Will you able to recognize me? (Episode 1) Twinj ff..


Hii guys thank you for your support…
I hope i will reach upto your thinking……

I replied to every comments respectively in comment box.. I hope you have read it.

Kuch iss tarah apne hamein yun apnaya hai
Ek pyara sa rishta kuch aise banaya hai
Mere Khawabo ko apne comments se sajaya hai
Jisse Dil mein sirf aapki dosti ka nasha chaya hai….

So lets start with the story

The scenery start with a building. Its a big one having a big parking area.

The camera revolves around and shows the front of building ? where it is written as Taneja sisters & company.

A car is shown entering the parking plot. A girl wearing a formal white top and blue denim jeans come out of the car. And walk towards the entrance. As soon as she entered everyone wished her with a smile on their face and she just went off to cabin having a name twinkle taneja…

As soon as she was about pierced in.

A voice striked her which made her numb.

Voice: Stop…..Don’t dare to enter.

Girl: But why? And how was it possible to see you here so early?

Voice: Stop it twinkle. I planned a suprise and you are playing pranks with me…

Twinkle: suprise??

Voice: oh my god! Don’t say you haven’t remember that today’s your birthday..

Twinkle: Mahi i don’t celebrate on this day. So why to remember?

Mahi: for me. You’ve to. Now stop it and come with me….

Twinkle: But…

Mahi: (cutting her off) no if and but now. Just come…

And the episode ends here….

Plz tell your views in comment box..

Precap: Birthday celebration and Kunj’s

Bola to nibhaya hai,
Likha to paunchaya hai,
Dil ki baaton ko yun jataya hai ,
Kyunki sayad usne puri zindagi ka rishta banaya hai..
Thank you being my friend..??

Am i on time?

New chracter
Mahi: Friend cum sister of twinkle. A childish and fun loving girl. Loves her sister. Partner of twinkle in Taneja sisters& company….

Link for intro

Bye guys love you loads…

With best regards,

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

    1. Thank you dear…

  2. Ayu

    Hey Aarohi!
    Welcome to the family sissy!
    Beautiful start! Keep up the good work but i would like longer epis if possible…
    Just requesting…n haan…i say this to all the newcomers…u wanna remain perfectly sane? Bhaag lo…this TEI family is full of crazies?
    Loads of love
    (I am ONLY 16)

    1. Ayu

      Where are my manners these days? Mujhse dosti karogi?

      1. Chiku

        Haan haan karenge tumse hum dosti kyun nahi kaarenge aakhir???????I think its a opd movie dialogue ???????

    2. Hey Ayu…..Plsssssss post ur ff dear…m waitinggggggg 4 it….luv u….

      1. Ayu

        I am sooooo sorry yaar! I know i am very late! It will be up very soon!?

    3. Offcourse dear i love to be your friend…Thank you for ur support. Love you ?.

  3. Presha

    Awesome but thoda short h
    Nd ya u r so sweet

    1. Thank you dear love you ?.

      1. Presha

        Love u to

  4. Purvi128

    Yrrr Arohi .. its damn good …. post soon ….. and ya plssss longer episodes ….
    Love u dear …

    Mujhse dosti karogiii??

    1. Sorry dear i will try to make longer one. I will love to have a friend like you. Love you…

  5. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Aarohi,
    Nice start! But dear you need to write a bit longer it was way too short 🙁 Anyways the shayaris are beautiful…do you write shayaris?

    Anyways post soon and a bit longer one dear!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Yes dear it was like i just take a chance to write. Don’t know how my writing is?
      I will try to post longer one.
      Bye. Love you ?.

