My wife is my true love abhigya abhis mera love story (Part 9)

Time slowly drifts to evening,

Pragya was sitting in front of mirror,she was wearing a grey saree with black border n black blouse with matching accessories, she was putting kohl to her eyes making it more beautiful.someone was adoring this girl who looks like an Angel from heaven, it was her husband abhishek,he never ever believed that he would ever love a girl so much,that he can even do anything for her.she saw him standing through mirror n questioned what??he signed nothing buy admiring u.this was enough for her to bend her head n lower her eyes with shyness.

Both descended stairs with hand in hand. It was like they were made for each other,perfect soulmates click ….

They were very happy .abhi was most excited to introduce her as his wife to his colleagues.he saw her sitting n thinking something deeply. He waved his hands before her face,still no response he stopped the car with a jerk.she looked hhim.abhi asked r u fine why r u not replying for past mins .pragya said nothing just worried about a little thing.abhishek did u love someone before marrying me.abhi said none,but there was attraction.why RU asking this now pragya? Abhishek u say na I’ll tell u,she pleaded with her puppy eyes.he said about his DG n her in his pragya was sure that it was DG who was sending her letters. Abhi does she know that u once did lobe her.abhi said no pragya she doesn’t know,n for ur kind information Mrs.abhishek I’m telling you na that she is not my love n can’t be my love,she was just my attraction n besides I love my wife n winked at her.pragya said abhishek start the car na,I’ll say u one thing but you mustnot be angry promise me.abhi said okay rajkumari your words, my order. Pragya chuckled n hit him.both had a cute eyelock.kannalane plays…..

Pragya started telling him how she got some letters stating to stay away from him n confirmed it was DG.abhi was very angry how could she .pragya pulled him into small kiss(abhi stopped car while being angry at DG).pragya said abhi don’t be angry na,see whatever happens I’ll not leave you okk.abhi said I’m not at all angry at her becozz pragya cut off his sent in mid n said how could u be not angry at her n know becozz u still love her na n started crying .abhi said wait wait I didn’t complete I’m not at all angry at her becos of her I got a kiss from my wife n know how much she’s possessive about me.I really love u n only you not anyone understand. Pragya asked really like an cute child.abhi was lost all in her innocence n nodded yes.n wiped her tears n said no more Rona dhona okkkk.pragya smiled n said abhishek II love you.abhi said me too.

They reached venue hand in hand both were looking beautiful. All Staffs welcomed abhi.they thought pragya might be his love or sis. Party was going on in full swing.pragya was sitting in a dining when one of abhis staff came n asked her for a dance, she politely refused.but seeing abhi dancing with some other girl,she was angry n said yes .they both were dancing n abhi saw pragya dancing with one of his staff,he was angry when partners shiftedpragya n abhi were dancing when abhi asked why were u dancing with him.pragya said tit for tat,u danced with her would I feel.abhi said ,pragya i cant see u dancing with someone,pragya said same here too.okk lets leave it.

After sometime abhi said pragya come let’s announce that ur my wife. Abhi announced when all were spellbound,especially one person was more irritated it was none other than DG .she was looking at them as burning pragya alive.all congratulated them.

DG signalled someone .person came out it was suprise (guess whom), both planned to drop chandelier on pragya .

All staffs asked abhigya for a dance performance.they too agreed n stands on the stage.(suddenly all goes black power cut hehahehaaa I’ll put lights on next epi.till then its your princess biding bye meet u all in next epi)

Precap:dg to understand abhigya love n leave them one more secret revealed.. .probably last epi..

Guys i know i update like once in a blue moln.pls forgive always saying like this na. I feel solace by ur comments.its the source that makes me happy,whenever im pls forgive me n comment

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