Why you Cared for me? Part-3


Precap: Sanskaar in shock about what Swara said just a minute before. He is the only one there who understands Swara’s pain that it’s not only the Ragini who betrayed her…but Lakshay also hurt Swara by not trusting her in her hard times.


Sanskaar is feeling a deep urge of hugging Swara because he knows that Swara needs it right now. He is the only one who can understand the pain which Swara is undergoing right now. He saw towards Swara and not found a single tear in her eye but he knows that she is crying deep inside. He is feeling like to kill Ragini for giving pain to Swara. He just wants to take away Swara from this situation. He doesn’t want love in return of his love for Swara. He just want a smiling Swara whom he can only watch. He truly cared a lot about here.

Sanskaar deep thought suddenly got broke by Lakshay’s voice.

Lakshay: oh! Swara so you want to said that I am the culprit. And your darling sister Ragini is a victim who bears my crime.

Swara: No Lakshay… I am not saying that you are a culprit but Ragini is also not a sinner. I am just saying that she commits a mistake but she loves you.

Sujata: oh! You too feel so that Ragini made a mistake. Then why don’t you correct her mistake.

Sarmistha: sorry Sujata ji…but what you want to say? I am not getting you.

Sujata: Simple. I am just saying correct your sister’s mistake and get married to Lakshay again.

Everyone is in shock about what Sujata said. On the other hand Lakshay feels a little relived that there is someone in the house who understands him and wants his and Swara union.

DP: Sujata….

Anapurnna stopping DP from saying forward because she knows DP got really angry after hearing Sujata.

Anapurnna: Sujata what are you saying? Marriage is not joke. How can we make Swara and Lakshay get married again?

Dadi: Anapurnna ji is right this cannot happen.

Shekhar: I am also agree with maa. Sarmistha What you have to say about it?

Sarmistha: I am also against Lakshay and Swara’s marriage. I can’t do this to my daughter Ragini. I promised her if she will say truth then I’ll help her to ask forgiveness from all of you.

Ragini in shock.

Ragini: Maa….

Sarmistha: yes Ragini. I am with you. I know you do wrong but I can also see the guilt of that in your eyes. Only a mom can understand their child.

Sujata: But jiji…. Why not? Even earlier Lakshay and Swara marriage is fixed. It’s just Ragini who doesn’t let it happen. But now when her betrayal is known to us. Then why not to unite Swara and Lakshay.

Lakshay: yes papa. Kaki ji is right. Why not now? ……why not now maa?

Swara: Stop it Lakshay. Stop it. Are you in your senses?

Sujata: why Swara? What’s wrong with it? Don’t you love Lakshay. Say Swara don’t you.

Sanskaar: MAAAAA…

Precap: Sanskaar stands with Swara to make family agree to accept Ragini again.

Credit: Priyanka

Note: hope you guys loved story track. Eagerly waiting for comments. Plz let me know if the story goes boring.

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  1. Nice please keep it swasan only and update is too short

  2. Pls updt long 1s dr n its nt at al boring, atleast i dnt thnk so.

  3. Wow so sanskaar is again standing with swara !! Coooool !! Pls update d nxt part yaar priyanka !!

    1. 🙂

  4. super i like it

    1. thanku dear…

      hope u like next part…:)

  5. Hey dear u story is nice nd nt boring but plz show some romance between swasan

    1. thanku..
      there is lots of romance in swasan…im upcoming parts…stay in touch.

  6. It is good, keep it up.

  7. Sanskar’s feelings are jst awesome dr ….keep gng

    1. ha ha ha ha….
      yes dear….

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