You will always be in my heart (Twinj os)


Hii guys back to back os de rahi Hun but I guess you are not liking it…..I am getting so less comments in comparison to my previous ones. Are you not liking me or my writing anymore. Please let me know. I am doing every possible things and giving my best to writing os and ff but you are not commenting… I am really very upset because of this. Please tell me whether you want me to write more or stop me from writing more….. Please do tell..

Pass aake Sabhi chod jaate hai,
Hum akele the,
Akele hi reh jate hai,
Dil ka Dard kise bataye,
Jab mahlam lagane wale hi,
Dard de jaate hai….?

Missing you all..??

I hope you will like it. And I like to share one more thing at the end please do read it too…

The camera revolves around a room cum hall which is adjusted perfectly. Some people are sitting there having talks and drinking juice. Just then two lady enters the room with a girl of 27 years in the middle. She is looking beautiful wearing blue colour designer saree and having her hair left open. She is none other than twinkle taneja. As soon as she entered everyone eyes went to her and she is asked several questions which she answered politely yet nervously. And she left the room. Family talks

F1: We like your daughter but before deciding anything children need to meet each others.

F2:No problem. We will wait.

F1: okay then we will send him next week.

F2: As you wish.

And they left from there.

(So guys arrange marriage of twinkle is going to fixed. But with whom?)

One weeks has passed…

The camera shows a building entrance where two guests have arrived. And then it revolves around and shows the same family taking care of them. Twinkle enters the room with her sisters. And the boy got lost in her. He is looking at her without blinking his eyes and they both share an eyelock. When the second boy calls him,

“Kunj, where you get lost?”

Kunj: ☺
( just smiled.)

And Twinkle and Kunj both share some talks while every One leave the room to provide them some privacy.

Kunj: Twinkle so we are going to get married. Do you want to know anything about me?

Twinkle blushed listening to this. And just passed him a smile.

And they shared some silent talks like this.

Their engagement get fixed by their family.

A week later,

The engagement

The view revolves around a hall decorated with flowers and colourful lights. Only family people are seen there. The camera zooms towards the centre of hall where the couple were standing together. They were looking like perfect couple. They made each other wear rings in the ring finger.

( It is said that ring finger connects two heart together by making them close to each other as that finger has string directly to our heart.)

Days passes by but not like before many had changed. Twinkle and Kunj both used to talk each other daily or we can say that they talked with each other whole night. If They don’t have talk they both feel restlessness. They both use to wait for each other call or messages. It had become their daily routine as marriage date is fixed after 8 months from engagement. Now they both know each other more than themselves. They care for each other. And slowly and steadily they started to fall for each other.

It has been 6 months after their engagement till now they shared a great bond i.e. two bodies one soul. They both get to know about each other through their silences. Their family members use to tease them whenever they call each other.

Everyone is busy in marriage preparations as only 1 week is left for their marriage. Guests have arrived. Bride and groom both are only busy in thinking about their new life with each other.

Next scene,

The camera shows a big lavish building decorated with neon lights and many people are gathered outside waiting for Baarat. Baarat arrives with Kunj who is looking breath taking in his sky blue sherwani. He has a sweet smile on his face as he had got everything in his life. A smile of satisfaction. They entered the building which is decorated so beautifully just like heaven.

Next scene,

Kunj, Kunj….. where are you said a voice from kitchen.

Twinkle just coming said Kunj replying him back.

And now camera shows a girl. She is wearing a yellow colour saree having Vermilion in her forehead which is making her more beautiful than before. She is none other than twinkle .

Suddenly Kunj comes from behind and hug her from back.

They are looking so cute together. They both are having a sweet conversation when Usha enters there and they both composes themselves.

After a few seconds
Kunj: Twinkle I am asking water from you for last 10 minutes.

Twinkle: Opps sorry to say but you can take it by yourself too. Don’t you have eyes or hands.

While Usha is just smiling by listening to their talks.

8 months later,

Kunj has went out for some work. And twinkle is doing some work in kitchen when she feels something. & she faints.

All were standing worried outside the room when doctor comes and gives them good news.

Days passes by its speed. Happy days are there in small things. They share a good time together. Kunj used to take care of her. He makes her eat and drink healthy foods. He mostly use to stay with her.

