Komaljanu

      how can he say i love u soon if he said it then my ff will be all over

      1. yuppp…it will be boring if he says it so soon, right?

  14. o haye rabba ji….dear your amezing. ……haa ff ki taarif se phle ek baat dasni ( khni ) h…………kl mene pataani kitni …….baar ff chek kiya koi new part hi ni aa rha tha…….mene socha ai ki ho rha……fir mene socha tussi bsy shzy honge………..nd ek baar raat gd night hone se phle chek kiya……nhi aaya fir sone chali gyi………hmm……i think hum jada baat kr rhe hai………ok……part 12 ke bare me……..wow wow………..I mean INTEZAAR SAFAL RAHAA….superb part….I dum rocking rocking…..h ji…………aur thank you vimli……nd next part dono confession ( in know ek dusre k saamne ni….bt koi na…)……wow………….dear aapke liye ek tight jhappi to banti h……to ek tight jhappiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…….♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks alot sonam actually i was busy yesterday so could not write sorry aapko wait karane ke liye ……. thanks alot

  15. Omg it was so twisting…cant imagine wat will happen next!!!superb…well done??☺

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  16. Very interesting

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  17. Ur ff is amazing… Love to read it…

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