She is my wife – a shivika OS (ishqbaaz)


hola! how r u pals? i m writing an OS after a long time..n this is a short one based on current situation with a twisted ending…
i hope you like it!

most of the people feel happy and delighted when they marry…but me? i feel obnoxious.. i,being his wife, should pray for his well-being and should love him, but at this instance all i feel is hate… but the problem is whenever i think of going deep into this feeling, the older one pops into my mind telling me “no!!u dont”..
all i have learnt from this is human feelings are the worst of a kind, how could i actually fall in love with a person who dosent respect any other person,other than his own family as a human being..! how could he marry me in such a manner?..i thought putting up the vermillion up on my head and letting a tear escape my eyes as i got ready
“annika!annika!” i heard a voice calling out and turn back to see daadi..
“yes daadi” i replied…

“annika,u still havent worn the dress? do it fast” daadi said..
i smiled n nodded… but daadi noticed the wetness on my cheek..n she continued “dont worry! bad times come in life,but they always come up to show something better…i wont force you to accept billu or forgive him..but i would say,give him time..cuz ofcourse u have to live together forever..”

i replied her now “i guess there is only bad time in my life..n this was an agreement daadi,i luved him but i didnt wish to marry him like this,once tia comes he will break it,so there is nothing like forever…”

daadi told “i know the way he got you married to him was wrong,but the decision of marrying you was right…god always does things on purpose..n if he has made this jodi by himself then he will do anything for not letting it break”
i n daadi both had tears as we hugged…

daadi :chal chal bahut senti ho gaya you dress and come out the whole crowd is there for you and billu,cuz u r the new oberoi bahu”
shivaay was listenining to the convo…and as daadi turned around he stepped inside…

before leaving daadi said loud enough for both of us to hear “haaye! how good they billu is soon gonna be ishqbaaz..this love is destined”
—(now this is not from annika’s perspective)
both of them had a sudden unwanted blushed..and daadi turned around to see it as omru pointed it from the door…
daadi: billu! sharma baad mein lena ,pehle bahu ko jaldi neeche laa

and daadi went out..
ru:aniiikaaa bhaaabhi!

“shivaaay!!”” someone shouted,such that the whole mansion echoed with the word..
ru:aila! yeh kaun teesra aa gya??

everyone assembled in the hall…n to their utter shock,tia was back!
but the bigger shock was that,behind her came another man..n everyone had open mouths..
om:yeh kisko laayi ho tum tia?
pinky:oh gods tia! dont tell me tum iski vajah se bhaagi….

“aisa swaagat toh mera tab bhi nahi hua th jab mai makksat se aaya tha” he said…
annika:” dekhiya.if a murder happened yesterday,and you are here to blame shivaay singh oberoi again.then let me tell you,he married yesterday night”
acp: ” aree ms.annika , aap toh hyper hi ho gayi,dont worry! i just came to return your wife mr.oberoi, we found her tied or should i say kidnapped in jungle..”
everyone is looking at acp then tia..then acp then tia..

tia: its true shivaay baby! acp saved me..i was kidnapped that is why i couldnt sit in mandap”
acp: that means you both are not married..but wait..??!! ms.annika or should i say mrs.annika..when did u get married and how much were you paid gain by your boss?”
shiv:shut up randhawa!
acp: ahh! i m scared.! Mr.oberoi ,seriously u should use your mouth for better things..
ann:but this is none of your bussiness..
acp: sorry ms annika or should i say mrs.annika shivaay singh oberoi, as long as the things are fishy and they require investigation they are my business..
tia:shivaay u married her? this girl? how could u ..she has no class,lineage and blood? what happened to your thinking?
acp: look! that is why i am here to mrs.shivaay singh oberoi, shivaay’s fiancee got kidnapped and you married your boss? what could be the reason, cuz you wont marry anyone out of goodwill,and if it is luv then mr.sso would have broken up with tia,but instead she got kidnapped?(shivaay fuming)
tia:she! annika kidnapped me!(shouting)
shivaay:tia just dont! it was who you left the note..!
acp:oh so there was a note as well, what was it written on it “my last wish is that you marry annika and forget me” or ” i m not ready and i love sum1else”..
tia:dont get personal…
acp:why dont i? this is a case…kidnapping fraud and deal? am i not right mrs.annika? what is the duration of this bond of false marriage? and how much are you getting after it , 1crore,2 cror,35 crores or more?
shi:just stop this acp! enough is enough!
acp: calm down mr.oberoi..i have just started..and why are you avoiding it? anyone would question you and your wife’s,to be noted real wife’s identity and dignity..not to forget only a few months back you both spent a night together,and she got her job back,and now when tia got kidnapped you both married? badhe hi chupparustom ho aap dono! she did a deal with you for money and you called it family pride saver,but the truth might be that she and you..every night….cuz you can never trust a girl who could sleep with a guy..and marry for money
shiva::just keep you gob shut! enough is enough! not a word more about annika! and i dont need to explain anyone who tries to put mud on a pure hearted girl like her!
and if you still have the courage to speak a word more..remember, she is annika shivaay singh oberoi and if she gets hurt i wont leave a stone unturned to give you the same with interest!
(annika ghooring shivaay n shivaay thinks he shouldnt have said this)
acp:its ohk mr.oberoi..but tell me what will you do with tia,your wife in front of the world,keeping both of the wives int the same room and…
ann:you may leave mr.randhawa! thats enough for the day!
acp:nice choice,mr.oberoi!your wife is just like her husband…but like she said ..enough for the day! will see you soon…