Some months later

One day twinkle is sleeping on Kunj lap when

Twinkle: Kunj
No response
Twinkle: where are you lost?
Kunj: no where just thinking about our life, our meeting marriage etc.
Twinkle: Haan. I never thought it an arrange marriage as for me its love marriage. We are made for each other.
Kunj: ?

Twinkle: Kunj you know what?
Kunj: Twinkle how can I know when you are not telling.(showing fake anger)
Twinkle: Don’t be angry my buddhu patidev. I am telling this time I will give you the most precious and memorable gift on your birthday. That you will not able to forget in your whole life.
Kunj: Wah! Let’s see whats that. But for now please sleep its quite late.
And they both slept.

1 day before Kunj birthday:

Suddenly Twinkle starts to feel so low. But she don’t let anyone know. And went to work in kitchen. Its 9 o’clock at night now and twinkle started vomiting.( it is said that vomit in 7 months of pregnancy is not good). Kunj get to know about all this and take her to hospital.

Doctor is checking her continuously while her condition is going more and more crucial. Screen fades.

Doctor are pumping her heart but there is no response from her side now. They come out of OT and informed everyone that she is no more. And all of them started crying their heart out.

Next scene,
Kunj is sitting beside his twinkle like a life less body tears are getting dried in his eyes they are not coming now. Twinkle last ceremony is going on when Kunj reminces how twinkle tells him about his birthday day gift.

1 years later,
Kunj is just living a life of no happiness while he use to be the most happiest person who make other laugh but now he himself is living as a lifeless body. Smile has no place in his life now. Loosing his wife and child on his birthday is the most worst but really a gift which he can never forget till his last breath.


Guys emotional one right? So let me tell its a true of uncle and aunty. Every words and incident are true. She died 1 and half years back and as written she had said ki wo chacha ko unforgettable birthday gift degi and it was that. Bye…. Love you all… Love you Chachi and Chacha???

Please tell what you all want through comments. As I mentioned before too I am not a good writer but please I want your answer whether its yes or no….

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  1. SidMin

    Lover it was really heart touching The story really made me cry
    loved it 🙂

    1. Thank you dear.☺ love you.

  2. Sameera

    Wow yaar lover where were u from so many days ???
    I am lil but angry with u
    Bdw os was marvelous n emotional too

    1. Sameer Di I am here only. I posted many os and first episode of my ff but you haven’t commented in anyone of that. I thought you are angry with me.?

    2. *sameera di

    3. Sameera

      Don’t know yaar I am busy with projects so I wasn’t reding os n many ff also so tell me name of ur os

    4. I hope you Got the links. Love you??? and missed you so so much. You know I don’t know why but without having any talks I am so attached to you. That’s why I feel bad by not seeing your comments. Bye.

  3. I am sorry for the lose?Beautiful story yet emotional ?

    1. Thank you? dear.

  4. Hi lover
    Wow superb os love it pls continue writing don’t stop your writing bye.

    1. Thank you.☺

  5. Anam_sidhant

    Loved it❤

    1. Thank you.

  6. Ranabulbul

    OH my god lover
    It was so emotional
    And sorry for ur chachis lose
    I can’t cmnt long u know the reason

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. Love you.???

  7. Kritika14

    Really a heart touching story! So emotional! Anyway, you keep writing .. Cuz I love your writings. They really are one of the best! Loves xx

    1. Thank you so much dear. It means a lot.

  8. Lover
    Awesome episode dear
    Is dis really urs uncles story l feel so bad fr him
    Bt it is difficult also
    Bt heart touching n emotional one

    1. Thank you for commenting dear. And its a true stor of my uncle even each and every words and incidents are true.

  9. Kruti

    An emotional one……u almost made me cry
    Very well written……Loved it

    Nd who said that we dont like ur pieces of writing……I toh love them
    Nd decrease in comments is due to exams
    Nd mind u agar likhna stop karne ki baat ki sirf comments ki wajah se……toh sacchi mein tumse katti ho jaoongi…..phir manati rehna baithke

    Anyways nice Os

    Love u???

    1. Thank you so much Kruti. Love you.
      Kabhi naraz na hona humse Pata nahi Zindagi kab Tak Saath nibhayegi agar Aap bhi Ruth jaoge to Zindagi ek pal mein khattam ho jayegi.?

  10. Shatakshi

    That was so emotional lover
    Really I didnt blinked my eye lids at the last part
    N we love ur writing dear

    1. ??Thank you dear for commenting. Love you so much.

