My wife is my true love abhigya abhis mera love story (Part 10) Last

Music starts….

Nenjorama..(lights on) oru kadhal thulirumbodhu
Kannorama sirukanner thuligal yaeno
Kanalanae..en kannal unna kaithakida nan ninachenae
Kanneerula oru mai polavae unnodu Sera thudichaenae

Abhi was looking into pragyas eyes.he was lost in her caged eyes.he remembered how he refused to marry her n how he was convinced n how he married her.

Manasula poongathu new paakum desaiyil vesum bodhu
Namakkunu oru desam
Adhil iruvarum sernthu onna vazhvom….

Pragya was reminiscing how she fell in love with abhi since school days,how she used to pass his desk to get a glance of him.their marriage.

Marriage moments ,vows all came in eyes of abhigya.tears welled in pragyas eyes,while abhi wiped it n twirled her.

Kannale kannale
End mela end mela
Theeya yerunjiputa
Solladhu sollala ullnenjil yeno
Kalavaram purinjiputta…..

Pragya reminisces their confession on forest, some romantic moments.abhi pulled her close to him,as if someone would snatch her.

Kaadhal ragam new Shane
Un vazhvin geedham nan Shane
Kadhalodu vazhvaenae
Indga vazhvin ellam ponnalum

Abhi was feeling restless,he looked at pragya smiling face ,something bothered him…..

Marandhadhu illai
Unnai ninaikka mupozhudhum
Karaiyavillai un idhayam
Kalangugirane yeppzhudhum
Kadhalinale ippozhudhum.

DG was feeling these lines for her,how she loved him,love if she had really loved him,she wouldn’t have try to hurt his love,instead she would have wished him to be happy.she saw abhigya dancing with so much love,she realized she was too late pragya captured his heart.she was thinking why she hadn’t confessed her love before,tears flow from her eyes. She wipes it with a determined face n confronts abhis maa.but his maa refused.wait what(now I’ll disclose surprise, who helped DG to send letters to pragya was abhis mom,she was person DG talked to).

DG loves abhi at first sight.she came to park for him.she decided to confront abhi n say her feelings, but unfortunately abhi married on that day.she doesn’t know about this.when she came to know she decided to move,but abhis mom who didn’t like pragya supported her n instigated her).that’s all shocked hey na meet too.

Back to dance..

Jannal oram thendral katru veesum bodhilae(abhi cups pragyas face n brings it closer,DG decided to leave abhi).
Kangal rendum kadhal oodu pesum bodhilae
Iyarkaiadhu viyandhudumae
In azhagil dhinam dhinamae
Mazhai varume mazhai varume
En manadhukul puyalvarume…

Pragya slightly pushes abhi n dances with him.DG said to man not to cut chandelier else he’ll go to jail,that man went away. DG was satisfied .but abhis mom said man to cut chandelier n she’ll give extra Money, it should be exactly on pragya. This was recorded by someone……guess whom??

DG was enjoying party,now she was free of guilt…..

Chandelier was about to fall on pragya, but abhi saved her.she hugged him out of fear ,all staff look afraid.abhi said pragya nothing will happen to you.I’m there na.see me n lifted her chin,she hugged him…

Fb pragya saw chandelier was about to fall on abhi she moved abhi n now abhi saw chandelier was about to fall on her n pulled her along with him.

DG was shocked, she knew who did this,abhi asked who did this??!someone said ur maa,abhi looked at person,it was none other than dadi.dadi what are u saying abhi asked???/dadi said yes abhi it’s ur maa,she only used this girl DG to separate u both but it failed,so today she decided to drop chandelier on pragya. This girl here sent that man realizing her mistake,but ur mom n showed video(yo dadi only recorded video,appluases to all who guessed it right)..

Fb dadi saw abhis maa scolding pragya always n found out truth,she was following both,she saw all DG n abhis maa did.

All staffs went except DG abhi pragya dadi n abhis maa.DG explained all n claimed forgiveness.pragya forgave her.abhi too.she went.

Abhi was broken now he asked why ma why??? Why u decided to kill her???? U know na how much I love her he literally shouted.abhis mom realized her mistake but it was too late.

She was crying Sor…rrr… ..bbhh.hi.abhi was crying pragya consoled him.she went near sasu maa n said maa its okk u made a mistake but now let’s forget that.abhi said pragya. Pragya said meri kasam…abhi I don’t want our family to separate.abhi said see maa the girl u tried to hurt is supporting you, see her maa,she’s an angel.abhis maa hugged pragya n muttered sorry n about to fall on her leg as she felt that the girl whom she tried to kill stopped breakage of relations.but pragya made her stand n said maa u must always give us blessings only n kneeled at her feet.abhis mom wished her.all had a family hug.

All make mistakes,bit when they are repenting truly forgive them….

Few days later.

Abhi was standing in balcony ,when too hands encircled his waist,he knew who it was n pulled her in front made her lie on his chest.both looked at the moon.n abhi abhi said my wife is my true love n this is my love story…..

Few yrs later…
Abhi was running behind a girl n shouting stop,she said no daddy no n ran.yes shes is abhigya daughter.

Later all give pose for a family photo with their little Angel n to be coming soon rock star.pragya is 6 months pregnant now.

Abhi said this is my no our love story.he finished saying

True love will always reach us,whatever may be all,see u all with another story.

This is ur princess signing off,see u all with another dazzling ff.thanks for all in who commented in my all episodes..thanks all love u all bye umahhhhhh….

Now my crazy brain has got a new crazy idea,I’m going to post it soon.

I have replied to all ur comments in previous epi pls check out n sorry for not mentioning all ur names.running out of time as my phone is going to be dead in few mins only 12 mins.okay enough of my abkk bakkk hope it reaches all ur expectation if so pls comments …

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