why so much pain in your love? (part 14)

I vry hardly opened my eyes.it was bunny.he blind fold my eyes..i dnt where we came..he unfolded my eyes..I was in alan’s flat..it was decorated..every1 was there..bunny,appu,alan,maira and appu’s two co workers too…i couldnt understand anythng for a while…every one sang “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR SONA”…Wht???today is my brthday???jesus..i forgot 🙂
Bunny hugged me and said happy birthday di..he kissed me..i was surprised..appu too hugged me and wished me..every1 wished individualy..bt alan didnt..i looked at him..he was smiling..he came to me gave me a box..
alan:get ready fast my princess
i went to get ready..it was a pink half sleev gown,rose flowers works r in it.appu helped me to get ready..every1 was waiting..we went to hall.
bunny:di u r looking like a princess
i smiled at him..i cut cake..i made to bunny eat first he gave me too then appu..i went to alan..i gave him cake piece in plate
alan:dnt u make me eat?
i:sure 🙂
we all enjoyed a lot..it was my frst brthday which i enjoyed a lot. if where in our home,we will celebrate it secretly..only for bunny’s sake..otherways i dnt want to celebrate my brthday..

appu and bunny gave me gifts..bunny’s was our family pic..appu gave me a bracelet A and S letters are hanged in that..i like bracelets..evry1 goes..only we 4 remained..bunny slept in sofa..;)

appu told tht she is sleepy..
alan:u can sleep in another room ma’m
appu:thnx alan gdnt..sonu come
i:am cmng

alan stood infrnt of me..he gave me a box..
i opened..wow!!! it was a pair of beautiful ear rings!!
i:its so beautiful..thnq so much alan
alan:u liked it or lying?
i:no alan it is realy superb
he smiled..the ear ring was like a butterfly..hw he knw my likes???
i:hw do u knw that i like butterfies
alan:its magic
alan:ok gdnt

i started to go to work..jay came to my cabin
jay:where were u?
i:in my home
jay:why dnt u came to office?wht happened ur phn?
i:i was ill..why r u asking all this?
jay:coz i care for u
i:u r nt
jay:pls sona..dnt make scenes..i realy want a patch up with u
i:oh realy…bt i dnt want

just then alan came there..

alan:sona..my file???
i gave him file..
alan:why r u doing here jay??
jay:nthng sir..i…i just
alan:jay pls come with me..
they both went

alan to jay:dnt try to hurt her again..she may

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Same pinch..i too like Bracelets and I have a great collection of it..Gift segment is nice.. Wat.. jay too working on Alan’s office..interesting..pls don’t make jay pair with Sona..i like Alan he is understanding and I want him to pair with Sona..
    Take care di..

    • Ruby

      yeah liyu sona and jay wrk in alan’s office..i thnk u didnt read that part..bt i dnt remember which part i wrote that jay works in alan’s office..i just type the story when it came to my mind..didnt write in paper first..
      and my memory is also too weak..i cant remember things for a long time 🙂 lv u dr tc

  2. NiTesh

    Going good.. don’t make it a happy ending .. samjhi kamini.. bht khoob ja rhi hai.. meri hawa lag gyi tereko tabhi accha likh rhi hai ???

  3. Hayathi

    Wowww ruby dr it was too gud i think alan is the perfect guy for sona….. is it….. and before u love someone plzzzz remember ur parents will agree or not…. because for them it is very critical condition to take a decision between you and your future….. ha ha ha

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.