  11. Very emotional os… Superb.. Loved it..

    1. Thank you dear.☺

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional sad os….

    1. Thank you dear.☺

  13. dreamer...arundhati

    Dear mujhe i don’t think kuch kehna hoga… U know it all..
    Luv u
    Heart touching

    1. Love you so so so so much… to the infinity?????????

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Heart touching… Emotional story….loved it….

    1. Thank you dear. Love you.??

  15. Ayu

    Hey Lover! U made me cry!!??
    N i am soo sorry for ur chacha n chachi. It is the worst give anybody can have on his/her bd…
    But i loved the story a lot!!

    1. Thank you dear.?

    2. And you don’t need to feel ssorry as it is destined to happen. Just wish Chacha will try to move on. Love you.

      1. Ayu

        Ur right…i will surely!! Love u too?

  16. Sayeeda

    Hey ! Lover …..I really loved the OS ….it was a heart touching story
    …too emotional yet a memorising one….
    Loved it to the core…..

    love you???????

    1. Thank you so much sayeeda Dii comment Karne ke liye. I know Bahut busy ho Aap phir bhi you commented. Love you??? so much.

  17. hey . it is like my chachi and chachus story . their marrige was also arrange . but chachu ne pehle chachi ko pasand kiya . phir family . baby died in her womb . but nobody came to know . when it was known , it was too late . but e kahani 15 years pehle ki hain . ab to chachu ki tin bache hain . aur chachi kon hain pata hain ? us chachi k cousin

    1. ☺?Its good that your chacha is living a new life now. Love you.

  18. Thanmy

    Diiiii it was awesome diiii I just loved it n trust me I love ur each n every writing I was not visiting tu from 2 days sooooo and bohut emotional kar diya
    Love u diiii

    1. Thank you dear. I am blessed to have a sissy like you. Love you too.

  19. Shreya098

    Emotional and heart touching..

    1. Thank you dear.?☺

  20. M in tears rgt now.
    Meri lover…
    Nahi nahi
    I mean…Lover…hehe
    Tooo good.
    Do wrie more…love u?

    1. Thank you dear. Love you.?

  21. Awesome amazing lover….
    Heart touching one…
    Lve u…..

    1. Thank you dear..☺☺

  22. Baby

    yr lover u r amazing a heart touching n emotional stry
    real stry i m crying
    sad 1 luvd it sooooo mch luv u yr n u no u ryt sooooo cool it was going gr8 bt at d end it gave a shock………………………..luvd it…….

    1. Thank you dear. Love you.??

  23. Angita

    Oh my god
    That was a shocking os
    Sorry for your chachi yaar
    Emotional and heart touching os

    1. Thank you dear. And you don’t need to be sorry as every love story can’t have a happy ending. Just wish my Chacha will try to move on.

  24. Amazing n heart touching story.. it was really emotional ??.. worst gift anyone can receive on his bday.. am really sorry for ur chacha n chachi ??.. and who said that u r not a good writer? I love your writing skills and u write really well.. I love ur shayaries too.. Plz don’t stop writing ☺

    1. Thank you dear. Love you.?

  25. Chiku

    Oyeeee how can u aak this question. U know wat u r an amazing writer❤️❤️❤️
    I really like ur writing style.
    How do u manage to write soo wellll?????
    It’s amazing ?
    Olz come up with another sweet os also.
    I am waiting for ur ff also.
    Love u❤️

    1. Thank you dear. Love you.??

  26. R.S.H.H.P

    Omg lover os was heart touching I’m crying
    ? love you dear ?

    1. Thank you so much dear.

  27. Maggi

    It was sweet yt tragic…..
    U have written beautifully
    Keep writing dear

    1. Thank you dear

  28. Romaisha

    You are one of the best TU writers here so don’t say anything else that we don’t like to hear ok?
    You know i love all your writings and pieces. They are just sooo good and this one well it was just extremely superbb!! And Haa emotional os or ffs are always my fav so i loved it! ??
    Love you yaar ❤❤????

    1. Thank you dear… Love you too..?????? and pata hai jyada tareef kar di Meri tumne.. actually bahut jyada….

  29. Sanjanadivya

    lover i love u a lot i just loved it no wrds to appriciate u dear hats off

    1. Love you too…. And thank you so much.??

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