i will always love u….(part 10) udaan

Hey guys thanks alot for ur love.. This time I m trying to write lengthier one hope UL don’t get bore… Enjoy reading😍

Suraj was about to hug chakor back but Arjun interacts.
Arjun: Chakor…
Chakor realize the hug and get apart. Don’t know why but Suraj was dam angry. He was staring at Arjun in such a way that he will kill him.
Chakor: I m sorry.
Suraj was about to speak but imli and Vivan call Chakor.. Chakor runs.
Suraj: What’s ur problem dude.. Why do u u always poke ur nose in between..
Arjun: Bro poking nose in between is ur work nor mine..
And he turns around and go.
Suraj: I’ll definitely kill u someday…
Even he goes..

Teacher: Students now that’s it its time to leave..
All go and sit inside the bus.. Suraj again sits with Chakor and Vivan sits with imli..
Suraj sees Chakor .. After that hugging scene she was too upset Suraj understood this and thought of cheering her..
Suraj: Imli u know yesterday when I went to search ur di…she was enjoying a very amazing date but luckily her boyfriend didn’t came.. Looks like he ditched u chatterbox..
Chakor laughs..
Imli: Suraj .. Thanks.
Suraj: For what..
Imli: For saving my di.. U know she’s my life and if something could have happened to her I couldn’t have lived…
Suraj: Nor even I.
Every one gets shocked Chakor who was looking emotionally towards imli was now shockingly looking towards Suraj..
Suraj: What why the hell r ul staring me.. Yaar I have only ur di whom I call chatterbox if something would have happened to her I would have no one to call chatterbox and I would have get bored as I only irritate ur di…
They laugh.. Chakor feels little sad.
Chakor: Is this the only reason.
Suraj: Ofcourse why u wanted some other reason.
Chakor: No..

Suraj: Guys u know what on the first day of school I met a girl actually Wait I dashed a girl and she was about to fall so I hold her and instead of saying me thanks u know what she told me..
Imli: What..
He looks at Chakor and smiles.. Chakor was looking outside the window but was laughing..
Suraj: She told me that I know ul boys very well ul hit a girl so that she can fall and ul can hold her and now that same girl is coming near me she’s hugging me always..
Vimli were confused as they weren’t knowing about sukors first meet..
Imli: Don’t know what u told but can realize that u r taunting some one..
Chakor: He only knows to taunt..
Suraj: Shut up u chatterbox..
Chakor: Just gth
Suraj: Gth????
Vivan: Go to hell
Suraj: Vivan even u started to say chatterbox’s dialogue and that also to ur brother.
Chakor: Hey drama king he’s telling u the meaning of gth. That’s go to hell.
Suraj: Smart work ha..
They now reach their college. All leaves for their home imli sits in the car Chakor was about to sit when she remembers that she have to meet her cousin..
Chakor: Imli u go home I have to meet Riya
Imli: Ok fine but how will u go there.
Chakor: I’ll go walking na princess her house is here only.. U know that na.
Imli: Fine go but come home soon.
She leaves and as she was walking she sees some goons troubling a girl and guys that girl is ragini Chakor goes there.
Chakor: Leave her.
One of the goon: Oh another girl came lets trouble her too.
Chakor takes mud and throws in their eyes she holds Ragini’s hands and runs goons also follows them she reaches in building and go in riya’s house.. She quickly closes the door..
Ragini starts crying.
Chakor: Listen its ok u r alright.
Riya goes to bring water…
Chakor: Stop crying she makes her drink water ..

Ragini drinks little water and hugs Chakor. Today if u would have not been there don’t know what would have happened.
Chakor consoles her and ask if she’s fine.
Ragini: I m fine but I think my brothers would be worried my phone is left behind can I call them.
Riya gives her phone..
Other side suraj and Vivan come home and our worried as their sister is not there. They ask servants and they inform them she didn’t came from college..
Vivan: Where is she..
Suraj gets a call. He answers it.
Suraj: Hello.
Ragini: Bhaiyya and she cries..
Suraj: Princess.. Where r u why r u crying??
Ragini tells everything to him.
Suraj: What where r u now..

Ragini tells him the address.
Suraj: I m coming you stay there and ha request that girl also to be with u. I wanna meet her…
Ragini: Ok bhaiyya plz come soon.
Chakor: Plz stop crying …
Other side..
Vivan: What happened..
Suraj: I’ll explain u later. He was about to go.
Vivan: Even I’ll come with u .
Suraj: No Vivan I’ll just come u stay here.
Vivan: Ok fine.
Suraj leaves.. While driving thank god my princess is safe and its all just because of that girl. I really wanna meet her…

Precap: Suraj waits for the lift and at last climbs the stairs he rings the bell. The door opens and he is shocked..

So that was it hope it wasn’t boring and ul enjoyed it just to clear ur doubts guys Ragini goes in medical college.. And Chakor don’t know Ragini nor Ragini knows her…and ya mitha and saral ul guessed the right name… Thanks alot for guessing the names guys… Thanks for reading 😍


  1. Saral

    Can I ask u one-thing pls post two episodes yaar in a day I really love it a lot and thank u so much dear… I have read so many ff silently and I will just comment to myself only but this is the first time I am conveying my opinion to the writters… Sorry yaar if I am selfish if u can post then u can but u to need to study na… Its ok I will adjust… ☺☺☺

    • Komaljanu



      hey listen plz dont call ur self selfish u r not.. thanks for conveying ur opinions saral. i feel very lucky that i m the one whom u first conveyed ur opinion.. but saral i m so sorry i m in 10 std dear and its very difficuilt for me to post two ff but i promise u i will be posting my 2 ff in 1 episode…….. so sorry and ha plz commenting. because in my every part i will be eagerly waiting for ur comment

  2. nisha

    What i say? Its really super..every your ff and that promo makes me more eager to read next ff.im waiting for next.

  3. Shriya

    I really loved it..eagerly waiting for your next episode!! Write it soon!! Omg I m ur big fan now..ur creativity is brilliant love it😍

  4. shreya

    It’s really interesting…..ur writing capabilities r so good. . …waiting for the next part eagerly…..😊😊

  5. Mitha


    It’s sooo intresting to read ur ff.
    Can’t waint for the next one.
    Ur ff is best Icame through.
    As u r in 10th, hope writing ff doesn’t affect ur studies. Best of luck & thank u for this fantastic ff!

    • Komaljanu



      thanks alot mitha. i write ff just due to the support that ul all give me. and dont worry writing ff doesnt affect my studies. glad to know that u feel my ff is the best thanks

  6. vivii

    Oh wowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! It’s Really SUPER FANTASTIC dr… no no….SUPER FANTASTIC doesn’t seem the right word at all…..it’s something MORE THAN SUPER FANTASTIC… WELL DONE JANU!!!

  7. Gungun

    My favourite ff loved it😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 update next episode asap and enjoy your studies ………. I am in 8 standard

    • Komaljanu



      thanks a lot gungun happy to know that my ff is ur favourite thanks for ur support and love.. and yup u r in 8 its great.. enjoy ur studies

  8. Megha

    Wooooow it was amazing exactly what i thought.Well i want to know to which state this genius mind belong

  9. Megha

    Wooooow it was amazing exactly what i thought.Well i want to know to which state this genius mind belongs

  10. Bill

    Hey komal I’m commenting for the first time on ur ff ur writing skills just made me to comment
    Your ff is really nice πŸ‘πŸ‘ keep writing

  11. Saral

    U can call me di if you want bcz I am studying B.Sc zoology final year… @ komaljanu😘😘😘

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