Why me? Chapter 7


Chapter 7

Dimension 2

Nidhi’s pov
“Promise me girls you will take care of eachother.” Janki chachi said. “We promise chachi/ aunty.” We all said and we kept the promise, soon we will meet again chachi, but with hearts, that are broken for some of us and some with an unbroken one.” “But, how our hearts got broken, cause of this idiot MT and we will torture him and his son AT to death.” “Cause we women are very strong, if we have to fight against rapists and humantraffickers.”
End of her pov.

Flashback and Astha’s pov
“I hope, the Khurana boys are nice to us.” Fizzo said. “I hope so too.” Nidhi di said. “I hope we will like the new place and the new people.” Sinzo said. “Don’t worry everything will be fine.” Ashnoor said. “I hope so.” I said. “Crazy, why are you so quiet?” Malika di asked Sam. “No, nothing di, I’m just missing mom, dad, aunty and uncle.” An very upset Sam said. “You know we all miss them, but we will take revenge for what he did to us.” Jazzy said. Soon we were sitting in the flight to Mumbai. After 2 hours of flight we landed and Mr. Yash Khurana came to pick us up at the airport and took us to his villa or should I say palace, where 8 boys were waiting for us. Hi my name is Tanveer Khurana and who are you? He asked Malika di. “Hi, I’m Malika Meheswari and these are my sister and friends, Sam, Sinzo, Fizoo, Astha, Nidhi, Jazzy and Ashnoor.”
End of her pov and flashback

Flashback and Ashnoor’s pov
“I don’t know why but this Shahid Khurana akka ShK is looking at like he is gonna eat me.” I thought to myself, while I was squeezing Crazy’s hand. “Ow, you are killing my hand Ashnoor.” Crazy said angrilly, while Armaan Khurana was taking care of her hand, cause she had scratches on it, cause of me, so I said: “My sweet triplet I’m sorry!” “It’s ok my cutiepie triplet.” She said.
End of her Flashback and pov

Now back to present.

Malika’s pov
We are going to meet ShekJan and RagLak, cause we allready met SwaSan, their parents SujRam and JaSah. We rang the doorbell and Janki chachi opened the door and asked us, who we are, so we said the truth, that we are the masked angels, so she got very happy and called Shekher chachu and RagLak. “Janki, what happend and who are this girls?” Her husband asked her. “Some of these girls are ShomDev’s children, so the daughters of your twin brother and some of them are DP and AP Maheswari’s children.” Janki chachi explained. “Omg, how preety my nieces are!” He said while he hugged us all. “Oh, I’m so excited to have cousines in my age.” Ragini screamed. “Did you guys meet SujRam and SwaSan?” Shekher chachu asked. “Yes, we did, yesterday, cause we showed them a video, how we tortured an Idiot.” Crazy said. “Who, did you toture?” “Mr. Alec Tomson.” Jazzy answered back. “So, you guys are the masked angels!” Lucky bro said. “Yes, we are!” “Can you show us the video?” Our sis Ragini asked. “Yep!” Sinzo replied. So we showed them the video, they were happy, that nothing happend to us and were dissgusted with AT. “Now, we have to find our next victim!” Ashnoor said. “Who?” Janki chachi asked. “MT akka Marc Tomson!” Fizoo said. “You guys know he has got many people, cause of what he does.”
End of Malika’s pov

Crazy’s pov
I was missing my AK very much, so I thought to myself: “Wherever he is he should be happy in life, find someone who loves him and is faithful to him, even if it breaks my heart, imagining him with someone else, I just want his happiness and his happiness is my happiness.” I started to cry, then someone knocked my door and it was RagLak, they asked me, why I was crying. So I told them my lovestory.

Flashback 1 year ago with crazy’s pov
“I realised my feelings for AK akka Armaan Khurana, we lived like 11 years together, in the beginning we hated eachother, then slowly slowly we became best of friends, we played pranks on our siblings and these pranks brought us all nearer to eachother, but cause an missunderstanding he hates, he told: “Why did I fall in love with the girl, who is using me only for her stupid revenge against MT.” I told him, that I never used him, cause I wouldn’t use someone, that I love, but he said: “You are a lier!” Cause of, that incidence, we came back to Goa and since then we live in our villa.
End of flashback

“You know, what you are an very amazing person Crazy, cause so many incidence happend to you, but still you are very strong.” RagLak and my sisters said.
End of Crazy’s pov

Halima wished, that she doesn’t get confused cause of the characters

IK akka Imran Khurana 24 years old, played by Imran Khan

TK akka Tanveer Khurana 23 years old played by Malika’s husband

ShK akka Shahid Khurana 23 years old, played by Shahid Kapoor

VK akka Varun Khurana 21 years old, played by Varun Dhawan

TiK akka Tiger Khurana played by Tiger Shroff, he is 23 years old as well

RK akka Ranbir Khurana played by Ranbir Kapoor, he is 22 years old

SK akka Sidharth Khurana played by Sidharth Malhotra, he is 21 years old

AK akka Armaan Khurana played by Armaan Malik, he is 20 years old

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