Why me? Chapter 6


Chapter 6
Please listen to the song, while reading this chapter.
So guys today I will finish the lovestories of this Dimension, so that I can start with the second Dimension and the lovestory there. I hope you guys will like it, if not then you are welcome hit me with shoes, tomatoes and negative comments are always welcome. Now I’m finished with my talk, so enjoy the story.

Dimension 1
Collage life is nearly finished

Nidhi’s pov
“All of us enjoyed to tease ArSam, but they always teased us back.” “Soon our collage life is gonna be finished, I hope that Ican tell IK about my feelings for him, cause I love him very much and I don’t wanna live without him.” “Nidhi, where are you lost?” My lovely sisters asked me. “I know, where or who she is lost in.” Crazy said. “Yeah, Crazy you are right I’m thinking about IK and I don’t know, how to propose him.” “Di, just be yourself.” Ashnoor told me.
End of Nidhi’s pov.

Ashnoor’s pov
“I told Nidhi di to be herself, but how can I be myself infront of ShK.” “I’m gonna propose him too.” “I hope he will accept my love for him.” I love you ShK!” I said out loudly, while I was dancing and imagining him. “ShK, I don’t wanna lose you ShK.”
End of Ashnoor’s pov

ShK’s pov
“I have to break your heart Ashnoor, even if I don’t want to, I have to do it only for protecting you, that you become what you have to, a Masked Angel.” “My angel, my life and my queen, please forgive me.”
End of ShK’s pov.

IK’s pov
“The worst day in my life will be breaking your pure heart Nidhi.” “I love you too much, more than my life, in this years since I have known you, you are the most preetiest woman in the world, no in the whole universe.”
End of IK’s pov.

Jazzy’s pov
“My RK, my prince charming, I love you, soon I’m gonna propose, cause I can’t live without you.” “My cutiepie.” “My hope, the man of my dreams.”
End of Jazzy’s pov

Sinzo’s pov
“TiK, you are a dream man, my morning, I wanna tell you my feelings for you, but I don’t know, how to, cause your are my first love, my first crush and my first feeling.”
End of Sinzo’s pov.

TiK pov
“I’m very sorry Sinzo, I have to leave you, It’s for the best, but I will always love you dear.” “You are my moon and my sun, my rain, my jaan and my sweety.” “My words can’t describe my feelings for you.”
End of TiK’s pov.

RK’s pov
“What is love, I don’t even know the meaning of it, but since Jazzy came in to my life, everything changed, now, when I started to love you, I have to leave the woman, who changed me, made me a better man and without you my world will be dark again.” “I’m sorry Jazzy and I love you.”
End of RK’s pov.

Crazy’s pov
“I’m so excited, I’m going to propose the love of my life,my soulmate, my AK.” “The guy, who stole my heart, from the day we met, I still can’t believe it, that I love Armaan.” “How did this happen and why did this happen?” “I always was happy in my life.”
End of Crazy’s pov.

Fizoo’s pov
“SK, I’m coming, your Fizoo is coming, be prepared, I will confess my feelings for you in an unique way, you will be surprised, how much I love you.”
End of Fizoo’s pov

SK’s pov
“Fizoo, I can’t tell you, how much you mean to me, cause if I do then this Parvati Gadodia will hurt you, I can’t see you in pain, so I have to break your heart and my heart as well.”
End of SK’s pov.

AK’s pov
“I can never tell you, how much I love you Crazy.” “I will never forget your naughtiness, your craziness, your cuteness, your smile and your funny antics against AsHid, SinGer, MalVeer, NiMran, FizHarth, JaBir and VaStha.” “I love you my Crazygirl.”
End of AK’s pov.

Malika’s pov
“I’m going to live with my husband for the rest of my entire life.” “I love you my dear Hubby and I can’t live without you.” “TK, your possesive wife can be different as well as the others.”
End of Malika’s pov.

Astha’s pov
“To tell my feelings to VK will be easy, cause I have a surprise for him and I hope, that he will like it.” “I’m gonna show you, how much I love you.” “You are the only person, eho can bring out to the world the real me.”
End of Astha’s pov.

VK’s pov
“Astha, you have to forget me, we can’t be together, cause I don’t want to lose you.” “Without you, I’m nothing, but an lifeless body, but I have to be it, I won’t let you get hurt by this chudhail PG, cause she can’t do anything to you, cause you and your sisters are the only ones, who can kill her!”
End of VK’s pov

TK’s pov
“I dreamt of spending the rest of my life with you and I can’t be with you, but I will find a way back to you, even if it costs my life, I will sacrifice it for, that you can take your revenge and show that stupid cow Parvati, who you really are.”
End of TK’s pov.

The next day all the girls got ready for their date with their dream men, but nothing worked out like the girls planned it, cause they all got rejected by the K bros, not only the girls were heartbroken, the boys were as well, cause it was very hard for them to brake these girls hearts, who already stole their hearts and they left South London forever.

The lovestories are incomplete for now, will these 16 broken wounds of the heart get healed or will they be forever broken and wounded?

So this Dimension of A day to remember is finished for now and Swaragini: You stole my heart dimension will start, with different lovestories.

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  1. Who r playing all these characters

    1. AMkideewani

      Nidhi di, Malika di, Sinzo, Ashnoor, Silent-writer, Jazzy, Astha and Me

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      Thanks my cutipie, yeah everyone will pay for it?????

  4. Fairy

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    1. AMkideewani

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