Why you Cared for me? Part-4


Recap: Sanskaar asked Sujata to stop.


Sanskaar: Maaaaa. Please stop this. This argument has no result. Swara lets just finish it here.

Swara: No Sanskaar. No. Let me say this. Lakshay’s engagement to Ragini. His fake care for her make her think that Lakshay too like her. The way Lakshay took stand for Ragini. The way he helped us to unite our parents. Even I make her mind that Lakshay starts liking her. But when Lakshay announces his love for me, shatters her. Even you….you Sanskaar…..you also played with her feelings to complete your revenge.

Sanskaar in deep shock. His face reflects his guilt.

Sanskaar: Sorry Swara.

Swara: Sorry Sanskaar. I don’t want to hurt you. You are my best friend. But I love my sister too.

Ragini run to Swara and hugs her.

Ragini: Sorry Swara. I am really sorry. You opened my eyes. I am wrong Swara. I am. I don’t want anyone’s forgiveness. I just want you. I want just the swaragini back. I don’t want Lakshay. I just want to feel sorry to you and maa-papa. Sorry Swara.

Ragini cried vigorously. She is truly guilty.

Swara: Ragini…I have forgotten everything. I am happy that you realise your mistake. I just want maa-baba reunion. I don’t want apart you from Lakshay.

Lakshay starts clapping. Everyone shocked to Lakshay’s reaction.

Lakshay: Oh! Ragini lastly you spoke. So, you realise your mistake and that too so sudden after committing so many sins and Swara….what are you saying? Marriage is not joke. Right! Right everyone.

Swara shakes head in agreement with hope that Lakshay will accept Ragini.

Lakshay: ohk! Swara…I will accept your sister. But I have a condition. Will you fulfill it?

Precap: Swara looks shocked.

Credit: Priyanka.

Plz let me know should i continue….

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  1. Yes plz do continue…hp ur fction is based on swasan n raglak…

    1. yes…thankx…i’ll try to upload the next part soon

  2. Nice yr, keep going..

    1. thanku

  3. Swasan please

    1. 🙂

  4. yes pls continue priyanka..u r gng well

    1. thanku dear..:)

  5. Cool..plz continue…loved it

    1. i have already mailed the 5th part.:)

  6. plz now you give rags +ve roll

    1. Priyanka singh

      i have already given her +ve role.

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