i will always love u….. (part 1)

Hey guys actually I want to tell UL something I m in 10th std and I m having my Diwali vacation so I can only write ff in these vacation so if UL don’t mind can I write two ff in a day. I m so sorry….?
Anyways thanks for liking my ff and I really hope that I can Stand on ur expectations

So lets start….enjoy reading….

The scene starts from the college. The name of the college is saint Teresa. Its very beautiful. And here comes our beautiful girls Chakor and imli .
Imli:wow di its so beautiful.
Chakor:yup it is. Lets go in
They step in and mean while our two handsome boys vivan and Suraj too comes there.
Vivan:I really wanna see this college.
Suraj: Me too so lets go in.
Even they step in…
Chakor:imli u go in the classroom I’ll just come.
Imli:ok di.
Suraj:listen vivan u go to classroom I’ll go and bring some water from canteen.
Vivan:ok bro come soon.
Suraj runs from there. Chakor is coming from other side both Suraj and Chakor were in a hurry so they just dash each other. Chakor was about to fell when Suraj holds her in her arms..
Chakor:hello Mr just leave me.
Suraj drops her and she fells.
Suraj was about to go when Chakor gets up dusting her hands
Chakor: What the hell r u mad or what
Suraj:listen I hold u u should have told me thanks but u told me to leave u so I did..
Chakor:I know ul boys very well ul purposely hit a girl so that she can fall and ul can hold her.
Suraj:don’t ever stay in ur dreams just go and look ur face In mirror then talk to me
Chakor:u know what……just go to hell.
Suraj:and u know what…..u too
They both turn and go in an anger.
Mean while imli and vivan r searching Chakor and Suraj respectively. Even they both dash and their phone fells down. They both bends to get their phones but get hurt on their heads.
Vivan:I m sorry
They both again bends together and again they get hurt.
Imli:first u bend and take ur phone.
Vivan:yup great idea.
Vivan bends and picks up his and imli’s phone.
Vivan:take ur phone.
Imli: Thanks
Vivan:I m sorry I didn’t saw u so I came and dashed u r u fine
Imli:yes I m and anyways it was my also mistake actually I was searching my sister
Vivan:ok same pinch even I not my sister but my brother.
Meanwhile they see Chakor and Suraj
Imli:ok my di came so bye
Vivan: Yup even I found my brother. So bye
They go
Vivan: Suraj where were u..
Suraj: Don’t ask yaar I met a stupid girl.
Suraj:just forget it come lets go to our class.
Imli ask the same question and Chakor reply the same thing that Suraj replied that she met a stupid boy. Even they went to their class.
As they went Chakor was shocked as the boy who dashed her that’s our dear Suraj was also there.Suraj also saw her and made angry face
Imli and vivan looked each other and gave a smile.
So now the teacher came.
Teacher:students it’s ur first day I want ul to make friendship with each other so I m changing ur places.
Now she makes imli and Suraj to sit together and Chakor and vivan together.
Suraj: Hey can i ask u something
Suraj:how do u know that girl
Imli:which one.
Suraj:with whom u came
Imli:u mean chakor
Suraj: Ya whatever
Imli:she is my sister.
Suraj:oh so u might be knowing her very well
Suraj:so tell me when she was small did she got hurt on her forehead
Imli: Excuse me
Suraj:sorry don’t mind but I think she needs a doctor.
Imli:no she just get angry soon or else she’s very good
Suraj:whatever anyways I m Suraj.suraj rajvanshi
Imli:I m imli
Suraj:so friends
He gets his hands in front
Imli: Sure
she shakes her hand.
On the other side
Chakor: If I m not wrong he’s ur brother right
Vivan:r u talking about Suraj.
Chakor:I don’t know his name.
She points to suraj
Vivan:yup that’s Suraj.
Chakor:ya whatever
Vivan:yes he is my brother. Why something happened
Vivan:he ran from mental hospital or what.u know he is so rude and his attitude is just dam irritating
Chakor was saying this and vivan was continuously staring at her.
Vivan:ok fine now that’s it relax he is like that only a angry young man. Anyways I m vivan.
Chakor:hi I m Chakor
Even they shake Hands and become friends

Precap:Suraj and imli fights again and vivan and imli thinks of way to make them friends.

So this was it hope UL enjoy too and plz tell me that can I write two ff in a day if ul don’t have any problem… Thanks for reading

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  1. too much mistakes……

    1. Komaljanu

      I m sorry dear I’ll try that I don’t make mistake in the next ff

  2. Manasvi

    Is it a sukor-imvaan ff or another one…
    Whatever, bit the episode was fantabulous…

  3. Amazing it is.I was laughing throughout reading this.waiting for next part

  4. Ya…it’s great…pls continue writing…..and please post two ff every day

    1. Komaljanu

      Ya for sure Shreya thanks for reading it

  5. You can write 4 ul a day i wont mind,anyways it was great and very funny.

  6. Komaljanu

    Guys one more thing in Precap its not Suraj and imli its Suraj and Chakor so sorryyyyy

  7. its very interesting & nice,plz do continue it…..really i luved it very much bcoz its completely different from udaan!

  8. Hey komal,u r a pretty good writer fr 10th std keep it up, let it be sukor, dear. Oo one more advise………. enjoy this year, 10th std is the best year of your lofe, u will know only later, so have fun n study well, live every moment??

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks dear I know its a very great year after all last year of our school thanks for reading my ff

  9. Hi Komal…Honestly it is fab…keep going….

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