  6. Super start but too short but still lovely ?

    1. Thank you dear.

  7. Sohi

    Yaar tumhare shayari per mera dil fida hogaya hai I liked the episode very much twinkles attitude is awesome do continue and post soon

    1. Thank you dear. Love you too.

  8. Cute epi aru di…..awsm…….

    1. Thank you.

  9. Adya

    He6 arohi…
    Yrrr I’m so shocked to read ur shayri… That was splendid… U really a very talented gal…. That was superb…
    Now post the next one as soon as possible ( asap )… I love it dear ..
    Love u …

    1. Hey adya…plsss post ur ff to…I can’t waitingggggg…plsss..luv u…

      1. Adya

        I’ll try Priya..I’m a bit too bzy

    2. Thank you for this much love. Love you ?.

  10. SidMin23

    Good episode but short excited for kunj entry.

    1. Thank you. I will try for longer one.

  11. Chiku

    Hey aruuu
    Its lovely??????so cute. Jope to see more fun in future episodes
    Post mext soon
    Love u?

    1. Thank you dear. Love you too ?

  12. Hey arohi…aww so swtt of u sista…..
    Today epi was too good but its short its ok next time give a long epi if u have time ok…..and the shayari of urs uff.!!!! luv it soo much yaar…and I love twinkles quite attitude avatar….this is very awesome….
    Good start dear….post next epi soon….do cnt….luv u….

    1. Thank you dear. I will try to make it long. Love you ?.

  13. Kruti

    Nice start……pls make d nxt one longer

    1. Thanks kruti dii. Love you a lots.?

  14. Hi! It was awesome..!ut dear plz longer ones…greedy hu zaraa but kya karu adat se majboor…
    The epi was fab..do cont soo 🙂

    And dear do u love or write shairis your shayris are mindblowing…awesome…loved them

    Bye take care love ya

    1. Yes dear i take chance in writing sharies without knowing how i write. Thank you dear i am glad you like it. Love you ?

  15. Hey arru,
    The epi was a blast.Awesom.Twinkle ka attitude gosh luved it.Aur tumari woh shayari ne toh mujhe marhe dala.Sry may cmt nai kar payi kyuki I am busy with my exams n I am irregular.Agli bar cmt karne ki koshish karungi par sry if I won’t be able to cmt.

    Let me introduce myself I am twinj/aakriti/aaku.16 yrs old.B-day June 30.N a register member of TU.Kya tum meri dost bhana pachand karogi?N if I am not wrong ur b-day is on Dec 14 right which is tommorrow so a very very happy b-day arru in advance.May god bless u with lots of luv.
    Post soon if possible tommorrow pls.

    Lots of luv,

    1. Thank you dear for birthday wish and commenting. I hope you will comment again. I love to be your friend dear.? hope to see you soon. I will try to post today only.

  16. Ramya

    Woww arohi it’s awesome superb start

    N lines u wrote r beyond anything

    1. Thank you dear. Love you. ?

  17. Hey aarohi sorry for not cmnting in intro…and awesome starting….excited for kunj’s entry luv u….and now my intro i am 15 years old and in 9th grade from pakistan….plzzz post nxt asap….

    1. Koi nhi dear. I am glad you commented on episode. Thank you so much.

  18. Angel20

    It was amazing! Loved the start! And please post longer episodes. Eagerly waiting for the next update. I’m Maria from India and I’m 16. What about you?

    With Love?

    1. I am from bharaat cum sona ka desh cum aaryabhatt cum bharatvarsha. I am going to turn 16 on this December. I will try to post longer ones. Thank yiu. Love you. ? ? Bye…

  19. Twinjfan.tamanna

    cute but short one

  20. Hey,
    The episode was marvelous☺☺
    I thoroughly enjoyed it☺☺

    Well the plot seems very intresting☺☺
    Post next soon!!!
    Eagerly waiting for next one??

  21. Aanya_pandey

    Very good start dear.. awesome

  22. Baby

    ohhhhhhh hi my lover shuld i reveal it here who r u
    yeh shyriyo par toh hum fidda hain humse na chupne wale tumji
    ufff…………….loved d episode cute n short or yeh beyadh ki tara hai naa thoda thoda hayeee 😀
    love u lods♥♥♥♥♥

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