pinky:ab tia aa gayi hai so she will face the worls as oberoi’s bahus..
daadi:no! now she cant!

and after alot of argument ,it is decided that tia will face the audience today.

pinky: vo annika,please would you takes this jwellery and outfit outs
annika nods.
daadi:no annika wont!
tej:i agree suz she is the real bahu
pink: no! i wanted my bahus to wear it infront of all! so you wear something else annika and take these out and let tia wear!(annika feels low)
shivaay:mom its ok..tia will wear something else..let annika wear this
n thus tia wears something else…
@reception,whole media is gathered to see mrs.tia and mr.shivaay..the hall is beautifully set..and everyone is waiting..
n as they entered the whole crowd started taking pics of the couple..but there was a twist in every pic as shivaay tia and annika went down in all photos annika was also present..

after some time..
shivaay! someone called out..
da:yeh my buddy! but why r u looking so tensed after seeing me?
shi:no not at all daksh! why would i?
da:i m very angry from you..
da:such a big thing happened and you never told could u..specially when it was related to me..? i m dissapointed.
shi: vo vo..i m sorry daksh! but i had no other option! but dont worry its for a day!
da:what do u mean for a day!?
shi:yess! i didnt wanted to but then..b
da:come on! thats a good thing! u finally wore green, my favourite colour ! u should wear it often..
shi:oh! you were talking about that!
da:yess! what did u think?..umm..anyways leave that,tell me where is my wife?
shi:WIFE? who? (getting nervous)
da:bhai pareshaan kyu ho raha hai? wife nahi but still fiancee…i am talking about your wedding planner,my annika!
shi: annika? i dont know..
da:ohk i ll find my khayalo ki rani,baharo ki mallika,my annika..
shi: go search her..and tu yeh my-my krna bund krde!
da:kyu? teri waali ko toh my karke nahi bol raha naa?
ru:ab kaun samjhaae daksh bhaiya ko ki ab unki waali unki naa hoke shivaay bhaiya ki ho gayi hai..

da:annika! annika!
da:aree what happened? why is every1 shocked looking at me?
ann:shocked ? no not at all..i m rather surprised..
(shivaay finally found them)
da:ohk so tell me my darling,did u miss me..(he said holding her hand)
ann: um..yes i did miss u!
da: only miss me? i thought u missed me alot..that is why your eyes look like that..(he said encircling her )
ann:alot..but please let me go now..some1 will see..
da:let them..i wont go until i..
da: i kiss u..(he said moving his face closer to hers)
and as they went to a distance of cms away..shivaay came and seperated him..
shi:daksh..i was waiting for u!atleast spare some time for your friend as well and annika..go handle the pooja thali..

and shivaay took daksh away and annika went to the kitchen..daksh made an excuse and went to the kitchen…
annika was busy checking things…when daksh came from behind and tried to back hug her…annika suddenly turned back making daksh shocked… all she said was sorry i cant..
and shivaay was the silent spectator..

daksh was on phone..
“yes mom dad aajao”..
shivaay asked “what happened? aunty uncle are coming?”
daksh: ” yes they thought they would bless you and moreover,finalise the date of our wedding”
shivaay: wedding?
daksh:yes! but teri toh ho chuki hai,meri sunkr tere paseene kyu choot rahe hai?
shi:naah! i m happy..but i still think u should give you relation some time…
da:when we both know we luv each other, and i love her, she has become my junoon,so why should i spare a day unmarried now?
shi: b..
ann:daksh! daadi bula rahi hai
da:coming angel!

