Why you?????

Why you????
Hi guys!! Here iam with certain prospects which I feel might be the reason behind The swasan and thahaan phenomenon.
First of all I think swalak have been amazing from the start as a pair they appear young, fresh …etc etc. But the on-screen presence of vk and helly took tolls in fan’s mind…especially when a suitation arose in the soap swaragini where laksh loses confidence on swara’s sayings and marries ragini ,,, the Swasan’s rapport became stronger. Fans don’t accept it all of a sudden when a lead is being changed… unless and until it hits their minds & strikes their hearts hard…& clearly swasan made a clean sweep of fans hearts…. One should admit it..
Some even might have ran into thoughts like” I too want someone like sanskaar in my life!!!”. The eyelocks, romance makes us go awwwwww!!!!!!! They killed it man! the impact of it is such that the fans blush off seeing their on-screen chemistry. Mostly in each and every episode one expects atleast 1-2 swasan scenes. For me I don’t mind even seeing an half-an hour romance overflowing swasan scenes..

Even when the show is draggy with a more slow-paced track the swasan and raglak tracks have managed to pull off the tracks…I feel love is in air.. when there is a swasan scene…exceptionally great actors varun kapoor & helly shah…I love you both….
Thahaan … I really feel bad that the track is not satisfying as of now as they are separated and for me I had an inner feeling from the start that tharuv may not be paired ….. bcoz
1. Tharuv met , both clashed and eventually dhruv fell for thapki.
2. Their love was mild,breezy and initially I felt they may part ways soon as their separation would make the track interesting..
3. Bihaan’s heroic entry with a rocking BGM created an impact as dhruv didn’t have anything like that….
4. His character and the hatred between thahaan made the fact that its gonna be thahaan…
I feel that mostly an unusual , unexpected pairing strikes to be a hit among fans……

What do you think guys…….???????

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  1. Vyshu10

    True…vahe’s chesmistry is awesome. Swasan scenes leave us blushing

  2. Raina

    absolutely true….. i always expect swasan scenes in every episode and i have blushed a lot of times seeing swasan. good work! aradhana

  3. Aradhana

    Thankyou raina…

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