My Wife’s Murder (kkb) teaser

Abhi and Pragya a happy couple
A happy family is shown enjoying with each other and leads turned out to be ABhi and Pragya
voice over : sapno sa that sara jahan (the whole world was like a dream land)

next scene Pragya sitting on chair reading some magazines Abhi comes and hugs her from back twirls her around
voiceover: mobbat basti thi jahan har zarre me (love was living there in every corner of house)

Next scene
Pragya is standing in fear someone is moving towards her and she is trying to escape
voiceover: par ek hadse ne badal di sabki zindagi (but one incident changed everyone’s life)

next scene
Abhi is seated lifelessly infront of her body where final rituals are going on
voiceover : ujad gaya ek hasta khela jahan viraan ho gaya uska jahan (one happy world turned into a cruelty his life got away from him)

next scene someone is scolding Abhi that it is because of him only he is the only reason that this happened if he would have heard her that night that this wouldnt happened
voiceover: us hi ko banaya gaya uske jahan ka qatil (everyone made him murderer of his own world)

Next scene
Abhi got to know that it was a murder and the case goes to someone whose entry is sown that the person is coming in attitude the person turns out to be a girl
Girl: CBI officer Shnaya nice to meet you Mr ABhi i am handeling this case and your all family will be house arrest from now until this case get solved see you soon
saying this she leave and Abhi looks her stunned

voice over : one murder and the family members are suspect who is the murderer of that happy world to know about the reasons stay tuned to the series of 10 shots named My wife’s murderer comming soon

Note: this is for those who are RIcha lovers and those who want story rather than Abhigya bonding we will see that also but this story will have its main focus on the suspense plus thriller stay tuned
and one more note Prathi will no be able to upload today so she will upload her episode tomorrow 🙂

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  1. PrincessesMadhu

    Its so sad that Pragya is dead…but its ok..di we see thier love and cute fights in kkb and also other fan fiction! So excited about this one! Cant wait tbh… Upload the episode soon DI!
    🙂 🙂

  2. Reshma_Pradeep

    Wow!!!!!!!! RICHA IS BACKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Superbbb Plot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DESPERATELY WAITING FOR THIS ONE TO START………..


    Really… very interesting plot… waiting for episode

  4. Richa is backkkkkk!Superb and interesting teaser! Eagerly waiting for the the episode!

  5. Rithu


  6. Saranya24

    Wow richa is back awesome dii waiting fr it loved it?????

  7. Hai surbhi… I thought u drop this idea coz u said it just ur idea not conformed…but u going to do this…oh god!!!!! Really thank u thank u so much?… OMG Richa di is back with new form…wow I so excited…curiously I am waiting for this ff……

  8. B_Ani

    hey hey…richa is back with a bang. so this was the murder story that u were talking abt long back right? theteaser is itself awesome. i know the story will be super good. keep rocking!!!

  9. Super dear…..

  10. Omggggggggg Richa ??????? Did i read it right ?? Yeah I read it absolutely right ???! RICHA My Fav Character of SOF is Backkkkkkk ??????! But then My Pg is dead in your this story ?! So Heart Breaking !!! ???????Waiting to read these 10 shot story Rockstar !? Pls don’t tell that u r gonna end your other ff GOD ! Becoz all of u here are ending your ff and i am thinking that u r planning to end your that story and that’s y u hav given this new story’s teaser ! Plsss didi don’t do this to us ! U can continue this whenever u hav time but then plss don’t end My Fav story . Can’t afford to loose BasuBhi and Kaustuki , Ganga ,Yashika ,Naina , And Others from SOF ! Do tell me that u r not going to end GOD after some time di ! becoz i can’t bear the sudden shock !????

  11. It some different to me .it super.i’m waiting. .

  12. I don’t care about abhigya, Richa is back so yeahhh ??????????????????????? i can not wait for this story… Awesome and the dialouges were ??????????????????? i loved this teaser to core and for these 10 shots i bet i won’t miss any of them.. keep rocking..hatss off

  13. Interesting!!!!

  14. Prathi

    Richa! Richa! Richa! Richa!! Waiting impatiently for this one!

  15. Yippeee ??? another thrilling story by my one of my fav writer??? eagerly waiting for this story!!

  16. Its superb richa dhi!!Waiting for episodes

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