Why Shivaay – OS

It all happened after annika and shivaay’s conversation in his room when annika left asking him to prepare for her wedding with vikram.

Why shivaay?
The entire mansion was beautifully decorated and the guests had arrived. It was the engagement ceremony of annika and vikram. It seemed like a happy occasion but not many people looked happy. With a heavy heart gauri went to call shivaay, still hoping for him to cancel the engagement.
An absent minded shivaay was getting ready. Gauri called him and together they went downstairs for the engagement. A number of emotions were running through him making restless but he wasn’t going to change his decision. His heart was aching but his ego and anger won. He stood along with a glum vikram who was mentally cursing Shivaay for getting him back from Nasik. It was time for the ceremony and everyone was waiting for annika. And then something happened.
Rudra came and informed shivaay that annika wasn’t there in her room.
Shivaay: are you sure rudra, did you check every where
Rudra: yea bhaiyya, I’ve checked all the rooms

Bhavya: yea bhaiyya, her phone was also lying on her bed
Shivaay: where is she? Khanna check the cctv
Khanna went to check while the guests began gossiping and bad mouthing annika. This made shivaay furious
Shivaay: enough, not a word more. This celebration ia over, you all can leave
When the guests had left, pinky began her drama
Pinky: wow shivaay now because of that girl society is mocking us. This girl is nothing but trouble
Shivaay: stop it mom

Khanna came back and informed him that annika had left a couple hours after he had returned and he showed him the footage. A broken annika walked out of the house. Om noticed something in the video that no one else did
Om: shivaay, look annika has her mangalsutra in her hand. She’s left shivaay and it’s all because of you.
Rudra: yes, had you not forced this engagement on her, she wouldn’t have left. It’s all because of you bhaiyya. Why can’t you see how much she loves you

Shivaay: enough rudra, how can you forget what she did 3 months ago and she wouldn’t tell me the reason as well. And i didn’t force her, she was already engaged wasn’t she
Om: enough Shivaay, yes she broke your heart but you should trust her. She has her reasons. You go lengths to protect us, so does she, she can give her life to save you, infact she has given her life to save you. For once Shivaay just let go of this and follow your heart. Let’s go rudra, we have to find her
Shivaay stormed out towards his room and started breaking things in anger.

Pov: ughh annika i just can’t understand you. Why can’t you trust me? I remember everything that you told me when i was intoxicated. When you could do all that drama in front of everyone then why can’t you admit that in front of the family. Please annika come back i need you. Why didn’t you trust me, i wasn’t going to get you engaged to vikram. We belong together, i had a plan to stop this engagement. I have to find her
Saying so left to look for her. Somewhere in a park, annika was sitting on the bench and sobbing.

Pov: why Shivaay? Why did you do this to me? Why can’t you see how much i love you? I poured my heart out and still you didn’t budge, you only care about knowing the truth. Why can’t you see my pain?why couldn’t you trust me? I can’t tell you the truth Shivaay. I saw how broken you were when i told you and I’m glad you don’t remember anything. Today you left me no choice, i can’t be with someone else, i can’t ever move on. I’ll leave forever. I know Shivaay will look after sahil. I’m sorry sahil, I’m leaving you but i can’t live like this anymore. My life has come to that point when i can neither be with shivaay nor live without him.

And she continued crying, her eyes swollen due to crying so much.
Shivaay was looking for her everywhere but all her efforts went in vain. He checked chanda’s house, her old house, he checked every temple. No one knew where she was. Sahil was worried and couldn’t stop crying. Gauri tried hard to console him but it all went in vain. Then someone called gauri and informed her about anika’s whereabouts. It was her actor friend/brother who spotted annika crying in the park and immediately informed gauri. She was confused whether to inform omru or Shivaay. She texted Shivaay first hoping her elder brother would solve everything. The text message was a ray of hope for Shivaay, he immediately reached the park and saw his love. He approached her with a heavy heart, at this moment all he wanted was to hug her and never let go. As he approached her, annika sensed him and looked at him.
Shivaay: annika, how could you leave me again huh

Annika: shivaay i can’t
Shivaay: what did you think i would have let this engagement happen. Don’t you trust me at all. I’m sorry annika, i forced you to tell me the truth. I don’t want to that anymore, please can we go back to normal. I can’t lose you annika
Annika hugged him and they stayed like that for a while.
Annika: shivaay do you trust me
Shivaay: yes annika

Annika: please don’t ask me to tell you the truth
Shivaay: annika, i.. i remember everything. I’m sorry i just wanted you to admit in front of the family that whatever you did 3 months ago was for a reason. I wanted everyone to accept you whole heartedly and forget the past
Annika: it’s okay shivaay. You’re all that matters to me

Shivaay: but you know, I’m mad at you. How could you go away like that, you didn’t even think about sahil
Annika: i know you love him and you’d always look after him
Shivaay: don’t you ever ever do that again okay or I’ll never forgive you. I love you annika you’re my life
Annika: i love you too shivaay, i love you a lot. And they hugged, feeling each other, holding on to each other to never let go again
The night became beautiful witnessing their love, their bond which was only getting stronger.

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