ann:where r u taking me daksh!?
da: dont worry! just a few mins more..then we will go to room.
ann:room? but what is in the room?
(shivaay overhears)
(shi goes to daksh’s room and is astonished to see a led screen representing annika’s pic)
but he moves out to see daksh taking annika in the old guest room where no one goes..
he follows….
ann:what is this daksh?
dak: u r happy right?
ann: u think i ll be happy!? these flowers,candles..we r not yet married…
dak: i cant control annika..i love you ..and you are so irresistable..
ann:not before we get married..
(daksh comes very close to her even after her several negotiations and he pushes her to bed)
shivaay is angry as cant do a thing….
and he thinks to himself that he wont spae him later,as he is forcing annika..

meanwhile,daksh too sits on gets shocked seeing the hidden mangalsutra…n stands up..
da: u ..u married annika?
ann:vo…(She had her eyes down..n a tear escaped)
da:what the..who is that guy…
anni dosent answer
da:i said who is the guy annika! if u dont tell me like this i would have to try other means to get the answer..
anni cries louder
(shivaay controlig himself)
da:stop it annika! dont cry! tell me the name-n he is dead!
(she cries more_
da:ohk fine! will u marry me?
ann nods….. n leaves..

as she is leaving..shivaay grabs her hand and pulls her inside the room..
shi: u said yes to marry daksh?
ann: what is wrong? he loves me? soon,u wil give me a divorce
shi: but he ..he is forcing u..
ann: u dont tell me what is forcing! atleast he proposed me…u were the one who didnt ask me n forced me ,blackmailing me and doing what not..
shi:no! u wont marry him
ann:n what makes u think so?! atleast he is not insane like you
shi: i m not insane! he is! he is forcing u n u r not stopping him..
ann: u r no1 to interfere in my life! n u r no one to point out he is forcing..cuz u r no less! infact u r an animal….n he is not forcing,he just wants to get close to his fiance
shi:bt u r not his fiancee now..n u r not comfortable when he is around..
ann:how do u know?
shi:cuz i saw u!
ann:ohh! so u have started stalking me as well! wow mr oberoi..n if u r talking about uncomfortable being around him..then just look at us! look at me when i m with u!
shi: we..we look comfortable..n u with him look uncomfortable!
ann:thats bcuz i dont like getting close to any man… n i love him..!
shi: u..u what?
n he left rapidly..

__________(skipping parts)

and the special thing is that that me and annika are going to get married,the next week..i wanted to marry today only..but i guess this girl should get all the special treatment..
everyone claps except (we know)
sh:no! u cant dkash!
da: why cant i? n why r u behind me telling me to not marry?
sh: i m saying u cant cuz u cant!
da: no shivaay! u r no1 to decide about me and my annika!
shi:for god sake,she isint your annika!
da: then whose she is ?Are you the one?
shi: dont change the thing! it jsut to clingy “my” “my” “my”
daksh: oh really! but she is mine n i can say that ! my,my and my!
shi:stop it man!
da: why? because u u luv her?
shi:no i dont!
da:then why so jealous?
shi: no i m not! i m just saying u cant marry her!
da:but who r u to decide? its my life..
shi:its annika’s as well ! n i dont care..all i want is that to say is that u cant marry her!
da:ohk! i prepone the date..sorry annika but we r marrying tommorow..(he said grabbing her by waist)
shivaay took of his hand keeping his hand on annika’s waist ,indirectly claiming her..(daksh looking tedha eyed)
shi:thats too early for u two!
da:bt why?(shouting badly)
shi: cuz she is my wife god dam’it!
n i love her !( he said announcing to the world that annika is his wife n only she belongs to him, n no other girl)
da:what?!is he the one annika?
annika noded..daksh face’s colours changed…
and shivaay made annika face towards him and pushed her closer..n their heads joined..
( daksh shocked shivaay rocked)
ru:uhh! uhh!

and at the end,
daksh to himself,wont spare you so easily my friend..
i know this was the crankiest ever ..out of the ones i this kind off represents my mood in iddle :p..sorry for this bad thing after a long time..
n u can throw tomatoes n eggs..both would help for skin n hair 😛 .. i know its bad but still i should still ask you for comments n views..
so please do comment n share your views..
bad views not accepted :p (mazaak tha)
i hope u like it!
lots of luv

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    That was awesome

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  4. I love it. There was so much feelings in this ff. i really liked it cant wait to see what happens next.

  5. Mukta

    Haha…???? if u really want me to throw tomatoes & eggs then….???? but only for ur skin kyunki update toh bahut achhi hai!!!!!! I loved the OS in fact?? awesome yar….. wonderful?????

  6. Pinkyyy

    Amazing os dear ???

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    Fab… OS

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