Why me? Chapter 9


Chapter 9

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Still the Masked angels pov

The reporter asked TK: “We heard that u love someone but she left u, Maybe she is with someone else now.” TK coldly said: “She never left me, I’m the one, who left her when she needed me the most I’m her culprit and we are best friends, I love her from childhood but when MT threthen me to kill her then I thought of loosing her makes me weak and I left her for her betterment I never thought that it will break her heart.” and he starts to cry and said: “where are you Malika, I need you, please come back to me and I will promise you, that I will never hurt you again.” “Wow!” Thereporter said, cause she was shocked.All brothers were consoling TK, so she asked IK about his lovelife. “I dont need to tell you about my love.” After saying that he looked into the camera and said: “The girl, who I love and lives in my heart, if she is watching this programm, she will know, that it was always her and will be forever.”

She asked ShK: “The most talented actor Shahid Khurana, everyone is crazy after you, so tell us, do you have someone who makes you go crazy?” “No, I don’t have someone, who makes me crazy but I have someone, who makes me smile, I have someone who knows, when need her the most.” “My noor is my Ashnoor.” “The one, who shines brightly in my life and I’m the one who brings darkness into her life.” “I’m the one, who broke her heart on that day, when she told me, that I’m the one, whom she loves more then her life, but you guys can see, what did I, just because of some warnings of MT, I left her.” “I’m an coward.” He said, while he had tears in his eyes.

“So VK, now it’s your turn.” “Millions of fan girls are after you, cause you are the most dashing and charming actor, we all wanna know about your life do you have someone in ur life as well as your brothers do? ” I have a girl in my live and I know, that she’s still waiting for me and always prays for my betterment, but I’m not worthy of her love, my Astha the most beautiful girl in the earth, she loved me purely, but what did I do, I betrayed and left her, when she needed me the most, I’m sorry Astha, if you are listening to this, I’m really very sorry, but the truth is, that my love for you is very weak.” “That’s one of the reasons, why I left you, but still I couldn’t forget you, cause I love you more than anything in my life.”

“Sk, like we all know you are one of the hottest celebrity of India, did you find the love of your?” She asked him. “Yeah, she is one of the most intelligent of all the sisters.” “You guys guessed it right, all these girls are sisters.” “My love for My Fizoo, never stopped, I’m like an lifeless soul without her.”
She came like an angel in my life and left like an angel as well, Fizoo, if you see this interview anywhere, then you will know how my life is without.” “And the devdas or Majnu of us all is AK, cause he is so paagal about Crazy, all his songs are about her!” SK said. “Now the interview is finished, hope to see you guys the next time with your ladies.” The interviewer said.
End of the girls pov

Crazy’s pov
I went up to my room and started to sing a song, which I wrote myself. I know, that I can’t write songs, but I still tried.

Meri dil ki dua tu hai,
Meri maan ki baat tum hi to ho, Par tum ko kya paata,
Kabhi tum ne meri dil ki baat ko sunna

You are the prayers of my heart,
The words of my mind,
But you don’t know,
Did you try to listen to my heart

Sab kuch to khatam ho gaya,
Kya raha hai hum dono ke bich kuch to nahi, yeh dil toh kabse toota hai teri wajahse

Everything is finished,
What’s left between us nothing,
This heart is allready broken, because of you

After I was finished with my horrible singing, my sister Fizoo came and said: “Wow Crazy, that song is incrediable amazing.” “No, it’s not.” “Why did they come back into our lives?” An broken Fizoo asked me. “I don’t know and I don’t really care about it, I’m trying to fix my broken heart.” I said. “Crazy, whatever you say, but do you really want to forget AK?” She asked me. “Yes, I want to forget him, cause he allready broke my heart and I don’t want it to break again.” I said.
End of pov

IK akka Imran Khurana 24 years old, played by Imran Khan

TK akka Tanveer Khurana 23 years old played by Malika’s husband

ShK akka Shahid Khurana 23 years old, played by Shahid Kapoor

VK akka Varun Khurana 21 years old, played by Varun Dhawan

TiK akka Tiger Khurana played by Tiger Shroff, he is 23 years old as well

RK akka Ranbir Khurana played by Ranbir Kapoor, he is 22 years old

SK akka Sidharth Khurana played by Sidharth Malhotra, he is 21 years old

AK akka Armaan Khurana played by Armaan Malik, he is 20 years old

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