My wife is my true love abhigya abhis mera love story (Part 1)

Hi guys I’m here to share my love story to u all I’m abhishek u all know me as the famous business young entrepreneur yes let me start my story

In 2014 on December 14 I saw her my love yes it was love at first sight that girl was beautiful she was very cute she was helping some old people n helped a little girl fr her food too n bought her some magazine saying to sell that n get money n not to beg she was angelic her each n every moment killed me ya so I decided to follow god only knows the boy who hated love is now in love I missed her yes I searched fr her but never saw her daily I waited in the spot where I met her I was hopeful I’ll meet her

Days passed one day our family went to a function it was marriage of my brothers friend hello guys that cute guy with pink shirt n black jean is my bro purab I call him doll as he behaves as my sis.I called doll n asked him why is his friend covering her face he said its a tradition bhai suddenly there was a chaos the boy had eloped n girls family was crying dadi n purab consoled them dadi said my grandson will marry her but girls family said they r frnds na dadi corrected my elder grandson abhishek prem mehra will u give ur daughters hands to my grandson all nodded happily n dadi convinced me too purab my doll said bhai he many days will u search n wait fr that girl u don’t know anything abt her na but I assure uu that muffin I mean my friend is more understanding n suitable to u pls agree finally agreed it was on 2015 January 21 I married that girl yes I was not that much happy not sad too a kind of mixed feeling settled in my heart precap my meet with my dream girl my wife’s request with new twist n turns 360 degree rotation in my life

Hi guys this is just a six shots I think so pls support me

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    Nice one update soon

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  9. tooo sweet yaar proceed

  10. wow another story you rocked it seems very interesting can’t wait for the next one

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  11. Nice yaar pls continue further….

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